Sisterly Conversations

Manhattan - Rags to Stitches by Ren-Fare

One of the windows of the storefront displays the extremely limited and random hours that there is someone guaranteed to be in the store. Below that is information to call to make an appointment or to ask various questions, along with the link to the Ren-Fare website.

A tiny bell mounted to the top of the door jingles each time that it is opened. The front room that it leads to is far from large or even fancy. One side of the room has a few racks with several examples of creations by the owner. Located next to the clothing is a platform surrounded on three sides by mirrors which is used for fittings done in the office.

On the other side of the room is a small and humble desk, along with several chairs for any who choose to sit while they wait.

There's a back room that is labeled 'Employees Only' that is usually found to be closed.


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Bridget Bishop Brooke Bishop

The 'Closed' sign is still prominently displayed in the storefront window. The listed hours have actually been covered over, as if to suggest that there is no possible way that there will be anyone within today. There are no signs of movement within the shop yet someone is actually known to be there, and she's not the only one with a key. Bridget actually uses this knowledge to remain tucked away in her back room.

The room is of a rather nice size, all things considered. Textiles and other various supplies are stored here in absolute order, as there is no chaos to be found in her job. Apparently that does not rule out chaos in her life. In the middle of the room is a table that can be used for sewing, cutting, or anything else that need be. Due to this it could easily seat six to eight people if there were more than three chairs in the room. Her materials are mostly all put away, other than some lame attempt at knitting that is resting at her feet.

As for Bridget, she's planted at that table, her attention given to her laptop. She seems to be highly interested in whatever it is that she's looking at.


Bridget is never going to get business if she keeps the store closed all the time. Brooke would fuss at her for it, but she knows everyone needs a bit of downtime, and as long as her sister actually does open her shop at some point this week, she'll let it go.

It's hard to unlock the door and slip in when she's carrying a bag of food and a tray of coffee, but she manages without spilling kung pao chicken on herself, or the hot beverages from the nearby Starbucks.

"Gidget, what on earth are you so engrossed in that you couldn't come help me with the door?"


There are noises out in the shop, this much she knows, but she figures that it's likely her sister. The one person she would very much like to avoid shouldn't know she even has her business, she doesn't think. Because of the security of knowing that it is family she doesn't even attempt to pull herself away from her readings. It is very unlike her, but she isn't too concerned with that at the moment.

"Hrm?" The older sibling looks up when Brooke speaks to her. Only then do the words click in, and only then does she actually try to act herself. She doesn't look horrible but it's obvious she's not slept much. Immediately she stands to assist her sister with the food. As she does so, though, she swivels the laptop to a position where Brooke can see the screen.

"Did you read about that?" She's reading one of many articles about the death of Victoria Howe.


"Bridget, honestly! You should be more careful. What if I'd broken in and was here to kill you?"


"Do you even have a security system set up in the shop? If not, we're getting you one. I can call a friend of mine, and he'll have you set up by the end of today if you'd like. He owes me a favor, so it'll be half price."

Setting the food down, she hands a coffee to her sister and then rolls over one of the extra chairs, perching on it backward. Thankfully Brooke is wearing slacks today so it's not a huge deal for her to sit comfortably.

"The other day. You know me, I read every paper and every tabloid I can get my hand on, plus I have news sent to my phone. Is that what's got you so shaken?"


She's about to retort about how her sister wouldn't actually try to kill her when the question of security is brought up. Bridget stops short of actually speaking and tilts her head just so to think about it. The coffee is taken in hand and she doesn't even hesitate taking a sip. "You know, I really never thought of that. I mean, who would want to break in here? Heck, I didn't think anyone would even know I /was/ here, unless It old them."

Yeah, things she needs to think about. "Cost really isn't an issue. Business is doing really well right now. Besides, I consider it as an investment." And a tax write-off.

Once Brooke sits so does Bridget. She reaches for a nearby pen and uses it to pin up her hair. "No. Yes. Both?" She's not exactly inaccurate. "Do you know who this woman is? Like, do you remember her?" There were other more important issues going on during Victoria's fallout with her son, so she's not sure if Brooke was entirely in the know.


"It's New York, Gidget. It's a business. That means that generally there's money. Where there's money, there's criminals. I'm on it." Rolling the chair forward she digs in her purse until her phone is out.

A quick dial and she's got the phone to her ear. "Tom? I need a security system." There's a pause before she rattles off the address. "Top of the line, Tom. It's my sister's business. I want cameras, alarms, the whole deal." Frowning, she sighs. "Today if possible. She's been running the shop without one and I don't like the thought of her being here alone." Beat. "Thanks, Tom."

