Cowboy to the rescue

The Undercity

This cavernous area blends old Victorian architecture with more modern metal t-bars and buttresses. Buildings have been erected against the upward sloping stone, some of brick, some of wood, some of drywall and plaster. The building fronts are a hodge podge of color and style, some bearing elaborate sign work announcing the name or magical items sold, some bearing nothing more than a door or cloth covered window. Interspersed with the buildings are canvas tents and old time caravan wagons. The spacing and layout is sporadic, sometimes with buildings butting up against one another, sometimes a tent stall is shoved in between, sometimes there is nothing but an empty dark space.

A central area in the center seems to be a sort of common market, where there is much loud bargaining and trading going on. The outer buildings seem to be divided into little areas that cater to witches or sorcerers, and the winding paths created by what appears to be a random placement never allow the two to intersect.

What more could one expect from a market that just pulses with the magical energy that charges both the items that can be found here, as well as the shops and dwellings?


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Siobhan Knight Jenna Donovan Chance Harper

It's late in the evening, but that doesn't matter to the commotion and populace of the Undercity. Siobhan changed into dark jeans, a dark t-shirt, and a short leather jacket for the excursion. She's wearing boots on her feet; real hiking type boots, not fancy designer things. She did however cast a short lasting spell to protect her clothes and Jenna's as they made their way down through the less than savory entry point.

The young witch is feeling rather proud to have made it here alone. She knew she could find it, but she never has before. She almost wore a hoodie, to hide her face in case she saw anyone who knew her mother, but nixed it. Siobhan is twenty and well old enough to come to the Undercity alone if she wants.

"Just follow my lead," she tells Jenna, pausing to look around the market place. Now that she's here, she realizes she's lacking something: knowledge of where to go and which stalls specifically to visit. "Oh, and avoid sorcerers." She knows Jenna can't identify them by sight, but if she just assumes all the males are sorcerers, they'll be good.

Jenna's wardrobe isn't really made for skulking about in dark places. Thankfully, she does have quite a bit of black, simply because it causes her favorite color to 'pop' when she's wearing it. She's wearing a dark pair of jeans, and a dark tank top. She's not bothered with a jacket since the weather is quite warm, even at night.
"Okay." The empath has no idea where they are, or what they're doing down below the sewers. "How am I supposed to avoid sorcerers, Shiv? It's not as though I'd know what one looks like." Beat. "But I'll avoid any male that's not Quintin," she teases.

"Well, if it's male, assume sorcerer. If it's not my Dad, assume it's a sorcerer to be avoided." Siobhan was brought up that all sorcerers are to be avoided, with the exception of her father, and it's a rule that she lives by. Most of them are a pretty nasty breed anyway, who want nothing to do with witches and consider them lower than dirt. How her father is the exception, she'll never know, but she doesn't question it.

"This is the Undercity," Siobhan offers in a low voice by way of explanation. "All sorts of people … and things … are down here, but I only come to the magic areas. I've heard that there's a whole vampire area…" Siobhand trails off with a shudder. Really, she has no interest in meeting a vampire. Meeting a sorcerer would be better. Only slightly, but still. A sorcerer isn't going to mind rape her or drain her, or possibly both.

Her friend's words catch up to her and she giggles, "If Quintin is down here, he's got some big secrets and needs to do some 'splaining."

For some reason, that particular vernacular is not making Jenna feel at all comfortable. Glancing around, she suddenly wishes that she had magic so that she could protect them. As it is, she's pretty useless if they run into any thing down here, other than trying to talk them to death.
"VAMPIRES!?" Now she knows she's losing it. "Do they sparkle?"
Jenna's been brought into the world of the supernatural, but she knows and understands normal things. Psychics, magic users, necromancers…
"Well I don't expect to see Quintin down here, but if we do, I'm focusing on him."

Siobhan shrugs. "I don't know … it's what my Mom says. Partly, I think she's making some of it up to keep Chris and I from coming down here along." She has to give her mother credit. Until today, it worked.
"I do believe the vampires part though, I mean that they're real. I don't think that they hang out in the New York City sewers, no more than firebreathing alligators or whatever do." No, she absolutely did not pick up that trash rag to read it after hearing it talked about.
Linking her arm through Jenna's, Siobhan reassures her. "I'm pretty sure the only shady characters are people like me and my father, and the sorts who are trying to get magical items and things for illicit purposes." There's nothing in Siobhan's emotions that implies she's trying to make it up to soothe Jenna. They wouldn't be here if Siobhan didn't think it was safe enough, and that she couldn't protect them.
As a matter of fact, as they walk, she goes through her repetoire of spells in her head and readies a fireball. It's overkill, maybe, but if she feels they're in enough danger that she has to use that one little bit of offensive magic, then overkill is as good as anything.

"Maybe." Jenna's still stuck on the things part of it all. Things are not good. She clings to Siobhan's arm and whispers, "Are you sure we're safe down here? I mean, if we're not, we probably should find what you're looking for and get out."
Vampires lurking down here, just the thought of them is creeping her the hell out.
"Is what you're looking for illicit then?"

"No one is going to mess with us," Siobhan reassures her friend. It's just that she was taught to avoid strangers, and sorcerers, and that's the advice that she passes on. Besides, she brought Jenna here. She's responsible for them both. Lowering her voice a bit more, she adds, "I have a protective spell ready, just in case."
Blink then a laugh.
"No, it's perfectly legitimate for magic users to come here, just like going to a mall. I've just never done it on my own before, and I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad still think I need their assistance with this sort of thing."
They might not be wrong. The wrong sort of magic could be harmful, and she's never had to haggle or make her own deal either. She almost wishes she would see a familiar face down here.

"A protective spell against vampires?" Jenna so doesn't believe that. They're likely anti-spell or something ridiculous. Then again, so long as they don't sparkle or twinkle, or whatever the hell those books say they do, she'll never know it's a vampire anyhow.
"Maybe. I mean, I wouldn't let my kid down here on their own." Not if there are things down here.
"Okay, so this is like a magical version of Sak's, and we're shopping for a piece of jewelry."

"No … well, it probably would work against a vampire." Vampires are flammable, right?
"Except I'm not a kid anymore. I have to start doing this sort of thing on my own, you know?" How else is she ever going to prove herself as a witch? Ok, it's a stretch. Plenty of witches never visit the Undercity.
Siobhan elbows her gently. "Forget the vampire thing. I've never seen one - " Like she would know "- and they'd have to be desperate or stupid to come where there are a bunch of sorcerers and witches ready to fireball and skewer them." Beat. "I really do think that was part of the Dawna Knight Method of Scare Tactics. Like when she told me if I started learning pointe and wearing pointe shoes too soon, my toes would freeze that way and I'd never wear a normal pair of shoes again?" It certainly stopped an eight year old Siobhan from bugging her mother about pointe shoes and lessons for a good year.
"Exactly. This is Sak's and we need a 'leave me alone, creep' ring. Or necklace. Or something."
Pausing, Siobhan takes a look around, getting her bearings. As if figuring something out, she nods. "This way." The stall she's headed for might not have what she wants but it's one her father frequents, and she might at least get a recommendation.

