Dudes, Dancing, and Disco

Manhattan - Purgatory

Trendy and popular, Purgatory boasts a sleek, modern look and feel. The theme is freedom and boundlessness and everything from the cool blues and chrome finishing to the airy open spaces speaks echoes it. Purgatory is a fair sized club built out of gutted old office building. Blue and white tubing lights and runners high in the ceiling provide a light airy space in the center of the club which houses the dance floor and near the bar. Lights spark and flash and run beneath the floor, winding their way beneath and between the booths and tables. As one nears the back of the club and outer walls, the lights grow dimmer, the shadows more and the booths, tables and couches there are shrouded in a shadowy sort of privacy.

The bar is white, chrome and blue, reflecting the dcor of the club, and blue neon runners pulse around the bar, splashing it with flickering color. Behind the bar is a mirrored drink area and shelves filled with bottles of liquors and spirits; wine and martini glasses hang from chrome racks in the ceiling for ease of reach, and to easily compliment the interior, the flashing lights spraying the bar and bar stools with prism reflections.

While the music is loud and one can feel the bass throbbing beneath one's feet as the lights pulse in time, the acoustical setup of the club somehow makes the music more bearable than in other clubs. Near the bar and along the back walls, conversations can be held without shouting to the point of hoarseness; on the dance floor, near the speakers, the music becomes blisteringly loud but no one complains.

If Purgatory is the waiting room, then it's only fitting that the two VIP areas are Elysium and Abaddon.


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Siobhan Knight Jenna Donovan Quintin Bruning

Purgatory. The club to be at if you're anybody, and sometimes if you're not. It's twenty-one and over, but Siobhan picked up a little illusionary trick that works wonders. It's sorcerer magic, and it took her weeks to master it but she does thank her little brother with trying to get one over on their parents with 'changing' his grade on an important paper. She wouldn't have the spell otherwise.

A quick tap nail pattern and finger tracing over the ID and she's suddenly a year older, and able to enter into a twenty-one and up bar. It works for Jenna too, though she did warn her friend that the effects are short-lived and it's best to hide her ID away once they're inside and properly stamped and identified. She's actually squealing with delight inside that it's worked; she's only tried it a few times, and it's a breath holding each time. The good thing is that if it doesn't work, the bouncer will just think he read it wrong the first time.

Once inside, she tries to play it cool, though she's smiling from ear to ear as she looks around trying to see everywhere at once.

"Oh my god. This place is just awesome."

It's odd, feeling her friend's feelings so closely. Jenna has to keep herself from squealing and laughing. Anything that might give them away and get them into trouble. The last thing she needs is to get into trouble, because her mother has been on a tear this week over something going on at the hospital.
The flashing lights catch her eyes first, and it takes a second for her to stabilize herself in the midst of so much giddiness, drunkeness, and lust. It's been a while since she's had a wave of emotions hit her so hard, but it's because she's focusing on keeping them in check that they wash over her so much.
Fussing with the hem of her red, sweetheart neckline dress with the jeweled trim around the neck, she takes a deep breath.
"It is! C'mon, let's dance!"

At this rate it almost seem a surprise that there are some college students in the club that are actually of age. One of those students, however, is less than amused with being around. Practices are difficult and draining at this stage, not to mention the ongoing search for a summer job. All the same, a few of his teammates wanted to party and he agreed.

Quin is so into his surroundings that he's planted right at the edge of the dance floor. He's not dancing; he's simply standing, scanning the crowd for some sort of amusement. In his hand is a clear drink of some sort that he occasionally sips from. If at all possibly he seems somewhat bored. It must be one hell of a ploy to get women.

Siobhan enthusiastically follows her friend toward the dance floor. They're quite the pair, in matching dresses except for the deep plum purple color of Siobhan's. It means that they'll get at least some additional attention, but as far as Siobhan is concerned, that is the point. Flirting and getting attention is fun; just because she flirts and bats her eyes doesn't mean she's going home with anyone.

As they move toward the dance floor, she notices the guy standing there with the drink. Well, she notices the nice firm backside which earns an approvingly murmured, "Niiiice." Still, he's not dancing, and he's probably either watching his girlfriend, watching his buddies dance with their picks of the night, or scamming for someone to take home. Moment of appreciation aside, Siobhan begins wiggling between bodies to find a spot for two on the dance floor.

