Strangers with Ice Cream

Manhattan - Rockefeller Center

One of the most ornate and wealthy areas of the city, Rockefeller Center is the perfect spot for upscale shopping, dining and entertainment. Comprised of 19 buildings which cover over 21 acres all connected via an underground concourse, Rockefeller Center is a wonderland of restaurants, theaters and other imposing structures.

Its centerpiece is the RCA Building, but it also includes NBC radio and television and Radio City Music Hall. The plaza is also the site of the world-famous Christmas tree lighting and ice skating rink.


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Siobhan Knight Nicholas Reynard Timothy Marshall

It's way too hot out even though the sun has started to pretend that it wants to begin the process of setting. Wearing the lightest summer clubbing/semi-party dress she could manage, one that hits at her mid-thighs and a pair of cork sandals, Siobhan lifts her hair from the back of her neck just to catch a breeze. She's half tempted to put it up in a pony tail, but it would ruin the look of her ensemble.
Her usual partner in crime is otherwise occupied tonight, and when she got a call from Bethany, one of her classmates from Julliard, inviting her to come out to celebrate her twenty-first with a Girls Night Out, Siobhan debated for all of ten seconds before declaring "I'm in."
First was dinner at Sushi Rock, and now the group of seven dancers, all but two of them topping Siobhan by more than four inches, spilled out into the street to decide their next locale, only to be sidetracked by the purse display in the window of Nine West. Unsurprisingly, it looks as though drinking is turning to shopping, and Siobhan is more amused than surprised.
The petite dancer has her attention caught by the ice cream shoppe, and with a promise to catch up, she heads that way, smirking at the grumbles that Siobhan is able to eat such things with no ill effects.

There are very few reasons for him to leave the comfort of his own home and yet he does so often. Those few reasons can be very persuasive if push comes to shove, so long as he's the one who does the pushing.
The weather may be quite warm but Nicholas is not about to appear anything less than his best. A rather expensive pair of khaki pants, brown leather dress shoes and a blue button down shirt are worn. He'd throw a suit jacket on as well but he need not dress to impress too much at this point.
The tall blonde strides with hands in his pockets, his eyes watching for every slightest detail. A group of young women, for example, can always prove to be quite entertaining. He isn't quite close enough yet to see who breaks away from the group, but since Nick's headed that way there's no reason not to investigate.
At least her outfit gets his hopes up.


Foot patrols are never an amusing piece of business, especially in the heat. Thankfully, hats hide the sweat on the brow of Police Officer Tim Marshall as he quietly wanders down the sidewalk, moving amongst the crowded, hot masses with ease. His patrol cruiser was parked somewhere in the shade, with it's wonderfully cool air conditioning system… something he so wishes was a portable thing right now. As he walks, his hands rest at his sides, and he seems pretty well able to handle the early July heat that's befallen the city. The main concern wasn't really crime for him… it was more or less when he was going to need to make that forthwith request for EMS to come pick up someone that's passed out from the heat.

All the while, he continues to walk along, seeming to not have much of a care. His eyes do fall on Siobhan's little group of women as he passes by them, and he smiles politely, moving to tip his hat as he does… and then Nicholas. His eyes linger on the guy for a moment, and then he follows the guy's line of sight for a moment… but says nothing immediately. He just continues to walk along for now.

Can't really blame a guy for scopin'.


Plenty of people out and about tonight, so Siobhan's not all that aware of where the attentions of any particular one person goes. She has one singular goal in mind and that the delicious cool ice cream that she'll be able to enjoy. Not a cone, those are messy and drippy. A dish will be preferable, or maybe a shake or a smoothie. Yes, Siobhan does like to eat and she indulges in the unfair advantage that her casting ability gives to her metabolism.
The police officer is noted and she smiles politely back in turn, then keeps on moving. She's not entirely stupid. A young woman alone in the city, even before full dark, feels comforted with a law officer around. Her phone is in her hand, and she takes a moment to glance around now and note her surroudings.
Her gaze passes over the tall blonde, he's not quite close enough for proper eye contact, but she takes a moment to admire before shaking her head and smirking to herself. She might be seeing someone, but she can appreciate the scenery every now and then.