"So we might be protected against vampires, and we might not be." Neither of them will know what a vampire looks like.
Jenna really needs to stop thinking about them because it's putting her on edge, and when she's on edge she can't focus her emotions and keep others out. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of emotional outbursting going on down here though, which is a good thing.
"Maybe it was. I'll ask her at some point after we're out of here."
"Do you think I should get one too?"

"I'll get us both one if I find something."
Siobhan leads the way to the familiar booth, carefully trying to avoid stepping on any toes or getting in anyone's way as she and Jenna walk along. Most ignore the pair of young women, probably not interested in the comings and goings of two young witches.
She's so set on their destination that she doesn't see the large mass of broad shoulder and blonde hair until she's nearly walked right into it. To her credit, the mass is in the same state. He slips in his effort to not fall; She teeters, staying balanced only because she's holding onto Jenna … and the odd feel of tingling magic that's almost like a supportive beam.
Blonde hair and broad shoulder gives a curse with a southern twang of some sort and tilts his head up to look at them. Siobhan's first thought is that he has lovely blue eyes. That's the split second before that fight-flight hits her with the rush of adrenaline from the eye contact, and she's instinctively tugging Jenna backward.
"Totally my fault, sorry," he apologizes, not even fazed by making eye contact with the young witch. "I should have been watching where I was going."

"I can afford to buy my own, you know." Jenna isn't one of those girls that only carries plastic. Sometimes it's just easier to pay cash for something.
Jenna does happen to see broad shoulders and blonde hair right before Siobhan nearly runs into him. "Oh my god."
"I mean, are you both alright?"
That's when Jenna gets hit by the feeling of adrenaline from her friend, and she can't help but look at his eyes. "We all should've been paying attention." She can't help but smile, although she knows that her friend is going to be in a panicked state soon.

Run! Run! Don't maintain eye contact! Get away! Those are the things that Siobhan's body and mind are screaming at her as she takes another step away from the (cute) sorcerer, and tries to pull Jenna along with her. "I'm fine. We should go." She averts her eyes, and gives Jenna a tug on her arm. "We're sorry. Hope you're okay." Her mother did teach her to be polite, and she doesn't want to piss off a sorcerer.

"My body is fine," the blonde sorcerer remarks, pushing himself to his feet. He dusts off his backside and claps his hands together. "But I'm sure I left my pride on the ground somewhere." He flashes the two young women a smile - well, one young woman who isn't a witch because the witch is looking anywhere but at him.
"No harm done," Chance continues with a shrug, his gaze flickering between the pair with more curiosity than anything else. "Accidents happen."

Jenna can feel the panic in her friend and does her best to send a wave of calm. She's well aware from the reaction that the cute guy is a sorcerer, but she can't stop looking at him even as Siobhan tries to pull her away.
Giggling at the fact that he's eluding to hurting his pride, she smiles. "Well if we happen to find it, we'll be sure to return it to you. I mean, my friend's already staring so hard at the ground I'm sure she'll see it if it's there."

Siobhan's head whips up to glare at her friend. She wants to impress upon the empath how dangerous this situation is. Except that The Sorcerer isn't mad, he isn't tossing spells, and he isn't staring down his nose at them the way that other sorcerers she's run into has. In fact, he just seems to be amused.
A slow, careful glance is ventured back toward him, and she has to take a calming breath to fight against that inborn response to meeting his gaze. "Yeah, they do. Accidents." She's still more comfortable looking over at his chin or his eyebrow and not directly at him.

Chance isn't like most sorcerers. He doesn't really have a problem with witches. Honest to goodness, he doesn't get the animosity, at least on the part of sorcerers. Witches have good reason to hate them, but his kind should really just be ashamed of themselves. He's used to the reaction of witches, and just takes it in stride. Usually, he would have moved on by now, but something about these two is striking him as familiar, and he can't place what it is.
"It's alright," Chance smiles at the non-witch with a chuckle. "I've lost it before. Always seems to find it's way home." His Texas drawl is definitely more noticeable the more he talks, rolling beneath his words.

Jenna notes the glare, and tries not to laugh. The man hardly seems dangerous at all. That doesn't mean that he's not, just that he's willing to play nice and let them get on with their business. "And that's what this was. An accident. Because we were busy discussing…" What they are here for. "… things. My fault entirely." If she'd not freaked out about the vampire-thing, they'd likely have been paying more attention.
"You're Texan!"
Covering her mouth, she laughs in embarrassment, and then glances at the blonde. "Sorry. I only just recognized the accent now. How do you like the city?"
Siobhan is going to kill her.

\Oh great, this is not the time for Jenna's friendliness factor to kick in.\ Except that it has, and short of lighting a fire under her friend - literally - Siobhan knows the other girl isn't going to leave, unless The Cute Sorcerer leaves first.
\Maybe light a fire under him? Bad, Shivvie! Bad! "Yes, your fault," Siobhan agrees, hoping to will the other young woman into leaving. She glances around, just knowing that every witch and sorcerer within twenty feet is going to be glaring at them, only to discover that no one seems interested in them at all. She relaxes, just a little, but isn't dare going to let her guard down completely.

"Actually," Chance drags out the word, grinning broadly enough to show a set of deeply set dimples. "It was my fault. I was reading email." He slides his iPhone out of his pocket and flashes it at them. "No reception down here, but I can read what was already there. Good thing I wasn't texting, I might have taken you both down with me." Instead, he was able to at least toss a quick spell to stop the witch from falling, though she doesn't seem to have realized that.
He blinks at the outburst and then chuckles with a nod, "Why, yes, ma'am, I am." Beat. "I like it well enough. I've been here for a few years now, so I'm getting used to it."

A sideways glance is given to Siobhan, and the empath can feel the urgency, but she's completely torn. It would be rude just to run him off, since he's not seeming to want to do harm to them.
"Tch," she teases with a grin. "Don't you know reading and walking can be hazardous to your health?"
"OoOh. Are you going to school out here, or are you out here following your dreams?" New York isn't California, but there are certainly a lot of people who come out here to make it big too.

Taking another breath, Siobhan exhales slowly through her nose. The Cute Texas Sorcerer isn't being rude, no one is staring at them, and Jenna's spidey-senses don't seem to be tingling. The young witch isn't one hundred percent comfortable with the situation, which is amusing given that her father is a sorcerer and she should be the first to give sorcerers a chance.
"Do you always read your email down here?" Siobhan asks boldly. Not rudely, it's enough that her voice is strong as she tilts her head, asks the question and forces herself to hold his gaze.

The witch talking to him is an improvement. If she's talking to him, it means she realizes that Chance isn't a threat - to her, or her friend. He peers at her for a moment, still trying to place the familiarity of the pair. "Not anymore," is offered with a cheeky grin.
To the friend, Chance nods his head. "So long as the sort of dream you're talking about is law school." Shoving his hands in his jeans pockets, Chance rocks on his heels. "I'm pre-law at Columbia."

Siobhan's improvement creates another smile from Jenna. She knows it's difficult for her friend, but so long as the man isn't being handsy or spellsy, she figures it's alright. Besides, she knows that Siobhan can take care of herself.
"Well I wouldn't say that it's my dream, but it's a good dream to have." Didn't Quintin say he went to Columbia? She's about to point it out, but she thinks better of it for the moment. "I'm studying at Tisch. Theater."