"Who's nice?" Jenna looks around, and let's it go. She sees the man with a drink, but there's a lot of nice looking guys in the club so she's not sure which one her bestie is talking about.
She's not yet realized he's the savior of her purse from the museum. Different lighting, different situation.
Following closely to Siobhan, she smiles when they find a place and she immediately clips her wrist purse on her arm securely. Then, tossing her ponytail over her shoulder she starts to dance.

It likely is a darn good thing that he has no idea what is being said or he'd likely leave. Even a man can be bashful. The football player takes a nice big swig from his drink before he shakes his head at his friends. Quin starts to turn to leave, hoping to sneak out, when he catches sight of the Bobbsey Twins. This too causes him to shake his head. Dressed similar? Are we in elementary school again?

The prolonged thought process might make them think that he's eyeing them, but he honestly isn't. What it does do, however, is bring him pause. One of those two looks strangely familiar. Quin has decided to watch and see if she doesn't land on her ass. If she does, then he'll know she's who he thinks she is.

Siobhan is a dancer, and it comes out on the dance floor. She may not be doing anything cheoreographed or planned, but she's moving in time and sync with the music. Hips are swiveling, body twisting, and as she gives a turn and twist, she reaches up to hold her dark hair off her neck, getting her head into the bass and thumping as well. She forgets the club exists, focusing on the music and just letting go and being loose.

There's no notice of the football player watching them, or any of the guys watching them, it's just getting in and moving with the music.

Jenna normally doesn't land on her ass. Only when people run into her because they're not looking where they're going.
As Jenna twirls to put her back to Siobhan's front while they dance, she takes notice of the football player watching them and stops moving for a second. Tilting her head to the right, she tries to place him, then laughs. Winking and smiling at him, she spins back around to her friend and says, as quietly as possible, "That's the one I told you about!"

Well, well. He's gotten her attention and this time she's remained standing. This is a change. Quin smirks at his own thoughts before shaking his head one last time. He drains his drink quickly and turns to leave, only to be stopped by one of his teammates. Whatever conversation they have, it causes the friend to point out in many different directions, including directly at the dancing twins.

Quintin can be seen pushing down on his friend's arm then, as if telling him no. The friend protests momentarily before walking off. He's far too drunk to care about his friends.

Siobhan's eyes wander to where her friend indicated, and she recognizes the nice tight end from earlier.

"Figures," Siobhan mutters to the other girl. Not so much a mutter as a low yell over the music, "You get all the cute ones." It's topped with a smile, and Siobhan is hardly the catty type, not when it comes to Jenna.

"He's cute. Go for it," is added as the song changes and Siobhan speeds up her rhythm and her dancing to keep up with the music.

Laughing, Jenna gives her friend a shove. "It's not like that. He's not the one who asked me out. That was the guy who bowled me over." She's not denying that the football player is cute though, because he is. "Besides, I've seen the guys that you date, Shiv…" She makes a hissing noise like she's just burnt her hand, and shakes it.
Glancing over her shoulder at the football player again, she bites her lip. "Wait here, I'll see if he wants to dance."
Twisting away from her friend, she dances her way over to the table of what she assumes are frat boys.

He's on the move again, this time determined to leave. His glass is returned to the bar before he waves out to one of his friends. Just out of curiosity he looks for the two girls to possibly offer a nod in departure, but he notices that there is only one of them where he last remembered them being.

Quintin looks about, sticking out somewhat compared to the others actually enjoying themselves. He's about to give up hope when he notices that little Miss Donovan is the one place that he was hoping she wouldn't be; around the people he came with.

Walking up to the table he clears his throat. "Glad to see that you're still on your feet."

Siobhan twists on the dance floor, pivoting so that she can watch her friend's progress. It's always safety in numbers in these places, and she's not going to let Jenna get too far out of sight. As she moves, she's well aware of a college guy slipping up behind her, the Sigma Nu on his tight fitting t-shirt proclaiming to all the world the pride he has in his fraternity. She almost rolls her eyes, because he's definitely the frat-boy-jock-type, but there's no harm in dancing.
Siobhan sets the dance, putting the appropriate space between their bodies and turning to keep an eye on where Jenna went and also to keep Mr. Seems-To-Be-Still-A-Little-Sober in her sights. He's a quick study at least; when she backs up the second time, he doesn't follow, maintaining the distance she's established.

