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Trendy and popular, Purgatory boasts a sleek, modern look and feel. The theme is freedom and boundlessness and everything from the cool blues and chrome finishing to the airy open spaces speaks echoes it. Purgatory is a fair sized club built out of gutted old office building. Blue and white tubing lights and runners high in the ceiling provide a light airy space in the center of the club which houses the dance floor and near the bar. Lights spark and flash and run beneath the floor, winding their way beneath and between the booths and tables. As one nears the back of the club and outer walls, the lights grow dimmer, the shadows more and the booths, tables and couches there are shrouded in a shadowy sort of privacy.

The bar is white, chrome and blue, reflecting the dcor of the club, and blue neon runners pulse around the bar, splashing it with flickering color. Behind the bar is a mirrored drink area and shelves filled with bottles of liquors and spirits; wine and martini glasses hang from chrome racks in the ceiling for ease of reach, and to easily compliment the interior, the flashing lights spraying the bar and bar stools with prism reflections.

While the music is loud and one can feel the bass throbbing beneath one's feet as the lights pulse in time, the acoustical setup of the club somehow makes the music more bearable than in other clubs. Near the bar and along the back walls, conversations can be held without shouting to the point of hoarseness; on the dance floor, near the speakers, the music becomes blisteringly loud but no one complains.


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Nichole Welles Quintin Bruning

It's mid-afternoon and Nichole is having a glass of iced water with lime, not lemon. She doesn't often get over to Purgatory, but she's been heading the interviews for the serving crew and dancers, backing up Bruce as needed. Bruce is great at managing, handling the bar and juggling the bouncers. But he's a big guy and a bit intimidating to the girls who come in sometimes. Having her present relaxes them.

Right now, she has applications for bouncers and floor crew, neatly attached hand written notes from Bruce on each of them. She's offered to extend the job offers, if only because Bruce is a man of few words, and she'd like to cover all the bases.

Picking up her cell, she dials the number on the application in front of her, and listens to it ring.


He's home, locked in his room, music playing softly in his ear buds. If his plan is to drown out and ignore the issues brought to him by women in general, the least that he can do is keep his roommate from suffering. It isn't often that Quintin confines himself to his room like so, but he's hoping that no one will catch on. He's too manly to have thoughts and emotions and concerns.

It's a good thing for the bouncer want to be that his phone is on vibrate. He removes it from his pocket and stares at the id. The number isn't recognized so he sticks to the one word greeting he offers those he doesn't know.

Pressing the button to receive the call, Quin holds it to an year. "Quintin."


"Quintin Bruning?" Nichole asks in a warm, professional tone. She recognized the name, and confirmed it with a background check, but she's not addressing him as anything other than an employee candidate. "This is Nichole Welles from Collins Enterprises. You recently applied for and interviewed for a position at one of our entertainment venues, Purgatory. I'm calling to inquire whether you are still seeking employment?"


He hadn't been expecting a call back so soon. The buds are dropped out of his ears completely but the music isn't turned off. He really isn't missing anything. Quintin sits up in his chair and nods, not that she can see that. "Yes, I'm Quintin Bruning. And yes, I'm still interested."
It seems a little weird, going through such strict policies just to potentially beat on some people. The location is rather upscale compared to others so he supposes it is all procedure. "If it is still being offered, that is."


Nichole smiles faintly, though the young man can't see it. He can speak properly, which means he isn't neanderthal muscle. "Yes, I would like to offer you a position as security support personnel at Purgatory. Starting pay will be $25 an hour. In addition to working at Purgatory, you will also be eligible to seek positions within our other venues, Eclairant and Flanaghan's Pub, as well as serving as a food runner or busser when we host special events at any of the other venues, or at Purgatory."
Nichole glances down and smiles at Bruce's note. "It was only touched on briefly in your interview, but would you be interested in learning to tend bar?"


What is being mentioned over the phone he cannot believe, not one bit. He was looking for some job to pay for his eating habits while school is out. As it stands he knows the hours work with his schedules and the opportunities are more than he was expecting.
"That is quite the offer, Ms Welles." Such an offer that Quin isn't quite sure how to respond. "As opportunities present themselves I would be open to learning bar tending, and anything else that would be offered." Although the idea of tending bar has some major benefits in his mind.
"I accept the offer, and will sign any paperwork that might be needed."


Nichole laughs softly. It's womanly and professional, but clearly bemused by the young man's reaction. "Mr. Collins believes in taking care of his employees, and ensuring that their needs are met keeps everything running smoothly."
"Why don't you stop by Eclairant tomorrow …" Nichole pauses, looking down at his availability schedule. "Say around 2PM? You can sign the paper work and receive a tour of the restaurant, and then we can come over to Purgatory where you can meet with Bruce, who will be your direct manager, and work out details for your start date. As well as anything else Bruce might feel you need to know."


If this is entertaining he fails to see where it is. Still, it would be rude to even take offense to anything that is said or done. "Apparently so. I'm very lucky to have this opportunity."
Quintin listens to the rest of the instructions and again nods, as if anyone can actually hear him. Maybe he is a little messed up tonight. "Two pm works well for me, honestly." He's already writing down the time and location, and will enter it electronically once he's off the phone. "Thank you very much."


"You're very welcome, Mr. Bruning. Do you have any additional questions for me at this time?" It's all the standard politics and professionalism now. She doesn't expect he will now, but the questions will come running in later.


There will be many, many questions, but for now he doesn't want to seem like a total loser. "Uh, no, ma'am. I think I have everything straight." Even if he does have to rely on asking his two friend-girls advice on what to wear and whatnot. "It seems pretty straight forward." Quintin's never had a real job so he wouldn't really know, but it seems the case.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Bruning. I look forward to meeting you, and to having you work for us," Nichole smiles, again, it's normal professionalism, even if it can't be seen.


"Until then." Quintin disconnects the phone call then and sits in his chair, staring straight ahead. It'll be a few minutes before he even moves, let alone processes what just happened. Perhaps there is something to this day after all.

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