Siobhan mentally facepalms. While she's not going to lob a spell at the sorcerer, she wasn't aware that it was time to exchange CVs with him either. "Your dream is to be a lawyer?" The words come out slightly sharper and a bit more rude than Siobhan intends, and she does have the good grace to look embarrassed by that. "I just meant … " The young witch trails off, feeling a faint heat in her cheeks, and realizes she doesn't know exactly what she meant.

Yeah, she's an odd one, Chance thinks, considering the witch again. It's as though she can't make up her mind whether to be friendly or hostile. His best guess is that she's not dealt with many sorcerers before and is having trouble with everything she was brought up to believe. The racial politics are really stupid and annoying among magic-users.
"That most people don't want to be lawyers unless they want to be rich or fix the world?" Chance gives the two ladies a grin, "Would you believe I want to change the world?" Probably really not something he should say too loudly down here.
He turns his attention to Jenna, though he isn't trying to exclude Siobhan. "Let me guess. Tisch. Theater. Broadway?" A glance to the other brunette, "Are you dreaming of Broadway too?"

"Definitely Broadway," Jenna replies with a laugh. "It's not a maybe. It's going to happen, because I'm not afraid to work my ass off to get there." She grew up around the stage. She knows there's plenty of heartbreak and a lot of crappy chorus roles ahead before she gets a named part and a few lines, let alone a leading role.
Still, she doesn't care. It's her dream.
"I think whatever your reasons for wanting to be a lawyer, it's a good dream to have."
There's a beat, and then a glance at Siobhan. She's not about to tell the sorcerer what her best friend is planning on doing with her life.
"I'm guessing this probably isn't the best place for this type of conversation though?" Jenna's not at all embarrassed that she's never been down here before, and that she's not certain what the 'rules' are. Except that she does know she already broke one.

Siobhan can't help but smile. She does love Jenna's enthusiasm and conviction. If anyone is going to make it on Broadway, it's going to be her bestie. She's going to be right behind her, cheering her on all the way too.
"No. I'm going to teach dance and choerograph," Siobhan tosses her hair over her shoulder, her attitude seeming to imply that the sorcerer should have known that.

It's making him crazy that he can't figure out where he recognizes his pair from, and standing around talking to them isn't helping jog anything in his memory. "I think you'll make it," Chance tells Jenna, "Even if you didn't have the looks, you have the spunk and the attitude."
"So you're both into the arts?" Still not ringing any bells of familiarity.
"You're right. I should probably be …" Chance gives his head a tilt across the way. "…going."

Jenna nips her teeth onto her lower lip, partially smiling at this stranger. "Thanks. It's always nice to get a vote of confidence that's not from my best friend." She nods at his comment about them both being into the arts, and then exhales a sigh. She really doesn't want the conversation to come to an end, but they are here to get Siobhan a charm to keep men from remembering her.
Or was it being handsy?
The conversation with the blonde haired sorcerer has made her completely forget what they came down here for.
It's also made her forget about the vampires and other things though, so that's probably a good thing.
"It was nice to meet you!" Not that they've actually exchanged names or anything, so technically they've not really met yet.

Don't let the figurative door hit you on the way out, Siobhan thinks, then realizes that it's rude and he has been pleasant. It's just hard to settle her nerves, especially when even her father has warned her away from his ilk. That's really what he told her once, 'others of my ilk,' in that Aussie accent of his.
"Wait, before you go …" Siobhan swallows her pride and her mistrust, worrying her teeth over her lower lip. "I'm looking for a particular … item. A charm. Maybe you could point me in the right direction?"

Thatgets Chance's attention. He wasn't certain that the Broadway Hopeful knew where she was or what she was with. It's still possible she doesn't know her friend is a witch, but she does know where she is and what's going on.
He studies the pair a moment, pretending to think it over, but really he's just taking the time to imprint them into his memory. It's not often that a magic-user, or any sort of supe, comes here with a non-supernatural, and two petite, pretty brunettes do stand out, no matter how hard they're trying not to do so.
"Maybe," Chance agrees. "But you're going to have to give me a little bit more to go on."

Squeaking, Jenna turns around and hugs Siobhan in a manner that basically says 'omg I am so proud of you!'. Because that's exactly what it is. She's proud of her friend for not only asking for help, but for asking for help from a sorcerer.
It also makes the empath try to read him all the more, because she wants to ensure he's not going to screw her bestie over. So far his emotions have read quite nicely, and he's not been meaning them harm, but that doesn't mean it's not going to change.
"To keep jerks from being handsy."
"Or to make them forget certain events. I forget which it was we were looking for now." Which makes her sound incredibly ditzy, but really she's distracted. "I sort've lost track around the part where there were things down here."

Siobhan rolls her eyes at the hug. She's only trusting the guy, and she's using the word 'trust' very lightly, because Jenna doesn't seem to be getting any crazy negative vibes off of him. Also, he's not being a creeper or a dick, and maybe he's not as bad as all that. Her father is naturally looking out for her, and it's the world he was raised in. If he can be a decent 'witch loving' guy maybe there are a few other sorcerers out there who can too. She's not going to give him her last name, or anything else, but if he can point the way, she'll allow it.
"Mostly the first," Siobhan admits, steeling her nerves and holding his gaze. "It'd be nice to go out dancing and not have to worry about guys getting too touchy feely." She has a barrier spell, but just not worrying about it would be nice.
"Having a creep forget I exist would be a plus."

The witch must want the charms and/or protective magic more than she is wary of him. Chance can understand why. Both of them are very pretty and guys probably harass them all the time when they go out. They're not even the cute/plain friend combination, so no one would have to suck it up and fall on that sword. Hell, he knows if he were out with his drinking buddies -
Is that where he saw them? At a club some night?
Did I hit on one of them?
No, because he'd have been aware of flirting with and/or hitting on the friend of a witch.
"That's probably a big problem for you," Chance remarks sympathetically with a hint of a blush. He knows where his thoughts just were. If they were anywhere else but the Undercity, and the Witchy One wasn't a witch … he would be just another guy hitting on two pretty girls.
"I know a place that might have what you're looking for, but … look, have you ever done any negotiating down here before?" The sellers in the Undercity don't always want money, and a young, naive witch is going to get taken advantage of very easily.

The roll of Siobhan's eyes just makes Jenna bite her lip and try not to laugh. Really, she's not getting any bad vibe from this supposed sorcerer and he seems to be actually willing to help them.
That's a plus in her books.
He's embarrassed about something he was thinking, and she'd kill to be a telepath at this point, but she doesn't even let on that she caught that other than the blush on his cheeks.
"Well it is for her." Jenna can only recall a few times where a guy tried to get too handsy with her when she was out with Shiv. They mostly focus on her friend. Probably because she's the better dancer.
"Considering I've never been down here before? I know I haven't."

Pride smarts and Siobhan rolls her shoulders back, lifting her chin. "I've been down here before." With her father or her mother, who always led the way and handled all the heavy lifting.
"But I haven't done a lot of negotiating." It's almost like she's confessing that she cheated on a test, or got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "It can't be that hard, right?"