Jenna's nearly reached the table when she realizes the cute football player has turned to go. Frowning a little, she turns and attempts to catch him, but he gets to the table first.
"I'm not normally knocked off them," she points out with a big grin. "I noticed you looked uncomfortable here, and my friend and I were wondering if you'd like to come dance with us?" Looking down at the ground briefly, she peeks up at him through her lashes. "I'm sure it'll get you a bit of status with your friends, and it'd save us from getting hit on by weirdos…"

It's all he can do not to laugh at the offer to dance. "I don't really think I'm the dancing type." Quin does, however, look past Jenna for a moment to spot her friend. From his expression he doesn't like what he sees. "However, if you'd like me to get rid of stuff like that, I certainly don't mind." A nod is directed to Siobhan and her new 'friend'.

"But you're okay, though? I mean, no creepy person stalking you or anything?" This is said out of earshot of any who might be listening, and low enough so he knows only she will hear it. "I'm really sorry I couldn't stop that."

'Stuff like that' is an excellent description. It's the most polite one. Siobhan could come up with a few more creative ones, but she'd take Quintin's if she could hear it. Mr. Sigma Nu resepcts boundaries for all of one verse and then he's moving in again, doing something with his hips that is in no way rhytmic and all ways suggestive.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing here all alone?" He leers, grinding in toward her.

"I'm not alone," Siobhan says, stepping back again. She whispers beneath her breath, putting an invisible barrier between her and the frat boy. It's a defensive spell, and she'll keep moving and dancing so that he doesn't notice the impenetrable wall that stops him from ever actually touching her.

This always happens when Siobhan's left on her own, and Jenna didn't really think she'd be gone so long. Though really, it's hardly been long at all. Frowning, she turns to the football player and bats her lashes at him.
"I'd be really grateful if you would help with stuff like that."
Blinking, she shakes her head. "That's not your fault, you know. You can't stop guys from being guys, though I do wish he'd have asked differently." Inviting her to coffee as an apology really would've worked better, she thinks.
Grabbing for the football player's hand, she starts to move. "C'mon. Let's go rescue Shiv."

As Jenna speaks with him his eyes instead focus on the frat boy. He gives all college boys a bad rep, but then again, many are just like him. "To each their own, I suppose. I just hope that he doesn't cross any boundaries." Which boundaries are not clarified, but he of course means his own.

Quin is about to go eject the man whenever he finds that his hand is being tugged. It isn't an easy feat to move the player but he does move easily enough with Jenna. He mumble something about clubs in general but not loudly enough for her to hear.

What she'll feel when she touches him is an overwhelming desire to protect. There's a minor desire to beat the guy's face in but it seems as if he's doing his best to keep it at bay. He will be warm to the touch.

"Let's go. I think she's doing well enough on her own, but a little help never hurts anyone."

Siobhan can usually take care of herself, but it sometimes requires cheating, such as that little bit of magic she just did. She doesn't do it a lot, and it's safer to use on the drunk ones than the sober ones.

Seeing Jenna approach, Siobhan flashes the frat brother a winsome, innocent smile, "Look, my friends are coming back. I told you that I wasn't alone."

The boy follows her gaze, frowns a bit, and looks back at the petite brunette. "He your boyfriend or hers?"

Honestly, Siobhan just can't resist at that moment. She might not know the cute footbal player, but she trusts Jenna's instincts. She gives her (uninvited) dance partner the most innocent and confused smile she can muster, "Yes."

"He better not."
The flash she gets when she grabs the football player's hand causes her to smile. He's so genuine that it's refreshing. He's got no designs on either her or Siobhan, and he's just honestly got a protective streak a mile wide. She could just kiss him.
But she doesn't.
"We're back! I told you we wouldn't be long," Jenna says to her friend, eyeing the guy that hasn't taken the hint yet.

If only he knew what she knew. If only she knew what he was. Oh, the fun that can happen.