Pressing the end button, she drops the phone back into her purse. "He'll be out by two, it'll be ready to go by five. Maybe six, depending on how much wire he'll need to run."

Opening the bag of food she sets several boxes out, handing the chow mein to her sister.

"Some higher up in the Coven. Disowned her son."



Brooke might not know the entire story, but she knows the gist of it. Enough for her to wonder why her sister's worried about it all.


She sits uncomfortable through the phone call. She doesn't like being taken care of, and even less likes the idea that she forgot something so obvious. "Thanks." Her voice trails off before she shakes her head. "You really would think I would have had that. What if my apprentices are in here? The last thing I want to do is get them injured in any way."

"I'll be here. I figured I'd work from here today." Avoid her home is more like it.

"A very public disowning. Like kicked to the streets, never to come back under penalty of death type, if I recall correctly." She's trying to play off that she's not so invested in it. It likely would work if she clearly wasn't so upset about something. "This lady was murdered. I can't say that I had a strong emotional investment in her as she hated me with a passion, but one of our own was taken out. Hopefully it isn't something that continues." Oh, sure, try to make it seem like some other reason to worry. "Or something that pulls that son of hers back."


"Gidget, it's the first public shop you've owned. Your apartment is relatively safe, so it's not surprising that security wasn't the first thing you thought about." Brooke grins. It's one of the few times she's needed to take care of her older sister, but she doesn't mind.

"Well I can stay here and help as long as you need me to. I generally take the day off before a major event in case last minute issues arise." Not that she's expecting them to. Kieran's businesses seem to run like clockwork, and her decoraters won't let her down.

"Penalty of death? That's a bit harsh." Frowning, she tries to recall it all. She was going through a lot of things on an emotional level back then, what with Bryn having just left.

"Wait, she hated you?" How anyone could hate her sister, she'll never know. "She was murdered. Of course her son will be back and it'd be silly of the Coven not to let him back to take care of his mother's funeral."


Still, it isn't like her not to think of the very worst case scenarios for everything. That's what she does and who she is. Despite what her sister says, Bridget will be mentally scolding herself for quite some time. "I think things should be fine. I got caught up enough before I took those few days to go to the coast." She actually went there to get some supplies, but a few days at the beach haven't killed her either. "Though I appreciate the company."

Yes, it is harsh. That's precisely how she feels. "Yeah, well, he was into some pretty dark stuff, Brooke. I mean, if I were his mother, I don't think I would have reacted as she did. That is flesh and blood, and exactly how many male witches are out there these days?" Not many, by her last count.

Despite the fact that they're speaking of the hatred of a deceased woman, Bridget does smirk slightly. "Everyone is disliked by someone. Sometimes situations aren't presented well, but they are what they are."

She picks at her finger nails, suddenly interested by them. "I don't know how some people will react around him. I don't know how he'll react around anyone else. It isn't exactly as if his departure was planned, or went as planned…"


"Hey, I can sit here and answer emails, or I can sit at home and answer emails. It's all the same to me." Brooke grins, and opens up the kung pao chicken and a set of chopsticks. She eats right from the container for a few bites, then holds it out to her sister.

"Eat something, Gidget."

There's an odd pause and she glances to the back of the shop. "They could've tried rehabilitating him. Memory spells and the like. This is why I won't get into Coven politics." She does when she needs to, but Regina Young is a very different leader than what they've had in the past. "Not many, but maybe they're more susceptible to the darker stuff?"


"Well maybe Regina will let him come into the city long enough to deal with his mother's death, and if he stays out of everyone's way…"


"Why are you so concerned about the son?"


Oh! That's right. There's food. The chop-sticks are grabbed and she slowly opens the carton in front of her. She takes a bite and honestly seems to enjoy it. But almost seems as she forgets that there is food immediately after. "That is the one good thing about both of our jobs, I guess. There's a lot more freedom than other people get." This she does appreciate. Oh hey! There's food. She takes another bite.

"It would have been great if they would have tried something else, but his mother was a very strong voice in things." All of this spoken as if she had a close hand in all of it. Perhaps it's simply the age difference. "I think it would certainly of helped things if they had tried /something/." It does seem like yesterday, not over a decade ago.

Bridget snaps out of her memories to look at Brooke. She can't lie. Can she omit the full truth? That's to be seen. "Maybe because he's the reason I needed a new phone." Her fingernails become interesting once more. "I ran into him after leaving the restaurant last night. Never thought that would happen."