He is rather fine and that is a fact that he's well aware of. Natural beauty is difficult to accomplish and yet this Prince Charming seems to have nailed it. Also, were his thoughts made public he'd likely be lynched. He's never worried about such issues.
"Evening." This is directed towards the officer that he notices walking around. Nicholas has hardly done anything illegal and therefore has no reason to be worried about the foot soldier. It also never hurts to be semi-decent when not at a club. In another few hours the true side of Nick will emerge.
Ice cream suddenly seems like a wonderful thing, even if he truly has no real taste for it. He makes a point to walk near Siobhan to get a good look at her. The view is outstanding and yet he can't help but seek out her eyes. Great novels are uncovered with merely a glance. So long as others are about, he tends to keep his eyes above the waistline.


This may be a more ritzy part of town, but that doesn't stop hot dog vendors from setting up in this area, right? As he reaches the corner of the sidewalk where the crosswalk is, Marshall pauses at one such roll-around stand, and looks at some of the wares the guy's got. The attention he got back from the two had put a bit of a smile on the man's face… It's kind of nice to be appreciated, after all. A bottle of water and a frank that's relatively well-loaded is paid for, and received. Thanking the vendor, he begins to move back down the street a piece, before pausing at one of the benches near the establishments where Nick and Sio are kind of hovering. This may or may not have been intentional… but in either case…

It's dinner time.

And Tim begins to quietly chow down. The New York hotdog vendor is a steeple of NYC culture… a cop enjoying one would be almost blasphemous. it also gives him a chance to kind of watch the kid as he decides to make his move. But… really, he's in it for the hot dog and the water bottle. Both of which are liberally appreciated without dropping any on his uniform. A bit of a feat, considering how much sourkraut the thing was loaded down with. Other people get his attention, too, of course… such as the old lady passing him by that looks a little tired. Hrm.

Reaching the ice cream shop, Siobhan is happy to see that, in respect to the hot weather, they've set up a small cart on the patio outside. Right now, it's blessedly empty of patrons, and rather than take to the indoor line, Siobhan strides up to the cart. "Mint chocolate chip in a dish, please." She smiles sweetly and politely and fights the urge to tell the high schooler manning the cart that her face is a few inches higher.
Instead, she clears her throat and turns her body slightly to the side, causing her gaze to swing around toward the approaching blonde.
Eye contact.
Heart freezes, smiles slips and her mouth drops just a bit before she breaks off the eye contact and turns back around to face the ice cream clerk.
What the hell is with all the sorcerers lately?


Tis a truly magical world, this one.
He feels it too, how could he not. It's different yet similar. This is now a whole new game, and the rules are being outlined internally even as he moves.
"Oh, I'm horribly sorry. I hope that I didn't startle you at all. That wasn't my intention at all." Prince Charming flashes that brilliant, pearly white smile. His movements are fluid much as are his words. This is a game he's well practiced at.
"Please. For the intrusion, might I cover this dish?" Nick looks around slightly to see who might be spying and spots only the lone patrolman. He waves this time, attempting to gain the officer's attention. "It is extremely hot out, Officer, and you're rather suited up. Would you care for a treat after your meal?"
A hot dog? Seriously? That is so disgusting but at least he does not portray these thoughts.


Hell yeah, a hot dog!

Sipping on his water, Marshall was just kind of letting his eyes wander around the street, and across it, kind of watching the crowds and the traffic going by. He doesn't sit slouching, either… he's attentive, well-seated. Even if the hot dog is already beginning to work on his digestive system and give him heart burn. Solution?