"Hey, Shiv." Yes, Quin picked up on the name of this 'friend' of his. It is rather important in moments like this, actually. He goes to the point of looking her in the eyes and offering the briefest of smiles. "Someone moving in on my turf?"

She's going to flip, he just knows it.

All the same, his gaze moves to that of the sloppy drunk. Or near drunk. Or just plain stupid man. "She's a good dancer, right?" He's at least attempting to be friendly versus just plain punching the man in the face. If Jenna's still sensing anything, she'll be able to tell how much he's restraining himself.

"Did she invite you to join her?"

At the nickname, Siobhan's eyes go immediately to Jenna. She has no idea what her friend has said to the purse savior she's brought over to the dance floor, but she's going to assume (for now) that names were a part of it.

When he makes the comment about turf, she very nearly laughs. Honestly, it's a good thing that Jenna is interested in him or Siobhan would have no problems seriously playing up the girlfriend angle. She may be the dancer and Jenna the actress, but she's not a terrible actress in these sorts of situations. Instead, she gives the other guy a sweet smile, "Thank you for keeping me company, but I'm good now."

The frat boy looks over at Quintin and then the two girls. The look he gives Siobhan really makes her want to shower with bleach. "Yeah, she is. Girl's got moves, but hey, there's two of us and two of them, if you get my drift?"

Siobhan gives Jenna her patented 'Dear god, is he for real' look, but holds her other defenses in reserve. He's not doing anything (yet) than crowding her space and he hasn't gotten handsy.

"She's an extremely good dancer," Jenna adds, smiling at the college guy. She doesn't reveal that her BFF happens to go to school for dance, or that she could literally open her own studio she's so good. Nor does she mention the fact that Siobhan spends time teaching her to dance so that she can be a Broadway triple threat.
Jenna already has the acting and singing down pat.
Rolling her eyes as the guy continues, she snorts.
Giving the football player's hand a squeeze to keep him from punching the man in the face, she whispers, "If he doesn't back off after this, go ahead and punch him."
Reaching her hand out for Siobhan's, she winks at her friend. "Unfortunately, we prefer to share, and you're not really our type."

This extremely sweet and proper young woman is giving him the go-ahead to punch the guy. If he weren't trying to be territorial, just for them, he'd probably stare at her in disbelief. Instead Quintin smirks and raises a hand so that his palm faces the frat boy. "And I have five of these," he mentions in response to the two girl. "I don't share them either, but I might be more willing to give you one of these than I will one of them."

Immediately he feels horrible for speaking of the girls as if they're objects. He'll apologize in great detail after this is all over.

In the meantime the group he came with remains where they were but they're watching the commotion. Not a single one of them believes that he needs help, but they'll gladly join in if this 'threat' has friends.

"I'm claiming the next dance. And the next. Go find someone drunk chick to take advantage of."

Jenna doesn't believe it, but she does have a way with guys. Siobhan has a way too, but mostly it involves trying to keep their eyes on her face and off her backside and breasts. The fact that she's convinced Quintin to join them to scare off the sleazes is evidence of that.

The jock-frat-boy seems to consider it, and then gives a macho shoulder roll. "When you want a real man, you come find me," he tells Siobhan with a leer, his words directed at her breasts.

"My breasts and I are perfectly happy, thanks," Siobhan responds, sweet smile still in place, though there is a hint of bite to her words.

"Yeah, they are perfect," the frat boy says, as though she was fishing for compliments. He gives Quintin a look that says he doesn't think the other man will be able to handle the two young women and then he's sauntering off.

Siobhan pulls a face, "Do the neanderthals think that lines like that really work?"

Jenna waits for a count of five, and then rolls her eyes again. "Really? Good lord, I wanted to punch that one, Shiv."
Turning to Quintin, she stands on the tip of her toes, and presses a quick kiss to his cheek, hoping to catch him off-guard so that he's not able to turn around as quick as he normally does. "Thank you."
Shifting back to Siobhan, she laughs. "Yes. They also think that asking you on a date after bowling you over works. Because it's so endearing."