Brooke sits there, with a chopstick full of chicken paused directly in front of her mouth. She stares at her sister for a moment, the chopsticks slowly lowered and set back into the box.

"Why does seeing him mean you need a new phone? Did you drop it?"

A frown crosses her lips, because she doesn't need this right before a big event.

"Shit. Have you called Regina yet and told her? The Coven needs to know, Gidge."


Talking to her sister isn't a bad thing. There are things that she needs to know. It would be ideal that she not know everything, however. Some things she just might not want to know.

"Yeah, I did. It wasn't his /fault/ or anything. I just was very surprised to see him." Her eyes squint slightly as she remembers the encounter, processing her thoughts out loud. "Looking like /that/. Hell, Brooke. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was still twenty five. But that was twelve years ago…"

Immediately she's sitting straight in her chair and is shaking her head. "No. NO. I haven't said a word to Regina." Then she'd have to explain all of this /again/. "I don't know. I'd /like/ it if he can just look into his mother's death and be gone before anyone knows. I mean, how long can that take?"


"Okay, it's impossible to not age in twelve years. It was at night, right? Maybe you just didn't get a close look at him." Maybe. Because Brooke is refusing to believe anything else.

She knows about vampires, simply because Regina's asked her quite nicely to set up events at the Dunamis Estate, and it's exceptionally difficult to say no to Xander Kostas, but she doesn't want to think about that right now.

"You need to tell her," Brooke says quietly. "Regina's not as bad as the old Matriarch. But she should know. So she can call off the death order or whatever, for however long it takes for him to deal with his mother's death."


All she can do is nod at first, but then she looks Brooke directly in the eyes. She's being completely sincere, and even open. At least with this part. "It's still the city. There was light. I even called him out on it." After he tried to kiss her, that is. "He mentioned something about plastic surgery to please his clients or something like that. I just… that doesn't seem like him, Brooke. He wouldn't do that. And there sure as hell is no reason to use any sort of illusion spell around me."

Bridget shifts uncomfortably in her chair. "I guess…" There's hesitation there, as if she's actually concerned about this guy. Then again, Bridget is concerned about everyone. "If it means that it can buy him some time, without him having to track her down himself. I just want it to be resolved peacefully. He's already grieving over his mother, he doesn't need anything else to deal with."


"Yes, but I'm sure there was shadow too." Brooke frowns, because she knows she'll have to mention the lack of aging part to Regina if she sees the woman before Bridget speaks with her. It could be even more reason for there to be a 'death on sight' issue from the Coven, but she's sure Bridget's thought of that already. "I don't know why someone so young would need plastic surgery, but then again…" They may not live in California, but New York is just as bad with their people who want to stay young.

Reaching a hand out to her sister, Brooke sighs. "I don't know how Regina's going to take it, alright? But better they know and decide how to handle it, than someone inadvertently runs into him and takes him out." And she's not meaning on a date.


There really isn't any point in arguing with her sister. Oh, she's thought about the vampire approach to things, but it doesn't seem like Gabe. Then again, plastic surgery seems even less like him. "What sort of lawyer would do something like that, anyway? That'd be one hell of a client." The power of Google commands her to search for him, so she does. And nothing of any use whatsoever pulls up. "And if he were /that/ good, with /those/ types of clients? Wouldn't he be /someone/?"

Apparently Bridget is putting far too much thought into this.

She takes comfort from her sister's touch. Family is what she lives for, after all. "I'll call her. I /should/ be the one, since I saw him and all." It feels like a second betrayal. "I just wish that he wasn't in town at all. The chances of running into him were one in a million. I wish I had those odds with the lottery." Despite her mood she does reach for her phone.



Brooke frowns, her thoughts running along the same line as her sister's. "But you know, there are plenty of rich people who keep things low key anyhow, right? Not everyone wants to be in the papers or tabloids."


"Maybe you should buy a ticket tonight, for shits and giggles. Who knows? With your luck, you might just win." It's said in jest, hoping to bring some sort of smile from her sleep-deprived, zombie-like sister.


"You know, this whole internet thing is a wonderful invention. You can learn so much this way." As Bridget is talking she begins to type in another search, this time her name. The first few hits include her online store, the news about the opening of her new store and a result for White Pages search. This is her way of making the point that she's probably not seen the last of Gabriel. Why is that? She's not telling, not unless asked. Still, the point is pretty powerful in her mind.