Chance blinks at her. He's both amused and shocked, more the latter than the former because not knowing what she's getting into is just begging to get into trouble. What he's about to say next isn't standard or typical, and his cousins would never let him live it down, but it has to be done. Besides, his father is a proud bastard son, and Chance has always been a little bit anti-Dynasty anyway.
"I'll take you to meet Ansalem. He'll have what you want. If he doesn't, he'll probably be able to get it. On one condition." Chance pauses, holding up a finger. "Let me negotiate for you." Because Ansalem usually doesn't and won't deal in cash, and it would be bad for these two to owe the man any favors.

"That's only because you haven't had need to before," Jenna points out. She doesn't say it's because the Coven or her friend's parents have taken care of everything. She leaves it open to the fact that maybe, just maybe Siobhan hasn't found anything she was looking for in the past.
"I'll tell you what. I'll let you negotiate for me if I see anything that I like."

Siobhan glances at her friend and wants to thwap her up the back of the head. Sure, he's been nice, but that doesn't mean that they need him to negotiate. However, what really gets Siobhan's attention is the name. Ansalem. Male. Of course, it didn't occur to her that she might have to talk to sorcerers, and that down here they might sell their wares to witches. It's all about profit, isn't it?
"Who's Ansalem?"

Chance can't help but smile at the blue eyed brunette, and realizes that he should at least get their names so he can stop thinking of them as Witch vs Non-witch and blue eyes vs brown. "Thank you for your faith, but this is an all or nothing deal." He gives the witch his most trusting, hopeful look. "He's not a sorcerer, if that's what you're thinking, but he can drive a really rough bargain. Let me do this?" It's for her own protection.
"I swear, you won't owe me a favor." Just in case that's what's bothering her and not stubborn pride.

"Well I can't exactly speak for my friend," Jenna replies easily with a shrug. Therefore, he can negotiate for her. Siobhan can speak for herself and she's not agreed to it yet. Either out of pride, or out of the fact that she wants to try doing this herself and Jenna really doesn't want to take that away from her friend.
"I wasn't even thinking either of us would owe you a favor, considering we don't even really know your name and it's kind've hard to owe a favor to someone you probably wouldn't ever see again."

The witch's eyes narrow as she stares at him, trying to figure the Texan out. He's nice and friendly, and a little too nice and friendly compared to the sorcerers she's met in the past. The ones who look at her like she's dirt, or with disdain just because she is a witch. "Why are you so insistent?"
She gives another glance at Jenna, relying on her friend's empathy, and then sighs. Folding her arms across her chest, she nods. "Fine. But if I don't like it, I'm taking over."

The sorcerer bites the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing. God, is she stubborn, but at least she's willing to try and trust him. Chance gets the feeling that it's because of her friend, and can't figure out why that would make a difference. Still, he nods, "Agreed." He'd offer his hand, but he's certain one half of the pair won't shake it yet.
Raking his fingers through his hair, he gives another deep-dimpled smile to the non-witch. "Chance. My name is Chance." No last name, but that should be good enough for now.

"Jenna," she offers, much in the same vein. First name, no last, but down here a surname really shouldn't matter too much she figures.
She does offer her hand out, hoping to shake his and get a much better read on him. She's getting a decent vibe, but she's got a feeling that things down here are muffled compared to what they might be up above.
"It's nice to meet you, and I for one appreciate the suggestion to see this Ansalem guy about the charm. If nothing else, it's at least a start." Which is more than they had a few minutes ago.

"I agreed to it, didn't I?" Siobhan asks, rolling her eyes. She nearly groans at Jenna's friendliness, and doesn't offer her name in return. "So if he's not a sorcerer, what is Ansalem?"

Chance takes Jenna's hand and shakes it, "Pleasure to meet you. Both of you." He includes the witch in his gaze, even though she hasn't given him a name. "Also, it means I can stop thinking of you as Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes." Beat. "Mostly."
He sighs and shrugs at the witch's question. "He's Ansalem." Beat. "Honestly, I'm not being difficult. He is who he is, but he knows his stuff."

"You can think of me as Blue Eyes if you want," Jenna quips. The feelings she's getting from him are genuine. Unless he's extremely skilled at masking himself; which she doubts he'd do unless he knew he was in the presence of an empath; he's really just amused and curious about them.
"C'mon, Brown Eyes," she says teasingly to Siobhan. "It's a start, and so long as he's not a sorcerer it should be fairly safe, right?"

Siobhan makes a mental note to give Jenna flirting lessons, and to sit her down for a long talk about sorcerers. Even if she realizes it's probably not going to work because Jenna has less reasons to mistrust sorcerers than Siobhan does. The only one she's ever met has been an awesome guy.
She fixes Chance with a glare to make sure he understands how uncomfortable she is with this still and nods. "Fine. As long as he's not a sorcerer."

Chance chuckles and grins at Jenna. "I'll think of you as 'Blue Eyes,' but I'll call you, Jenna. I like the sound of it." He gives the witch a lift of brow and a cheeky smile, "I'm thinking of calling you Pru. Or maybe Piper."

"Why not Phoebe or Paige?" Jenna knows why not. Because the other two were considered the 'bitchy' sisters. The paranoid sisters. But she wants to hear his answer on it.
"You can call me Blue Eyes too if you want. I've been called a lot worse."
Turning, she starts to walk again. Only stopping when she realizes that she has no clue where this non-sorcerer guy happens to be. "Uhm, which way are we going?"

"Whatevs." Siobhan isn't going to rise to the sorcerer's bait. If he wants to think of her a bitch, so be it. Lots of people think of her that way, and she's sometimes proud of it. Being bitchy has its perks. Tossing her hand up as if to wave it off, she then motions around. "Lead on."

"Because Phoebe was a man-crazy tramp and Paige liked everybody." It's not far off from what Jenna was thinking, just worded a bit more politely, and even has elements of a back-handed compliment. He's not considering her friend a slut.
"All right then, Blue eyes." The words roll with that Texas drawl and Chance motions in the direction they'll be heading. He takes point, glancing back to the make certain the girls are following. Under normal circumstances, he'd offer his arm, but he doesn't want Piper to fireball him.

Jenna has never thought of her friend as bitchy, but does know that Siobhan comes off that way to people that don't know her. "Well she wasn't that man-crazy. She did get married. Granted, he was a demon. Half-demon. Whatever."
Lifting her shoulders in a shrug, she takes Shiv's arm and starts to follow. "Relax, would you? He really just wants to help us," she whispers.

"I'm trying," Siobhan whispers back. She is following him, she's just not trying to friendly up to him and get to know him better. Really, she's not had to deal with sorcerers in this vein before, so she's just going from the attitude she's gotten in the past. Maybe it's not fair because Chance does seem nice, but this is all new territory for her. "I haven't set him on fire, have I?"

Chance lasts all of ten seconds before he looks back and lifts a brow. "Do you do that a lot?" It's funny and not because fireball is one of the witch offensive spells, and it says a lot for her paranoia that she's got that one proudly in her repetoire.

"Okay, okay, you're right. You've not set him on fire. I really hope you don't because he's hot. And not in that way."
Jenna colors when she realizes that her whispers can be heard, and she looks at her feet as though she's just found something interesting about them. "Don't you think you'd be reading about it in the paper if she was doing it all the time?"

Chance leads them around a row of stalls, and then to a little shop that's almost hidden in between a falling over stall and a shanty shack that has seen better days. The door is battered and dusty, hinges rusting, and the two steps up are rotting wood. Siobhan hangs back for a second, and then puts Jenna behind her as she slowly follows Chance up the stairs and into the dank and dimness of the shop. She's bristling with energy, and is ready to defend Jenna and throw a spell at the slightest provocation.