The whole exchange between the frat boy and Siobhan, or rather her breasts, just infuriates him. It is actually to the point where Quin has to try and control his breathing just to keep from lunging after the creep. In the end he does allow him to walk away unharmed, but he'll not stop any of his mates from jumping in if they so choose.

He's so busy focusing on calming that bit of anger that he is caught completely off guard by Jenna. Quin just blinks before looking pointedly away from her and to Siobhan. "I'm sorry for what I said. Just had to get him away, you know?"

A sideways 'You're Welcome' is offered to Jenna while he still refuses to make eye contact. "You're sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Siobhan grins. It's a friendly grin, not a come-hither grin, or a 'god, you're too hot for words grin,' or any of her other little range of flirtatious grins.

"What you … oh that," Siobhan waves it off with a hand and a shrug of her shoulders. She gives him a wink, "It worked, right?"

The young witch does a quick tally in her head: he's cute, he's friendly, Jenna has good instincts about him and he's not a sorcerer. The last qualifier is an odd one because her father is a sorcerer, but she knows he's not typical of the breed. All in all, he's a nice guy, and she fully approves of Jenna's interest in him, even if he seems a little oblivious to the other girl.

Or he's that concerned about the well being of a girl he doesn't know.

Siobhan shakes away the thought, because it's hard for her to believe that anyone - other than Jenna - is that big hearted and caring about a complete stranger.

She nods her head, and motions to Quintin and Jenna as she starts moving to the music again, "I'm fine, thanks for the timely rescue."


"You two kind of have to move if you're going to dance." As a follow up demonstration, Siobhan gives a little shake of her hips and rocks to the side.

The football player doesn't even notice that she's kissed him, Jenna's fairly certain of that. She's not going to push it though, because the kiss really was because he did something to not only help her, but to help her best friend from a guy who was being way too hands on.
"Right, moving." Laughing, she watches Siobhan for a moment and then picks up the same rhythm and movements. She's not as good as her friend is, but she does turn until she's facing the football player with her friend, smiling at him.
"C'mon, hero. Dance with us. It's the least you can do, and your friends are all watching you. You might as well play it up."

Is that the slightest bit of pink forming on his features? It very well could be, but he will never admit to it. Quin shakes his head slowly as he remains firmly planted with two feet on the ground. "They do try to say that football players can make good dancers but it just isn't true in my case."

Oh, he's well aware that some woman just kissed him on the cheek. It just isn't right. "I don't know. I have practice tomorrow, and I should do some school work, and probably find a job." He's going to list any and every excuse that he can.

He pauses to look at Siobhan and then finally looks at Jenna. "But you seem to have a habit of attracting some interesting men."

The witch slides her bestie a look that just screams 'trouble.' She's not going to shoe horn in on her friend's interest, but she's not going to let the guy escape into the ether too quickly either.

Moving closer, the respectful close distance of the dance floor, Siobhan gives him a sweet grin and bats her lashes playfully. "Oh, come on, you have to stay for one dance. Just one little bitty dance?" She holds up her pinky finger.

There's a smoothly executed gyration of her hips, and a ripple and shimmy of her shoulders as she dances toward Jenna, then turns back toward Quintin. "Dance is an excellent work out. It loosens and limbers up the muscles, less chance of injury that way."

"Where do you play?" Last ditch effort, lure him into talking about himself and keep him there.

"None of whom I've got the slightest bit of interest in," Jenna says with a laugh. Is that a blush on his cheeks? It's hard to tell, really, in all the changing lights of the club. She's makes a face at him and then adds, "We won't keep you late, I promise. One dance won't kill you, what's another five minutes?"
She continues dancing as she puts her hands together in front of her, clasping them.
"Pretty please?"


"Columbia." He's not exactly the master of words at this moment, but mostly due to him being out of his element. "Only one year left, though, so I'm debating on a good grad school."

The two ladies are given a look. Jenna is given a look. "You'll regret this." After taking a deep breathe, Quin sets into motion. He isn't on beat with the rhythm at all, but that's the point. His style of dancing? Disco, complete with the finger point in the air and everything.

Yes, he's doing this to be smart.