"I'll be sure to buy one on the way home." If she goes home. She'll still buy one, even if only to try and continue the humor of her day. "Though I do want to finish some last minute jewelry for tomorrow night." Oh, Bridget's not forgotten the event.

A deep breath is made and she dials Regina, only to get voicemail. A rather detailed message is left, including his name and even the exact date he was dismissed. Apparently she pays more attention to politics than she lets on.


"That is why we're getting you an alarm system, Gidget. It's better safe than sorry." Brooke doesn't have any idea as to why this is bothering her sister so much, but she's honestly quite worried. "You need to stop obsessing over this. Don't make me disconnect your internet before I leave here."

There's a hint of a smile as her sister mentions jewelry. "Don't forget you need a mask too. I've got my dress already. I slipped into the shop yesterday to try it on to tell you if I needed alterations. I don't, by the way. I don't know how you manage but everything fits perfectly."

Brooke's dress is a mixture between traditional and the newer style. Enough so to make her stand out a little without being outrageous about it, or taking away from the Mardi Gras Queen of the evening.

"Crap.. That reminds me, I need to pick up the boxes of beads…"

Falling silent as her sister leaves the message, she frowns. Each piece of information is filed away, and she'll be sure to make a follow up call with Regina later. She'll even brave calling her mother just in case.

"She'll get that soon, and then it's her problem, not yours. Unless she calls a Coven meeting. Do you understand me, Gidget?"


The phone is placed about as far away from her as she can manage once the deed is done. It doesn't make her feel any better that she's done it, but she knows that it had to happen eventually.

"It's hard, Brooke. It's like that feeling where all of a sudden something from twelve years ago pops up and smacks you in the face." Or kisses you, but that isn't exactly said. "You can't disconnect my internet. Everything should be in place for the alarm system." At least she's not completely without logic. "But I'll relax about it, I will." Telling someone about it is already helping, even if she's not being completely open.

"Ha. At this point I could make you anything without checking. That's not a bad thing, it makes me happy to do it."

As she's speaking she's walking over to a rack that has a few completed items on it. She removes a dark purple dress that is fitted and the material almost seems to swirl. Beads of green and gold have been sewn in to accent the pattern. The hanger also holds her mask which is a sort of fish/aquatic theme that actually blends with the dress. "It's not my best work but I wanted to have fun with it. It won't stand out like yours will, but maybe the mystery red head in the news might get me some attention."

Truth be told, she could live without attention, especially now. She's still not sure who will attend and who won't, but Bridget won't miss it for the world.

"I just don't want them to hurt him. If something I did causes that…" She'll have done it twice. "You know how I am with hurting people."


"Been there. Done that."


"I did tell you that Bryn was back in the city, right? That he's seeing Sera?" So chances are that he'll be there at the very least. At least Brooke didn't have to worry about a kiss, because she likely would've slapped him after so long, and then gone home to cry about it.

Sighing, she reaches for the cooling kung pao chicken and eats a little more of it. "You're right. They'll need the connection. But I can unhook your system and not let you surf."

Looking over at the dress, she smiles. The colors will suit her sister very well. The fish mask makes her giggle a little and she points out, "You should've gone with a mermaid style dress, you know."

Groaning, she sets the food back down again.

"You saw that too, huh? It was just the Shakespeare Gala. I'm guessing they ran out of things to write about it when they were done talking about the important people like Meryl Streep."


"Gidget, if he was into dark stuff before he was kicked out of the Coven…" Chances are he hasn't stopped doing it. "Would you want him to hurt someone else in his grief? It's better that they know."


There really isn't a response to that. She messed up pretty bad in her words. The dress is returned to the rack and she sits down next to Brooke. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like this was different or more important that than." She's sorry she didn't even think about it. "And hopefully those last twelve years /have/ changed him." Or else.

As if she can make threats.

"I had thought about that," Bridget continues to comment on the dress. As she does so she actually picks up her chopsticks and continues eating. Really eating this time. "I really don't want to show up anyone, after all." She winks as she takes a bite but it really is false confidence. "That and you know how uncomfortable these things make me. At least I have a mask so I can blend in."


"He's not like that. Just because he knows spells doesn't mean that he'd ever do anything to harm anyone. Hell, I think you would sooner catch someone on fire than he'd do anything out of line."

Yeah, she shouldn't have said that. Realizing that she focuses on her food, even going to the point of closing her laptop as if to say she'll be good.