Chance knows the witch is on edge, and he tries to project as much relaxation and confidence in his manner as he can as he enters the shop ahead of the women. Inside, once across the threshold, the shop is bright, well lit and clean. It's set up with a small couch, a table and several chairs in the center and display cases and book cases lining the walls. A door behind one case leads to the rest of the shop - or the middle of nowhere for all Chance knows. A tiny bell chimes sweetly, and a rather large wolfish looking down lifts it's head from where it's resting on its paws in the corner. The wolf-dog tilts his head, and unfolds itself to stretch and stand. Then it pads off, nosing the far door open and disappearing.

Jenna keeps an eye on everything as they go. Memorizing the way they've come as best as she possibly can in case they need to make a run for it. From Chance's demeanor, she does trust him to get them to the place he's promised.
Until she sees the place. Blinking at it, she can't help but make a face. Her brain is screaming at her; "An Upper East Sider going into a place like that?!?", but she quells it with a loud 'shush' and continues on her way. Right up until Siobhan steps in front of her.
Once they're inside though, it's entirely different. Smiling at the fact that the place isn't entirely a hell hole, she watches the wolf-dog disappear and moves toward one of the counters.
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The shop smells and tingles with magical energy. It's like the outside market place, but concentrated and refined, with all the lingering and wasteful bits filtered out. She knows that she shouldn't let her guard down, but Siobhan can't help it. She immediately relaxes a bit, her dark eyes darting here and there, freezing on the wolf-dog as it departs the room, and then moving around again.
She wants to ask Chance if he's sure this 'Ansalem' isn't a sorcerer, but there's no way of knowing if the room is magically bugged or not. Instead, she follows Jenna, drifting to one of the counters and looking down through the glass.

For his part, Chance sits. He's perfectly comfortable in the shop and knows that the wolf hound went to seek out Ansalem. He honestly doesn't know what the man is, or if he's even a man. All Chance knows is that his father introduced him, his father trusts him, and so far every purchase has been legitimate and non-lethal.

"Are we supposed to sit while we wait? I mean, if we're not supposed to snoop around I feel weird about snooping around."
That lasts all of a few seconds before she looks at something that looks like a small ruby necklace and squeaks. "OoOh! Look at that, Shiv!" It doesn't even occur to Jenna that she's let her friend's name slip. "That's gorgeous. I wonder what that does." Or how much it costs. Really, if Chance is having to negotiate and the man doesn't deal in money? Then she likely couldn't buy it anyhow.

Siobhan pauses in her stride at Jenna's question, but then shrugs. She's going to assume that if Chance wanted them to sit and wait, he would have said something. Then again, she could be wrong.
A glare is given to Jenna for revealing her name, and then an eye roll when she sees what has the empath's attention. Drifting closer, Siobhan frowns a bit, trying to see if she can sense the magic - or not - coming from the item. "I … don't know." Not like she necessarily would.

"No feel free to look around," Chance waves to the girls. He's sitting because he's been in before and he's not shopping today. Besides, it allows him to watch them better, though watch might be the wrong word. Appreciate? Yes, definitely the better word.
"You brought me new customers, Chance." The door to the back room opens and a shortish, thin man with rimless glasses perched on his nose walks out. The wolf-dog follows at his heels, yawning. His eyes move over the young women, appraising them like cattle or fruit in the produce section.
"Interesting." He walks behind the counter, sniffing the air. He lifts his glasses and peers at Jenna. "Interesting, indeed."
Next, his perusal turns to Siobhan. His eyes widen briefly and another deliberate sniff is given in her direction. "Well, don't you find the most interesting ones, Chance?"

Jenna frowns a little, but it doesn't last long. Siobhan can usually tell her what magic an item can or can't do and that she doesn't know? Means that it's either really powerful or not spelled yet. All Jenna knows is that she likes the ruby and she wants it.
Hearing the masculine voice from the doorway causes her to snap her head up. Immediately she tries to read the man, because it's a new encounter and she'd like to know if he's trustworthy or not.
"Did you just sniff me?" Biting her lip, she raises her brow trying to give the man a serious look. Seconds before she laughs, figuring the man likely just woke up or has allergies.

Siobhan knows the man sniffed them. Both of them. It's a little bit creepy. Almost as creepy as the wolf-dog with it's gold eyes, so full of intelligence, staring at them like it knows what they are and why they're here.
Get it together, Shiv. Now is not the time to get freaked. You've come this far, suck it up. Besides, if she freaks, Jenna will freak; and if she freaks, she isn't going to be able to protect Jenna.

"There's no need to worry about Borges," the man, obviously Ansalem tells the young witch, casting a quick glance to the wolf-dog. "He's lazy, and doesn't much like the taste of Upper East Side." Ansalem gives them a slow smile, that's meant to be teasing, but is probably just a little shy of crazy.
He glances over at the sorcerer, "So, tell me, Chance. How did you meet this pair and why have you brought me a sorcerer's daughter?"
That gets Chance's attention, not that he wasn't paying attention. The young sorcerer whips his head around to look directly at Siobhan. "Wow." Beat. "Not your average witch, huh, Piper?"

The moment Ansalem mentions where they're from, and Jenna gets a weird reading from him, she backs off from the counter. While she knows that Siobhan can protect her, she doesn't think that she's going to be able to function properly with the information the guy just happens to be spewing out.
Staring the man down as best she can, she folds her arms over her chest and frowns.
"We're looking for charms."
"Well she is anyhow. I want to know what the deal is with the ruby."

Siobhan freezes as the man easily identifies her as more than a witch. He doesn't identify her by name, but something in his voice tells her that he knows her name, and he's just choosing not to reveal it. Not like it's a huge difference; anyone old enough to know about her father and mother, probably at least knows her last name. Still, being pointed out by this creepy old man to an equally unknown sorcerer…
"No," Siobhan manages to hold steady and direct her attention at Chance. "I'm not. Is that a problem?"

Chance holds up his hands in front of his chest in innocent surrender. "Not for me. I didn't care that you were a witch when I agreed to help, I'm not going to change my mind because you're half-sorcerer too."
"Settle down, ladies, no need to get your hackles up." Ansalem pushes his glasses up on his nose. "I'm just curious how two little wisps of things came to be spending the evening with the cowboy sorcerer, but it's really no business of mine."
Setting his hands to the counter, Ansalem fixes them both with a stare, "What sort of charm?"
That's Chance's cue to actively involve himself in the conversation. "I'm negotiating for them, Ansalem."
Ansalem snorts and chuckles, "Of course you are. Always the good southern boy, just like your daddy."

Jenna notes immediately that the man never did tell her what the deal with the ruby is, and she does her best not to get impatient. She's run up against tight faced women at jewelry stores before who dislike dealing with her until she flaunts one of her parents names at them. The Donovans may not be old money, but they've got money and in a city like NYC, money talks.
"I'm not a dog," she replies stubbornly. "If anything happens to be 'up' at the moment, it's my wariness." At the fact that she can't read the man. "As for what we're doing with him… we ran into him and he mentioned your shop."
"He's agreed to negotiate for us."