Siobhan freezes and blinks, for just a few moments. She has no idea if Quintin is really that bad of a dancer or if he's doing it so he doesn't have to dance with them. Sadly, the poor lad has no idea who's he's dealing with or the full range of Siobhan's repetoire. She gives Jenna a wink and after a moment, changes her style. There are more than a few disco moves in her arsenal, fresh in her mind due to a recent 'disco revue' she did for one of her classes.

Turning, she mirrors his moves, feeding back complimentary moves, and keeping with his beat instead of the club music. Oh, yeah, she knows they're going to get some attention, and she knows how it must look, but the witch has a mischievous streak a mile long, and she can't resist a good challenge.

Biting her lip, Jenna just laughs when he pulls out the disco moves, and then again as Siobhan joins him. Shaking her head, she gives it a beat or two, and then joins in as well. Her disco isn't so up to date as her best friend's, but she does her best to mimic the movements the two are doing.
She makes it look a little less 'disco' though, by adding in a spin so that she can smile at the other two.
"You're both absolutely nuts," she says.
Really, two girls from the Upper East Side, dancing like this is bound to make people notice. She's just having fun though, so people can suck it up.

People do notice, oh yes. At first his mates roll their eyes at what he begins to do, but once the girls join in they outright laugh. Hooting and hollering, rooting for their friend, the table of football players really gets into it.

As for Quintin, he knows exactly what they're doing. He'd take the time to glare at them but in all honesty he's having a lot of fun. Besides, it's pointing out to mister almost grabby hands that yes, he can handle spending time with the two of them.

"Well, now. This isn't how I planned my night." He's surprisingly not /bad/ at disco. He just doesn't care.

"Doing your John Travolta with two hot girls?" Siobhan grins, biting her lower lip. She can't help but show off a little doing one of her own signature little dance moves that she incorporated into the routine, a little bit of swing and a jazz pirouette. She comes out of the pirouette right into a hustle and a shimmy, and is smiling brightly. The encouragement of the table of football players really only encouraged her.

"Fun innit?" Siobhan asks, a hint of her father's Aussie lilting on her voice. "Everyone needs a little downtime."

Blowing a kiss at the jocks, Jenna turns her attention to her friend and the cute football player dancing with them. She can tell that they're both having fun, because she can pick up on the vibrations coming from them.
"I hadn't planned on this either," she admits with a giggle, "But I'm having fun." Part of it is that she really is having fun, the rest is being picked up from them.
"I really want to find a roller disco now!"

It is a lot of fun, however that nearly comes to a screeching halt when she mentions a roller disco. Quintin stares at Jenna in disbelief before turning his attention to the table of his mates. He shows off a bit for them, but not at all in a lewd or crude way.

Eventually, however, the jock stops and bows. "Ladies? I believe that my one dance has been fulfilled." He doesn't seem like he has any desire to leave, but he isn't used to being actively awake this late. "Now I should actually get going. Unless there's someone else here I can threaten to smack down for you." He really could use the release after the last jerk, but the dancing was a good distraction.

"A roller disco?" Siobhan laughs. "Even I'm not that crazy!" Though, ok, it could be fun.

When the good jock bows, Sioban gives him a cute curtsey. She's not going to hold him here if he really wants to leave, and honestly, she's not going to step on her friend's toes either. If Jenna wants him to stay, she'll ask in her own cutesy little way; if that doesn't work, Siobhan will help her out. After all, girls can use a good wingman (wingwoman?) too.

"It would be a lot of fun!" Something that they don't do on the Upper East Side either, so it would offer a great deal of anonymity to hit one out by Coney Island sometime, complete with dressing in cutesy rainbow outfits and leg warmers.
"It has. Thank you so much," Jenna gushes. She really wants the guy to stay, if only to find out his name. "I don't think there's anyone else you need to threaten… yet," she says, a bit of chagrin in her voice. Because if there was someone he could pummel here, she could probably get him to stay.
"We'd love it if you stayed." A pause and then a little quieter, "I'd love it if you stayed…" But she does get that he's got responsibilities too, so she's not going to push him too much. She knows how that is.

Two encounters and she still has no name. He at least knows hers. There's something impersonal to him to just blurt out his name and expect anyone to swoon. Besides, he's still not quite sure when and if anyone will recognize him.