Brooke wasn't trying to make her sister feel guilty, so she shrugs it off. "You didn't. I just didn't realize you were so invested in Victoria Howe's son. You never mentioned it." Besides, Brooke forgave Bryn long ago. They were both young, he panicked, and that's all there is to it. There's no point in investing all her time into what might've been, when she's got a perfectly wonderful life unfolding in front of her.

"Hopefully they have."


"I think this will suit you better. Besides, I don't care if anyone shows me up," she mentions with a laugh. "I'm there to work, not to be the belle of the ball. That's Sera's job." It does seem as though Brooke's gotten awfully friendly with her favorite author of late, but they are working together on this event so that's not surprising.

Gaping at her sister, she eats a little more kung pao chicken, then sets it aside. "People change, Gidget. He was kicked out of the Coven, he was already into dark things. I think if he'd reformed, he likely would've been back in the city before now." She's not saying she thinks the son of Victoria Howe is all evil, but she knows that she's changed in twelve years so it wouldn't be surprising if he did as well.

"Besides, people do things when they're grieving that they might not normally do. Just be careful, please?"


"It really wasn't worth mentioning. I mean, a lot of other things were going on twelve years ago." Brooke will understand, of course. What she won't know is how many years her sister knew Gabriel. Brooke is better at not living in the past than Bridget is. Bridget just likes to forget that the past ever happens.

She has noticed how close those two are getting. "I'm glad you went up to say hi to her." She really is. It's good for her sister to have friends, and Sera seems to be a good one to have. "And I have a feeling that you'll stand out. Both of you, honestly." They do have that sort of presence.

"Don't worry about me. If he was going to do something in grief, he would have done that years ago." Crap. She really needs to learn to not talk so much to her sister. "Although you do have a point. I just think he'd have other things to contemplate than The Coven."


"I'm sorry, Gidget. I shouldn't have put my problems before yours." Brooke bites her lip and looks down at the chicken. Then she reaches into the bag for the box of egg rolls and eats one before saying anything else. There was a lot of things going on twelve years ago, but that doesn't mean her sister should've put her life on hold for her.

"Yeah, me too. Hopefully, if this works out, I'll have a great new client." Brooke honestly hopes that at the end of this, she and Sera can become friends but she wouldn't mind if they just had a business relationship either. Not many people can say they randomly spoke to their favorite author, and then wound up representing them in some way.

"Tch. I don't need to stand out."

A frown flitters briefly, and she sighs. "He might've, but losing someone is different. Especially when they've never had a chance to reconcile or put the past behind them. Think of how you'd feel if you were seriously fighting with mum and hadn't spoken to her in twelve years."


"No-no. No. Don't you dare apologize." She sincerely means it. "If I didn't want to be around, I might not have been." She very nearly wasn't. "Besides, everyone should have someone that they can talk to about their issues. I'd rather be here than not. That's what older sisters do."

Food is a good distraction at least. There is less talking when one is stuffing their face. She eats slowly but clearly has somewhat of an appetite. The coffee disappears quickly. "Client? Dear, it's not going to be just that. At least not the way it seems, anyway, and that's far from a bad thing. There are worse people to be friends with. You both can benefit each other, and you have another friend."

"I don't have to think about it. It's something that's been playing out in my mind for a long time." For twelve years, in fact. "What I can't decide is what's worse; is to lose someone after not talking to them for so long, or to just have the same negativity and disconnect and know that they're around but it just can't be resolved." Giving slightly she sighs. "Would you want to try to get resolution? Of any kind?"


"Yes, yes, yes. I'm apologizing. You shouldn't ever put your life on hold for me." Brooke reaches for the second coffee, handing it over to Bridget. "Here, drink mine. I can grab another when I head out." Not that she needs it. She vastly prefers tea anyhow, and Starbucks doesn't have the best tea.

There's a laugh, and then a shrug. "I like her. She's easy going, and far too easy to talk to." Brooke has been talking quite a great deal to Sera in regards to their 'relationships'. It helps, because the other woman is friends with Kieran, so at least she understands how he is.

"Losing someone is always worse," Brooke replies quietly. She remembers their cousin; her best friend when growing up. She remembers her death clearly, what happened shortly before Bryn came onto the scene. "If you have the same negativity and disconnect, there's still hope of having resolution."


"I guess it depends on the situation. I'd like to think I'd try for resolution, no matter whether it had a good outcome, or a bad one."