Tums. Two, popped from one of his pockets and right into his mouth, chewed up, and then swallowed with a slight shudder. "Minty my ass," he mutters to himself, tucking the roll of wondefully disgusting antacids back into his pocket. He notices a hand trying to grab his attention, and he blinks, looking over and tilting his head as he moves to stand, moving over… and blinking at the offer.

"Uh.. huh." He lets his eyes kind of watch Nick for a moment, tilting his head. The Nice Guy routine is one he's used to… he reaches up, rubbing his nose a little and then smiling a little, shrugging, and holding up a hand, lightly waving off the offer.

"'ppreciate the offer, man. But I'm on duty," he remarks lightly, "and our public affairs people don't like us taking free stuff on the clock… even if it looks good for citizens to be treating th' cops." That Brooklyn accent is noticable, a hint of typical Irish-deep-borough bite to it. "Thanks, though… eh. S'your name?"


"I …I …" It's on the tip of Siobhan's tongue to refuse. The urge to step back and put a bit of distance between herself and the (handsome) sorcerer is there, though it's not as strong as it would have been a few weeks, a week ago, or even yesterday. She's actually gotten used to that eye-contact feeling from being around Chance, and as much as she doesn't want to eat her words and admit it aloud? Chance really isn't that bad. In fact, he's been downright helpful.
Siobhan is still wary, however, but the stranger's politeness and friendliness toward the officer is a win-over. Or at least earns him the benefit of the doubt. The young witch worries her teeth over her lip, and then gives the sorcerer a shy smile and a nod. She's proud of herself that she's able to connect with his eyes again and hold his gaze. "Sure, who am I to say no to free dessert?"

No one has to take him up on the offer but it will be made all the same. Sleeze that he may be, he does understand and appreciate having the law on his side. Some officers he can literally buy off. Nick is simply attempting to purchase ice cream for the foot soldier. There's no hesitation in dropping his name; his record is clean and he's been known for dropping money on whatever he chooses. "Nicholas, Sir. Nicholas Reynard."
He'll only attempt to meet her gaze again if and when she's ready. How could he say no? "You don't have to look me in the eye if you don't have to." His words are kept soft, whispers almost. "It is a rather unusual feeling, but I assure you that you have nothing to fear."
Keeping things as upbeat as he can bring himself, and really it is quite difficult to do so on such an exhaustingly humid day, his voice is brought back to a decent level. "Very well, then. You have taken this beauty's order, good sir. I shall have the same." This trick actually makes it quite simple for him to decide as opposed to pretend to consider what he would like.
"Are you sure, Officer?" Yes, he's looking back at Mister Doubtful. "It could be our secret."


Honestly. Nick could really star in some of those informational films for recruits that NYPD Interal Affairs puts out about corruption and how to avoid it!

Tim isn't one to give in to this kind of thing usually. However, perhaps in the interest of at least trying to make good with the guy he had been eyeballing, the cop shrugs his shoulders a little bit. "Eh, hell. Wh' not? S'not like it'll be the end of the world if I have a little soft-serve." He chuckles a little bit, then, and nods at the man's name, seeming to commit it to memory.

"Nicholas Reynard. I'm Tim Marshall," he replies lightly, "offering out a hand as he moves a little closer. He does glance toward the woman for a moment, seeming to be curious about her reaction to the other man for a moment. It was… odd. She seemed so taken aback for a moment for some reason. He's no outright expert on human behavior, but being a cop for over ten years teaches you a thing or two about interaction… and that was an off-reaction to normal. He makes no comment on it, though.