"Next thing I know, I'll be escorting you two to some WWE event or something." Is he saying that they'll see each other again? Perhaps.

Quintin really isn't sure what to make of this situation, let alone how to respond to it. His senses are tingling as he's noticing warning signs that most others might not. It's almost overwhelming but he's able to not portray his thought process.

"I can stay for a little while longer, but not much." Women. "But if you guys need me to harass anyone, ever, just let me know?" That /could/ be his way of making an opening for a better introduction.

Siobhan takes matters into her own hands, at least so far as introductions go. She dances around the pair, just having fun now and no longer showing off. "You know my name, or at least the name most people call me," Siobhan points out to Quintin. "But I don't think I got yours." She has no idea that he doesn't know Jenna's name, but she works with what she has.

"Not sure that WWE is our thing, but it'd be cool to hang sometime when you're not chasing away the brain dead." Her dark gaze swings to Jenna, "Wouldn't it, Jenna?"

"I think we'd need your number for that," Jenna teases. Mostly because it's a much better way to ask for someone's number than to try to force a date out of them in an awkward situation.
"But we would love to hang out sometime."
Fidgeting and turning to face Siobhan, she blinks at her friend. It's hard for her to figure out what she's doing, but she shrugs and accepts it.
"We don't want to force you to stay though."

Admiral Ackbar doesn't need to be here for anyone to know this is a dangerous situation. Most guys would likely kill for this scenario but Quin isn't exactly sure how to proceed. The apprehension is there but he does well to hide it on the outside.

"So we have a Shiv and a Jenna. I'd expect matching names to go with the dresses." His tone is kept respectful, friendly. He's not openly trying to flirt but never knows how he comes across.

"Well, if you want a security hotline, give me your phone."

"Name first, soldier," Siobhan gives him a playful smile, twirling in a little circle and dancing toward the other side of Jenna. "Then you and my bestie can exchange numbers."

She's not trying to flirt with him, though she is flirtatious by nature. What Siobhan knows is that Jenna noticed him, and then noticed him a second time tonight. So, if Jenna's interested, she's staying out the way. Just playing the wingman.

Jenna's got her cell out, and halfway handed to him when Siobhan comments that they should get the name first. Rolling her eyes, she laughs. "Oh no. He's not the soldier," she points out. He's just the cute football player.
"I think if our parents had named us both Jenna, that would have gotten extremely confusing in school." She's teasing Siobhan about the name thing.

"Soldier?" This makes him chuckle. Before he can respond, though, he finds himself faced with the names of the others. "I would expect something more like Sarah and Kara, or something like that." He pauses though, as if catching onto something. "Wait, your parents are friends?"

Quin offers his hand out to take the cell, no matter what Siobhan has to say. He does so with a smirk.

"Very well then." Siobhan is the person that he directs the next part to. "West. Michael West."

Siobhan tilts her head, studying him curiously for a beat before she turns and continues her movements and gyrations around Quintin and Jenna. They never actually said that their parents were friends which means he's sharper than he looks. Not the dumb jock type at all; not that Siobhan thought he was. Still, if anyone is the master of hiding a brain behind a pretty face, it's Siobhan.

"Yeah, they are." Siobhan shrugs as though it's no big deal. Doesn't mention that Jenna's mother is The Psychologist up and down the eastern seaboard and most of the continental US as well. Doesn't point out that her father is pretty much the coveted trauma surgeon who's been woo-ed (repeatedly) by Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, UPMC and several others. "We sort of grew up together."

Sort of. As if there was any question when Siobhan plopped down next to Jenna in kindergarten and declared that the girl was her best friend from that moment forward.

Sort of is definitely one way to put it. Not that Jenna minded that the strange girl did that in kindergarten, because she thought it was funny. She still thinks it's funny. Harper used to call them both his sisters, which really confused people.
"Michael West?"
The name sounds familiar to the empath, and while she hands the phone over to the football player.
"Isn't he that guy on that show?"

It was sort of implied, at least from what he gathered. The jobs of their parents aren't really of interest to him, although one of them should be. The ironic part is that he's already joked about it, not knowing just how dead on he could be. "It must be something to have a childhood friend still so close." He didn't really do the whole childhood friendship thing so he wouldn't know. "I bet that means you don't have to worry about them thinking that your friend is a bad influence."