"My friend told you, we're looking for charms." Siobhan is calmer now, but only just. The reveal of her identity is often met with disdain and she wasn't in the mood for the Texan to look down his nose at her. Not that she knows at all why she should care about his opinion, except that he did offer to negotiate. She knows that she is out of her element, no matter what she says or does. "And she wants to know about the ruby necklace."

Chance is impressed, after her initial reaction, Piper is back in action, or at least putting up a good front. It will go a long way with impressing Ansalem as well. His father told him when he first brought him here that Ansalem likes to put people off.
"I heard her," Ansalem waves a hand dismissively. "We'll get to that. I want to know about these charms first." He fixes Jenna with a look. "You'd do well to learn a little patience, Miss."
That being said, his attention is back on Chance, "Don't trust my asking prices, Chance?"
"I do." Chance rolls his shoulders in a shrug, "But you're prices might be a bit steeper than they think they are." He's here to make certain the girls don't get in over their heads.

"I have plenty of patience." The man is driving her insane. Jenna nearly wants to ask him what he is, but then she'd have to reveal that she's something as well, and Chance is too cute to burden with that; even if he is a sorcerer.
"She'd like a charm that will make guys less handsy with her. Possibly to make them forget her as well."
Jenna's voice is much calmer now. Not because she's been put in her place, but because she realizes that snapping at the man really isn't going to help them.

Siobhan tosses her hair over one shoulder. She gets a weird vibe from Ansalem. Or maybe it's that she knows Jenna so well, she can read the empath and is able to tell that her friend is getting a weird vibe from the man. The wolf-dog looks far less threatening. "We have money, but he - " Siobhan's gaze flickers to Chance, " - said that you might not deal in money, so we're trusting him."
"What she said. I'd like to be able to go out to a club and dance without guys thinking it's an open invitation to grope me."
"I'm not so concerned with forgetting me, though it would be nice sometimes." Kirk. Corey Swenson.

"Pretty girl like you? Maybe you should wear more appropriate clothes?" Ansalem offers.
"Ansalem, that's really misogynist of you," Chance sighs.
"You're not a lawyer yet, cowboy." Ansalem flashes a creepily toothy grin at the sorcerer that doesn't appear to faze Chance at all. "You're asking for something very specific. A charm to be ignored is easy. A charm to not be remembered is easy. However, I'm assuming you might want to be noticed sometimes, at least so that you can make a purchase from the bar."
Bending down, Ansalem rustles beneath the counter. He comes up with a wooden box that he opens and begins rifling through. There are crystals and pendants, brooches and charms of all sorts in the box. "A charm to incite respect in those who've forgotten it … such a charm would work best when keyed to you and your feelings."
"Chance knows what that entails and what the price will be."
Chance sighs, he should have known Ansalem would have something that he really can't intervene with. "What else do you have?"
"That's what the lovely dancing beauty asked for. Though we could go with a simple 'ignore me' charm."

"What about a barrier charm that let's them see and interact with her, but if they have negative intentions or do something she doesn't want or encourage, they have a strong urge to back off." Granted, they could always just go dancing at Purgatory on nights when Quntin's working, but she doesn't want to use him just to keep an eye on them.
Jenna bites her lip, and then lets her shoulders drop. "I don't know. Spells and charms aren't really in my league of abilities, so I suppose I'll leave that up to the three of you."
Moving to the edge of the counter, she crouches down and offers her hand out to Borges.

Siobhan could just hug her friend, but she doesn't. It is a good idea. It's way, way, way out of Siobhan's league, and probably even her parents' unless they were working together, but she suspects that Ansalem is capable of things that are a little bit beyond your average witch's ken.
"Could you do something like that?"

"Magic that reacts to intentions. It works, but it's still costly." Ansalem nods his head.
"But not as costly," Chance points out. "I'll pay the fee, if you can do that for them."
Ansalem blinks at Chance. "That's a double fee, sorcerer."
"I know what it is," Chance nods.
"Very well, I need a week. These things take time and you're not my only customer."

Patting the dog on the head, Jenna glances over her shoulder at Chance wearing a surprised expression. "You don't have to for me," she says to him quietly.
"I'd like to know what the price is before we agree to anything." This is said as she stands back up, glancing at Ansalem before looking back at the sorcerer.

Siobhan also isn't ready to let Chance just assume that he'll pay without them knowing the price. As much as she doesn't want to strike a deal with an unknown shopkeeper in the Undercity, she doesn't want to owe an unknown sorcerer any favors, either. "Yes, I'd like to know the price first."
The witch frowns at Chance, "You call that a negotiation?"

"Chance knows my prices, and he knows what the costs could be coming in," Ansalem answers before Chance can. "Negotiation is just a nice way of saying that he didn't want you ladies to have to pay." Ansalem stops rifling through the box after finding a iridiscent jeweled butterfly pendant. Setting it aside, he closes the box and returns it to its spot beneath the display case.
"My fee is very simple. I require to call upon you for a favor, or a biological donation. A small bit of blood, tears, hair, things of that sort."
Rising again, Ansalem's gaze moves over the trio and he taps his fingers on the glass right above the ruby necklace. "The glass is spelled. If you'll notice, my dear young witch, you can't get a sense of anything within the case. Would you like to see the necklace?"
"For the charms, I will ask a favor and a small bit of blood. However, for a small vile of the blood of a sorcerer's daughter, I will do the charms and throw in the ruby."

"Chance barely knows us, so it wouldn't really be fair for him to cover the full price," Jenna says, though she's turned to give a smile to Chance. "Though his offer is extremely sweet and appreciated." She pauses awkwardly for a moment and then lets out a little ahem. "Chance, what is your fee for taking care of this for us?"
Swiveling back to Ansalem, she nods. "I would very much like to see the necklace. The ruby heart is exquisite."

The beautiful iridescent butterfly pendant distracts Siobhan momentarily. She wonders if the man knows how much she adores butterflies, or if it's just luck that he chose that particular pendant at this time. Her dark eyes linger on it for a few moments, before she forces her attention back to the conversation.
Blood? Siobhan knows a lot more about spell-casting than Jenna, and for obvious reasons. Not all uses of blood are bad, however, not all of them are good, either. She won't allow the sorcerer to give blood in exchange for anything, and she doesn't want to know what his fee will be for his services.
"How much blood?" Siobhan asks, surprising herself.
She sees no reason to not find out, however, considering that they're trapped in his shop and he already knows whom she is, chances are if he wants her blood for nefarious purposes, he can get it anyway.
"I'd like to see the ruby first, before I agree to anything, though."

They're not just a witch and her non-witchy friend. Chance has suspected this from when he first met them, but their body language and attitude gives a lot away. These girls come from wealthy families; they're upper east siders and being one himself, he knows upper east siders.
Question poised, Chance points a finger at Siobhan, "A favor of my own from your friend."
"Assistance with casting a witch spell."
The sorcerer has no idea how much Jenna knows about witches and sorcerers, or doesn't know, but what he's asking for is no small favor. One, because sorcerers aren't supposed to cast or know how to cast witch magic, and two, witches aren't supposed to aid in it. In fact, he's sure Regina Young would frown on it, and he knows his Grandfather Nash would have a coronary.
Ansalem nods, "Wise moves, indeed, ladies." He rapidly swipes his fingers over the glass in runic patterns and then opens the case. The ruby necklace, in its case, is presented to Jenna and Siobhan. "Take your time."
He smiles at Jenna. "I do think you will like it."