If only her sister knew, but again, she's not really sure she wants her to. Because there is no doubt in Bridget's mind that she made the right decision. "I didn't put my life on hold. I think I've made a pretty good life for myself, and I already had turned down college by that point. It really wasn't anything." If anything, it kept her in touch with her family, and that she'll always cherish.

The coffee is not turned down, not one bit. "Old habits. From back in the day when I used to have to stay up late at night just to finish my items." Thinking about what she said she grins. "No, I don't do that now. Not unless it's /really/ special and then it's just because I lose track of time."

Easy to talk to. Bridget, being the woman that Bridget really is, gives that look like she's about to pry. To poke at her sister about gossip and boy things. But she doesn't.

There are different ways of losing people, this much she wants to say. She's not going to say it, though. "Yeah, that's just it. There is that hope, and sometimes the desire to see something out." That's what Bridget is worried about the most. "Sometimes, well, sometimes it's just best if the past stay right where it is. But I have a feeling that not everyone sees it that way." Especially if they've not aged.


"You have. Look at this. You own your own boutique in New York City. I bet you never thought you would twelve years ago!" Bridget may have deferred college, but Brooke took to it. Something to hold on to. Something to pull her out of the upset and depression.

"I don't mind. You should get a coffee pot in here. Maybe one of those instant type things. Tell you what. I'll buy you one as a grand opening present. You can even have it out front for clients." Different coffees, teas, and the like and they can just make whatever they want. "A little fridge too. I'm sure we can find one on sale somewhere." For cream and milk.

Brooke nods. "The past really should stay in the past, but unfortunately life doesn't work like that. I say, tell the past to get stuffed and get on with your life."


It's true, and it is something to hold on to. It does cheer Bridget up some as well. "I honestly always saw myself back home with our parents, or maybe somewhere extremely near by. It's a nice feeling to be out on my own. /And/ to have one of the sane kin around." She loves her family but that doesn't mean that she can't pick on them.

Now there's an idea. She starts to imagine a good setup, and even begins to place it out. "That would be a good idea. What do they call them? K-cups or something like that? I can see clients liking those." Plus it could be cocoa and tea and a variety. "I knew I kept you around for a reason."

"Yeah, you would." This is actually said with fondness, even if she looks back to her nails. "The problem is when you allow the past to rule your life for so long. I'm actually okay with that. I guess it's about time that I let go."


"You didn't have to follow me to the city," Brooke teases. "I'm old enough to take care of myself, yeah?"


"Bridget? If I introduce you to the guy I'm seeing tomorrow, do you promise not to make a big deal out of it? I actually really like him." Brooke is keeping her fingers crossed that things work out. So far they seem to be, and after being in a tabloid with him, it doesn't seem to be detering him at all.

"Tell you what. I'll stick around here until Tom shows up, then I'll head out and do a bit of shopping. You can pay me back later, and I'll give you the receipts so you can write them off as an expense." That way Bridget doesn't need to leave the shop, and Brooke can run a few errands this afternoon to ensure the beads and extra masks are delivered tomorrow morning.

"It's not healthy to live in the past. While it's okay to remember past events, completely allowing it to rule your life isn't good for you, Gidget. You need to let it go, and remember there's a whole world out there just waiting for you."


This actually brings a laugh. "Oh yeah, I know. There are two points to this though. The first is that I think the move was healthy for me. The second is that no matter how grown up you are, you'll always be my kid sister. I just need to learn to back off about things sometimes."

Gasp. This is a meeting she's been back and forth about. "Honestly? I will say or do nothing to embarrass you." This much is true. "I'll wait to reserve my judgment on him, though. I'm not saying he's not a good guy, and I'm especially not saying for you to not /really/ like him. I encourage it in fact! Just… I have very high standards. Only the best for you, you know?" This is said with a loving smile. She means her words, this much is true, but she also doesn't know how she feels about Keiran. Too good to be true, it would seem.

"That's true." She smirks, almost as if there is a dry humor to it all. "You know, I almost left all of this, all of you, for him. I think that's what really hits home. I /like/ what I have and how things are."


"The move likely was healthy for you. Not that living near the farm was bad for you, really, but you stuck around for everyone else and it was time for you to try on your own." Brooke can appreciate that now. Not so much when she came for school and had her big sister in tow.

"He's a good man, Gidget, and he just makes me feel really special." Beat. "We've not even slept together yet." Both a truth and a lie of sorts. "It's not like I don't have high standards too, you know."

Pausing, Brooke starts to clean up the food she was eating. "You would've liked how your life wound up out there too, Gidget. We wouldn't have disowned you."

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