Reynard?! It's really hard to focus on anything beyond the sorcerer's name. There are plenty of Reynards in the city; the Dynasty is big and the city is big, and he's not necessarily one of the Reynards, but …
Siobhan is pretty sure that Regina would tell her to put on her big girl pants, running shoes and get the hell out of Dodge. Being Siobhan, and feeling a bit more attune to things, the Knight witch does no such thing.
Lifting her hair again, just to catch a breeze and fan herself a bit, Siobhan floats a friendly, professional smile on her face. It's her dance smile, the one that makes her look like she's relaxed even if her shoes are too tight and her feet are killing her and she's just pulled a hamstring.
"Thank you, Mr. Reynard. Pleased to meet you." Ever polite, though now that she's expecting it, it's no more difficult to hold his gaze than it is Chance's. Jenna might take the acting classes, but when she puts her mind to it, Siobhan can play a good game.
Her smile is a bit warmer when she faces the officer, and maybe there's a flash of relief in her eyes. Maybe. "Pleased to meet you too, Officer."
No, she doesn't offer her name.

"Well, you've heard the man. Add his order to the list." The Reynard will pay for the trio's ice cream and actually pretend to care about whatever it is that he's been handed. It all honesty it doesn't taste bad, it simply is beneath him. He'll eat it all the same.
"I assure you, if anyone were to give you grief, I'd have a few words with them." Certainly a man of his position will have sway amongst some of the city's government. Nicholas expects it to, at the very least. Either that or he simply doesn't care if the officer has ice cream. A hand is extended towards Marshall. "A pleasure to meet you, Officer Marshall."
Nick could weave a spell to make the officer trust him. He would if he actually cared enough to do so. This game is a long running one so it isn't as if the man has interrupted anything evil or covert.
He turns back to Siobhan, keeping his eyes respectfully to her pretty young face. Now this is going to be fun. "A pleasure, indeed. Thank you; thank both of you, for allowing me the pleasure of company for ice cream. Even if it may be brief."
There are no attempts to pry her name out of her. In fact, as soon as pleasantries are exchanged, he is careful enough to give her enough space to not appear as if she is his target. "I've never much been a fan of the hot spells." Idle conversation at this point.

The soft-serve dish is received graciously, and Tim smiles lightly, quietly mulling over the name for a momenta as he begins to eat on the ice cream. As the two seem to becoming engaged in idle conversation, he begins to kind of slip to the side, continuing to lightly spoon up bites of his ice cream. He'll become the idle watcher again, kind of just keeping an eye out on things. Maybe the guy's not -so bad,- but then again…

Tim -has- been known to be a bad judge of character once or twice before. Only once or twice.

Moving right on along, though, he just shakes his his head a little bit. In the back of his mind, he couldn't help but blame the poor young gun. That twenty-something's got a nice appeal! And who is he to stop a guy from spittin' game? Even if it's miserably hot.

The young ice cream server is gifted with a sweet smile of his own, though Siobhan is not sure he sees it. Evidently for teenaged boys, and sometimes for grown men, her body stops at her chest level. "Thank you!" Siobhan says in the most honeyed, dulcet tones that she can, "Though I'll eat it a little bit higher." Just because she really can't always stop the words from slipping under the filter and sometimes the snark gets away from her.
Turning away now, satisfied from the way the teenager - who's really not much younger than her - blushes and stammers, that she's made her point, she gives a smile to the Reynard. "Thank you again. It's a hot night and the ice cream is just what I needed." Siobhan scoops up a small spoonful and daintily lifts it to her mouth, savoring the coolness as it goes down her throat. No, it's not the expensive creams that populate her freezer at home, but it's cold and it's delicious and it reminds her of days spent going out for ice cream with her grandparents.
Casting her eyes around, Siobhan spies and empty table, and keeping her polite manners on, offers, "There's an empty table, if you want?" She may still be a touch wary, because this is a Reynard on top of being a sorcerer, but he's also not treating her like the dirt on the bottom of his shoe.