"I can't agree to that for her either," Jenna points out sadly. "Though the cost to you would be significantly reduced if I didn't bother with that particular charm." As much as she hates guys being handsy, she really doesn't want this young man to bleed for her. It'd hardly be fair to him if all he's getting is help with a spell. Not that Siobhan will jump at that, but it just doesn't seem a fair trade to her.
As she looks over the ruby, she bites her lip. She wanted it before she was able to touch it, and she wants it more now. The heart shape is just too perfect.
"What would the price be on the ruby alone?"

The moment the necklace is out, Siobhan can feel the magic on it. She drifts closer, running her fingers over it, and then gives a gasp. It's the worse negotiation ever, not having a poker face, but she just can't hide her reaction or realization of what the necklace might well be. She only recognizes the magic because it's a stronger version of small charms she's made for Jenna and Harper in the past. It's a much stronger version.
Blood in exchange for spell casting help, no matter how frowned upon or risque really doesn't seem worth it - well, to them it does, but not to Chance. She suspects that there's more to the spell than he's let on - Or else he is that nice of a guy - and no matter how helpful he's being, despite the charm and the dimples, she has to remember what he is.
"You never said how much blood," Siobhan points out again. "A few milliters only and it's a deal." Only because she really wants that ruby for Jenna.

Okay, Chance wasn't expecting that. The witch is bolder than she looks now that she's found her footing. "You sure about that, Piper?"
He only asks because he feels that he has to. He's too far to get a good read on the necklace, but it's definitely witch magic and not something he's overly familiar with. Shiv, however, apparently is. Enough that she's willing to give up blood.
Ansalem is not surprised by the response. He knew what the pair was as soon as they walked in the shop and he sniffed them. The empath was drawn to the necklace, and the two young women are as much like sisters as they are best friends. He hasn't seen a pair this closely interwined in a very long time.
Ansalem nods, "Three milliters only. I can take it from your palm."

"Oh, Shiv, no. I can't let you do that." Jenna has noticed that Ansalem tends to answer only what he chooses to and not at all what they ask. It's a wily way to do business, but likely keeps the man out of a good deal of trouble as well.
"Would the cost be more if there were two of the charms, and the ruby?"
Jenna doesn't need the charm. She's got a strong enough leg that she can always kick some guy that's causing trouble, and she's not afraid to find a bouncer if need be.

"I don't mind," Siobhan says in a firm tone. She really doesn't. This is part and parcel for doing magic business in the Undercity, and she's putting on her big girl pants. If Chance was willing to bleed for the man, it must be the norm, and she's not got to worry about him creating zombies or something with her blood.
To Ansalem she asks, "What sorts of favors are we talking about? Would that get another charm too?"

Christ, but these two are quick on their feet once their unease fades away. Chance is beginning to think that they didn't need him at all, but he wouldn't have gotten the pleasure of meeting them otherwise. Even if Piper still gives him sideways looks.
"Errands. Procuring things that I am unable to procure, delivering messages to places I'm unable to deliver them," Ansalem says simply. "Aiding in the odd spell here and there." Of course, it's not always as simple as all that, but sometimes he's more curious to see how things will play out and he wants to see how this witch-sorcerer's power develops.
He turns to Jenna. "The cost includes two charms and the necklace. It is what 'Shiv' asked for." Ansalem is careful not to use the girl's name, as she has not given it to Chance. It's no hard matter for the young sorcerer to find it out, but Ansalem will respect that tentativeness of the witch. "The necklace alone will cost you a favor, one charm will cost one milliliter of her blood."
He's afraid the little empath might not understand the true power and worth of her friend's blood. Nor is he mentioning that a few drops of the blood will go to powering the charms.

Jenna weighs it all very carefully in her mind. If Siobhan only gives two milliliters of blood, then they can get the two charms and she could owe Ansalem the favor. Without the favor, and an extra milliliter of blood, they can have all three. Frowning, she tries to read Ansalem once again, and then turns to her friend.
"It really isn't fair for you to carry all of the cost of a trinket I've interest in you know. So what would you want in return for the necklace?"
Though now she can see entirely why Chance didn't want them to come here alone. It's definitely dangerous dealing with these types of things.

"I can't speak for Jenna," Siobhan says slowly. She wants to. She wants to bind and gag her friend, and just handle this all herself, but knows Jenna would never forgive her for it. Or at least would be pretty pissy for a good long while. And Shiv did bring her down here when she could have gotten Tetshy, weirdness and all, so she has to let Jenna do something. Besides, she knows that she and Jenna will go round and round for hours if she refuses.
"That's a fair price for me."

Ansalem considers the two young women. They've impressed him. So few people do that anymore. He's already giving them a discount because of it, and because of the feeling of uniqueness and unity he receives from them. Though they'll not know that. He almost wants to thank Chance for the introduction, but knows that Texan didn't find the young women intentionally.
"For you, an errand. A simple delivery to a location that it is … somewhat difficult for me to enter." Ansalem holds up a hand, "I don't know where or when. These things happen as they happen, but I would contact you when the time came." He doesn't say how he will do that, but he always finds his clients again.
Before the sorcerer can say anything, Ansalem snorts, "If you must feel the need to be the protector, Chance, I will contact you as well when the time comes, and you may escort the young lady."
Chance, who'd been on the verge of suggesting such a thing, closes his mouth and nods.

"Then, two milliliters of her blood for the two charms, and a favor for the ruby." Jenna glances at Siobhan, just challenging her to argue. A delivery isn't so bad, and if the heroic-seeming cowboy is there to escort her, then it'll probably be fairly straightforward. If not, well she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it.
Jenna may not know how much Siobhan's blood is worth, but she knows that the less that needs to be given out in exchange for a charm, the better.

Siobhan isn't going to argue. Not that she doesn't want to, but she really doesn't want to give Ansalem anything to use against them, or to further bargain with either. She doesn't want her friend doing any kind of favor for the odd man, and doesn't trust the sorcerer to keep herself (which might be a bit unfair to him all things considered, but that's the way it is). She gives a quick nod to Ansalem. "That's our deal."
Ansalem looks between the two young women and slowly bobs his head down in a nod. "It is agreed." Then he's turning and pulling a different box from a different hiding place. It too, is filled with charms and he begins to root through them quietly, without another word.
Chance clears his throat, "Ansalem?"
A hand is waved in Chance's general direction. "The other pretty girl needs a charm as well. You don't think I'm going to pull it out of thin air do you?" With that, he keeps sorting until he pulls out something and places it besides the iridescent butterfly. Only then does he look up at the girls, and Jenna in particular. "Would you like to take the ruby necklace home tonight?"

Jenna watches him carefully as he chooses the charm. When he finally pulls out a small, iridescent rose she can't help but smile. Not only do they happen to be her favorite (as cliche as it is), but it's her middle name as well.
"Yes, if it's possible?" She still has no idea what it does, but it doesn't matter. It caught her eye, and she really wants to have it.
"Thank you for the compliment," she adds quietly, recalling her upbringing and her mother's constant reminder to be thankful.