He's not a bad guy, that Officer Tim Marshall. He may just find himself a gift basket or two at some point. Perhaps the right words will be spoken to the right people, helping him climb that ladder. He's also a total tool, which is why putting him in higher positions might not be a bad idea. Mental notes are made.
Oh, but oh, does this saucy tart have a mouth on her. The corner of his mouth budges ever so as he takes in the scene. "My, my," Nick states as he waits for her to make way to the table. "Remind me to never go toe to toe with you. I'm afraid you may just insult my pride a little too much."
Taking a table does seem like a grand idea, so much so that he will step over that way. He'll even go as far as to pull a seat out for this new and unknowing pawn of his. "I must say, it's rather refreshing to see one who isn't attempting to put on airs around me." Only once she is seated will he actually sit. "That's quite the fire in you. I bet your parents are proud."

"I just like to point out when someone seems to have mislocated the proper location of my face," Siobhan says simply. Though there is something of a very satisfied smirk on her face at having embarrassed the ice cream server and the words from the Reynard sorcerer. She can't help it if she does preen a little under the attention. Who wouldn't?
"Thank you," Siobhan murmurs demurely as she takes her seat. She takes another spoonful of the ice cream and blinks over at him. "Why would I put on airs?"
That's followed by an immediate faint blush as her eyes connect with his and she has a very clear reminder of who and what she's talking with. "Oh… well, in my experience it's been the other way around. And not airs, but more like loathing and distaste."
Taking another bite of the ice cream, she bites her lip to hold back a larger smile. "I think they are. Most of the time."
Siobhan has always been a little too adventerous and curious for her own good, and it's her curiosity that's got her here right now.

"I'd venture to say that he'll not be guilty of the same crime twice, at least not so far as you are concerned." If he knows what's good for him. Nick will be more than happy to show his approval of her body, but only after the game has been in motion for a while. "I could point out that to be in certain clubs or bars you might have to expect such reactions, but it is rather rude when one simply wishes for ice cream."
As opposed to some others when dealing with the 'connection felt between sorcerers and witches, Nicholas happens to rather enjoy the sensation. It's a reminder that they're both special, but in the end he knows that he's still superior. That thought along causes him to flash his boyishly bright smile, although it's timed well enough to seem as if it's merely her presence or conversation.
"Well, I've already introduced myself to you. Those in the know, and I've a faint feeling that you qualify for that, tend to use that information. Some believe that treating me special will earn them benefits. It can be difficult for a man to simply be treated as a human being." Smooth, Nick.
He takes another bite of this stuff that's called ice cream and nods in tune with her story. "I've been told, by way of my father, that parents generally are always proud. They tend to, at times, deny it. But that's because they have to act tough."


"I don't mind it in clubs," Siobhan grins. It's a full on smile, brightening her eyes that gives a hint that she might just be aware of her attractiveness, and flaunts it in the right venues. But clubs are a different sort of thing: they're meat markets and the girls know that they're there on display. Siobhan does like the looks, just not so much the grabbiness. "It's a different vibe in a club. I do mind it when I'm simply shopping or trying to order a meal." Or talk to a newly divorced father about what his eight year old needs to work on to move to the next level.
The young witch peers thoughtfully at the man across from her, "Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I don't believe in kissing up or brown nosing." Beat. "If anything, I should be running the other way right now but … you're really not what I've been led to believe." He's not as ass, and he's not putting on airs either. She won't say she thinks he's an angel, or that she's even warm on sorcerers other than the ones her father has approval-stamped, but she's giving him a fair chance.

The look is noticed, and noted. That will be his ticket. Later. For now he needs to build relationship, or something similar that his college business classes taught him. He admittedly only paid attention to the parts that will help him get laid, or something similar.
"Well, so long as you are aware of that bit." His own eyes sparkle. Nick can't help it. He's on the hunt and he's enjoying himself. "I'm sure that you likely could find exactly what you're looking for in my brother's club. While it is a great place for attention, I hear that they frown upon certain behaviors." He's not even assuming she's old enough to club. She's likely over eighteen and that is all that matters to him.
The older man appears shocked. "Run away? From me? But whatever for?" The shock is of course not genuine but he is a good actor. "Okay, okay. So I would be lying if I assumed you weren't aware of what I am, but more based on feel than name." Clearly she's been taught well. "But I honestly have no idea why anyone would fear us. Or more specifically me. All of those politics are just loose guidelines. I'm not even sure if many people even listen to them." Oh, they do.