The charm is perfect for Jenna, just as the butterfly was perfect for Siobhan. It's both amazing and a little unsettling how easily the man picked out something that was perfectly fitting for both of them. "And we come back in a week for them?"
"One week," Ansalem agrees. He looks to Jenna, "As I said, I'll contact you when it's time for that favor." He then busies himself packaging up the necklace. It's wrapped carefully in a silk cloth and then put into a wooden box which is handed to Jenna. "I think . .. you will like it."

"Here's hoping." Because really, as much as she doesn't want to owe a favor to this man, it seemed better to her than Siobhan donating extra blood for it when she was not the one who wanted it. Jenna nods at him once about the contact, and then glances at Chance.
"You'll contact him too." Jus to verify that is still what's going to happen.
Taking the box, she bites her lip and then adds, "Does she need to 'pay' you now?"

Siobhan is beginning to think that Ansalem does things just to set people off, put them on edge and watch their reactions. She knows that the man hasn't forgotten about payment, and she certainly hasn't, but giving Jenna the box first probably had some meaning or gave him some advantage (in his mind) that they're unaware of. "Yeah, can we get that over with now?" There is a silent, unspoken, 'And get out of here.'

Ansalem nods to Jenna, "Of course, I will contact your young knight - " his lips turn up at his choice of words, eyes twinkling behind his glasses, "- in shining armor."
He turnst to Siobhan as he continues. "Indeed, we should conclude our business, Miss - " The sentence stops and hangs, as the man does tend to make a mistake here or there, and catches himself before identifying the young Knightley witch by name. Not that her father's Dynasty will ever claim her as so; leaving her power and potential to be owned by the Coven. The ignorance and foolishness of Sorcerer and Witch politics. "Wait here a moment."
The man disappears into the back room, and when he returns he is carrying a small wooden case and a simple glass vial. The box is placed on the counter, opened and from within he removes a simple silver dagger. "Your hand, please."
Chance is already moving by the time Ansalem has returned. He wants to ask the witch if she's sure, but he suspects that she won't admit it now if she is conflicted. Instead, he hovers near to make certain that Ansalem doesn't take any more than he's promised.

There's a bit of a brow raise as Chance comes dashing across to hover near Siobhan. Jenna carefully tucks the jewelry box into her bag so as not to be flashing it around as they leave the Undercity. She watches the cute Texan for a moment, and almost wants to outright ask him if he's interested in her friend.
They could wind up being a second generation witch/sorcerer coupling, which would be interesting.
Instead, she drops back from the counter so that he can move in even closer if he desires, and crouches down to give Borges another pat.

Siobhan really feels like quite the wimp when she blanches at the sight of the blade. My father is a surgeon for crying out loud!
It doesn't stop her from closing her eyes, or biting her lip and hissing as the blade cuts into her skin. The sorcerer standing so close is as frustrating as ever because it's soothing to have him there. He's looking out for her - and for Jenna - and he's making her re-think everything. She's not wanting that sort of distraction in her life right now.

Ansalem is amused by the young sorcerer's protectiveness. The young man has quite a reputation as a playboy, and he'd probably not like having this bit of himself known about. Before cutting, he produces a small first aid kit from beneath the counter and places a gauze pad atop the case. He smirks as he takes the young lady's palm, and holding it up to the vial, takes the carefully prescribed and agreed upon amount of blood. He then indicates the guaze with a nod of his head toward Chance. "Apply pressure to that, and then you may wrap her hand."
Chance does as instructed, pressing and holding the gauze pad to the cut on Siobhan's palm. "Just a few minutes," he tells her with the knowledge of one who's done this before. "And I promise to stop holding your hand."

"Oh, for crying out loud. She's a witch, she can heal it," Jenna remarks, still focusing her attention on the dog. She can deal with the blood, that's not why she turned away. She just doesn't want to wind up interested in the same guy as her friend again in the period of two weeks. That's just ridiculous, and it's making her agitated a little.
"Right, Borges?" The dog really is cute, and Jenna's always wanted a pet. Hell, she'd take even something that was fluffy and caged but it's not to be. Between her mother's work schedule and her father constantly tripping over things, a family pet would've been squished long before now.

"I can," Siobhan laughs. She has to, because otherwise it will be too creepy. Ansalem has done this a bit too much and she's trying not to wonder or think about that. She gently pulls her hand from Chance's and pressing her fingers to the wound, murmurs a small incantation. By tomorrow morning there won't even be a scar.

"I forget myself sometimes. Of course you can," Ansalem nods, cleaning up all of his supplies. He pointedly cleans the blood from the blade and hands it over to Siobhan. "That is yours. I would not wish to have any more than we agreed upon, through any means." Then he picks up his boxes and heads toward the back room. "One week."
"He won't be back," Chance says, indicating where Ansalem went. "He's done with us."
For his part, Borges lifts his head, encouraging the attention. His large tail thumps against the floor a few times.

"One week then," Jenna replies with a nod, reaching back to give Borges a scritch between the ears. "Which means, you just have to wait a week for a cookie. I'll bring one next time, I promise." One last pat on the head is given to the dog before she gets up.
Turning toward Siobhan, she exhales a sigh. "I'm sorry I snapped that. It just seems silly for you to deal with bandages when you don't have to."

"I was humoring Ansalem," Siobhan shrugs. She really was, though she fully intended to heal the wound once they left the shop. She looks at the bloodied cloth and then picking it up, shoves it deep in her pocket. She has no use for it, but isn't stupid enough to leave it lying around or in need of disposal in the Undercity.
Lifting the gauze, she checks to make certain the wound is healing, and then that bit of scrap goes deep into her pocket as well. "I think we can get out of here now."
Sighing, she turns her attention to Chance, but avoids meeting his eyes. She's only accustomed to that unsettling feeling where her father is concerned, and it feels different looking in his eyes. "Thank you for helping us and for offering what you did for us." Jenna should be proud of her.

The thanks surprises him. Chance blinks at the witch and nods. "You're welcome. This isn't the sort of thing you should do your first time on your own. Or your second or third." The words could be advice or chiding, it's hard to say.
"You know, it gets easier the more you do it, Piper," Chance can't help but quip as the witch avoids meeting his gaze. He chuckles and gives his head a shake, "Do you need me to walk you ladies back to where I found you?"

Jenna is proud of her friend. She knows that thanking a sorcerer comes diffuctly to Siobhan.
"Whether you're humoring him or not, you really should've thought of healing it rather than getting your blood on more items. Just remember that for next time." Not that Jenna expects there to be a next time, because they've got no need for any more trinkets and if they do? She's going to try to find another way to them.
"Would you?"
There's the knowledge there that Siobhan would probably rather he took off and left them alone.
"It looked like you were headed back to the surface anyhow, and we may as well walk together, right?"

The witch glares at her friend. Rolling her shoulders back, she resists the quite immature urget to stick her tongue out at the other young woman. It's not like I've done this before. She's just glad that they managed to get away with a favor and a small amount of blood. "It was my first rodeo," Siobhan reminds her friend.

The witch's choice of words makes Chance laugh. He is from Texas, after all. "Well, at least you didn't fall off the horse or the bull," Chance gives her a grin and a wink. Then he's turning to Jenna. He knows the witch would rather he disappeared, but Chance isn't know for doing what's expected of him all the time. "I would be honored to escort the pair of you to the surface. After all, we're all heading in the same direction."

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