She thinks about the charm she got from Ansalem and tilts her head curiously. "What's your brother's club?" Because, yes, it would be stupid to go clubbing in a club owned by a Reynard, and Siobhan is at least smart enough to know that maybe she should figure out which ones to avoid. Then again, it's probably moot because it's likely a twenty-one and over club, and she doubts she'll get Jenna to venture out with 'fake ID' again anymore.
The witch enjoys the ice cream while he speaks, and then giggles in spite of herself. "They do, Mr. Reynard. They do. I do. Or I'm supposed to." Regina would absolutely have a cow, a very large one too, if she knew that Siobhan was prolonging this contact and conversation the way that she is. Her mother would have a coronary, and she's sure her father would lock her in her room.
"I know the name," Siobhan admits quietly, ducking her head. She really doesn't want to point out that his family has quite a negative rap when it comes to sorcery and power, and that even a fellow sorcerer has doubly warned her away from them. "Historical protectiveness, I think." She looks up again, somewhat thoughtful. She's heard the history, many times. "But I think you know that, too."

Now this is surprising. He'd have figured that every witch out there would know. "You mean you don't know? I'm hurt. Clearly that means you have no idea who I am." He's teasing and is keeping his voice rather upbeat. This is easily done due to the toying with her that he knows he's doing. "I suppose it wouldn't be selling any family secrets to inform you, since all you'd really need to do is go to the internet." It is useful for more than just porn! "I was referring to Decades. I think that you would have fun there. I tend to go there often. It can be relaxing." Satisfying.
Supposed to. Bingo. "That's what they all say. It likely comes from the same old suits attempting to keep certain traditions pure, or some such a thing. I happen to know that there's a doctor, for example, that doesn't feel the same way. Of course, I'm pretty sure he's been blacklisted or whatever it's called, but between you and me? I think a good deal of people are on his side." He's not one of them. He only would be so long as to have a child, and honestly, that will never happen.
Nicholas raises his hands in the air, as if he were 'surrendering' to Siobhan. "Fair enough. Although I do hope that not all family stereotypes will be held against me." He smiles once more. He won't attempt to use magics or spells to try and sooth or comfort her. Now is not the time, and she'd likely notice. "I've never been one for family business myself. There are better ways to spend my time."

That's just disappointing. Siobhan really wanted to convince Jenna to go to Decades some day. Of course, if it's owned by a sorcerer, there's a good chance that her little spell for ID might be detected and cause some problems.
There's an unmistakeable flash of recognition on Siobhan's face when Nicholas mentions that he's heard of a doctor. She knows that her parents are quite well known in magic circles for the scandal they caused, but she's never talked to another sorcerer about it before. Hell, she's not ever really talked to any other witches about it, because everyone dances around the subject like it's taboo. It's like if they pretend her father is just a doctor, then they can ignore the fact that Siobhan and Chris might have easy access to a sorcerer magic birthright.
"Maybe," Siobhan shrugs, doing her best to play it cool. "I mean, I guess so. I've heard he's a good doctor at least."
Wow, way to lame that, Shiv.
A distinctive chime sounds from her handbag and she gives an apologetic smile. "Excuse me, while I check this?" Siobhan is figuring that it's Bethany or one of the Julliard girls wondering where she is.
Looking at the text message, Siobhan supposed right. She fires a quick response off and puts her telephone to the side. "Just my friends checking up on me."
"Fair enough, I won't hold your family stereotypes against you. I mean, you did buy me ice cream."

Oh, what's this now? This girl is new at this sort of thing; she must be. She's giving away the slightest hints that she might not even think about. He hadn't even thought of the doctor in any way linking to this girl. She might be related to him, or at the very least know him. Nicholas, however, will not betray that he's caught on. She can open to him in time.
And she will open up.
"Far be it for me to keep you from your friends. I simply was in the mood for ice cream and lucked upon some wonderful company in the meantime." He removes his wallet and from that grabs a business card. The card is offered over to the witch. He'd slide it across the table but he is looking for more, potentially a handshake or some sort of contact.
"It has been nice to speak with you, Miss." He still has not asked for a name, nor will he. She seems more than content to not give it. "I would like to make you an offer. My family name has obviously caused some concern for you. Please allow me to show that a name is so much more than a name. I can show you Decades, if you would like, and take you to dinner."
He allows the offer to float there for a moment before smiling. "Just to bridge the gap between our kinds, of course. I assure you that I would be the perfect gentlemen and consider it nothing more." Until she wants to consider it something more. "If you ever wish to. I promise to have no hard feelings if I never see that beautiful face again."


Siobhan hesitates a moment before reaching out to take the card from his hand, her fingers brushing his own. She can sense his magical strength and energy in just that touch, though it's not lingering long enough for her to attempt to gauge it. Of course, it's possible she couldn't gauge it; she was trying to figure out Chance and still isn't sure what she sensed from him.
There's a spark of that impetous boldness, that stubborn pride that her mother swears gets her into trouble. Siobhan squares her shoulders and holds his gaze, almost defiantly. "Knight. Siobhan Knight."
The card is tucked away in her purse before she answers. It would be insane, foolish, stupid and a million other adjectives that she can think of to agree to meet him anywhere for anything and she knows it. "I have a boyfriend," Siobhan offers out, casually, as though she does this sort of thing every day. "But I'll think about it. So long as it's just … friendly, yes?"

That power. That is not a witch. It almost confirms what he suspects just in that minute touch. He couldn't be happier and yet this again is not betrayed. He'll celebrate in his own ways later, likely with some throw-away blonde that can handle a night of fun.
What he doesn't expect is for her to just out and give her name so openly. "Well then, Miss Siobhan. It's a pleasure." He doesn't blink, bat an eye or pretend to even connect the name. "That is a pretty name, now that I say it."
Nick nods deeply. "Might I be honest for a moment? I'd be a little surprised if you were to not have a boyfriend. But I do appreciate the upfront honesty." He sits tall and finishes off his bowl of whatever flavor of ice cream. "It will be simply platonic, of that you have my word. As I said, a gesture to show that I have no hard feelings towards you or your kind for any reason." He pauses, just enough to add to his words. "Perhaps, if we're fortunate enough, a lesson can be learned from this. We could show others that such feelings aren't needed."


Siobhan really wants to not be flattered by his words. Her mind is screaming that he's an unknown sorcerer and a Reynard. She doesn't want to encourage him, and she really knows better. Still, she finds herself blushing a bit, dipping her head shyly at his words. "Thank you, I like it. So did my parents."
Looking up at him, she bites her lip. "I really need to think about it, Mr. Reynard." Yes, she's still keeping it formal, maintaining that distance. Her parents would never in a million years approve of such a thing, but … her father has sorcerer buddies he's been keeping secret. Siobhan doesn't have to trust him to meet with him, and it wouldn't be a date perse.
Patting her purse, Siobhan gives him a soft, polite smile. "I will hang onto your card and I really will think about it."

Hook. Line. He'll play the long game. Somehow Nick knows that this isn't the end of all of this. Still, he has to keep his character going strong so as not to put any more doubt into her than she already has from being a witch.
"To hear you say that means quite a bit." He stands, then, as if to further prove that he's able to be trusted. "If I never see you again, then it was quite the pleasure, Miss Siobhan. Please be safe, and enjoy the rest of the evening."
He bows slightly and turns to begin walking away. The last thing he wants at this point is to push the girl more than she's willing to be pushed. Just yet. There could be a lot to gain from this chance outing.

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