Yet there it is; the coveted prize. Quin begins typing into it without really waiting for them to figure out what's going on. He does give his real number, but he lists it under Frat Boy Removal Services. As he's about finished he grins. "The one with Bruce Campbell? Yeah, I love Bruce Campbell." The phone is then promptly handed back.

"What guy on what show?" Siobhan asks, looking back and forth between the pair. She's not dumb when it comes to pop culture, but some shows slip through the cracks, unless she's watching television at Jenna's or with her younger brother, Christian. Her father, when he's watching television likes to 'turn off his brain' and indulge in things like Pawn Stars and that British one with the guys and cars. She and her mother are fans of anything dancing or arts related, and can spend hours debating who should have won and who screwed up on Dancing With the Stars.

"I do know Bruce Campbell," is said with a slight, pretty frown. Just to show she's not completely out of touch.

Then she's grinning and laughing, "But I am a bad influence."

"The worst," Jenna agrees with her friend, laughing.
"Burn Notice? It's about a spy and his weird friends that help him with spy stuff. Bruce Campbell plays one of them. It's Harper's favorite," she says, giving Siobhan an odd look. Her friend always gets the weirdest emotions around her brother, which has never made sense to her.
Taking her phone back, she laughs when she sees the name. "You're way too secretive," she says with another laugh. "I'm going to start calling you Bond."

"Well, it's no Mister Wizard, but it's fairly entertaining. It's also good to use as background noise while studying." When he doesn't get roped into it, that is.

Quin can't help but smile when Jenna mentions Bond. "Hey, you can call be Bond if you want to. It's a much better name than what I've been blessed with." To keep beating around the bush at this point wouldn't exactly be proper though, and he knows it. The jock looks around before lowering his voice just enough that only those intended can hear him.

"Quintin Bruning."

Jenna's look has Siobhan averting her gaze, her cheeks suffusing with a bit of color that she hopes isn't noticeable under the flashing lights of the club. Siobhan shares just about everything with Jenna, but that's one secret she's taking to her grave. "I never really caught the name," Siobhan says, finding her footing and forcing her levity, "You know, I only watch it when I hang out there because you and Harper watch it."

Do I sound like the biggest dork ever, now? Frustrating how Jenna's twin doesn't even have to be in the same room with her to turn her into a gibbering moron.

Siobhan blinks at the name, and does a quick game 'Of how do you respond to that?' in her head. She recognizes the name, even though she was only a kid herself, mostly because her father was oddly interested in the case, and her mother had more than a few closed door/privacy spell with other Coven members about it. Not old enough to be officially Coven, she pretty much caught it on the periphery.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Quintin," Siobhan says, as she continues her dance. There's a flash of recognition in her eyes and across her face, but she's not going to 'ooh' and 'aah' and make him uncomfortable.

Jenna flashes him a bright smile, and then adds, "Bond. Quintin Bond." Glancing back at her friend, she laughs. Oh, she knows something is up between her bestie and her brother, but she's never been sure what there is and Harper's oblivious to it. "It's fine, Shiv. I know you'd rather be watching the dancing shows." Harper does too, which is why he watches anything but when Siobhan's over at their house.
The way her friend handles it is with a great deal of grace, and Jenna wants to throw her arms around the other girl and just hug her. She's heard the name too, because the few times when her mother was actually at home and interested in their lives, she told them both to be careful around wild dogs and said something about a boy who was attacked.
She also knows the name from helping out at her mother's home office and rearranging case files, but she's not about to say that.
"I bet you could make a business of Frat Boy Removal Services."

There it is. That flash of recognition. That's exactly why he never drops his name unless he has to. Quintin immediately feels uncomfortable. No, that's not the word for it. The ladies make him feel comfortable. It's almost a sense of shame or guilt. "Yeah."

If it wasn't for the fact that they did handle it so well he'd be splitsville, but since they're actually cool he won't be so rude. "So you see why the fake names." Of course he has no idea who the parents of the two ladies are. That could make a huge difference.

Thankfully Jenna has a way to distract him. "If it actually paid, it would be the part time gig I'm looking for."

"Unfortunately, there are too many sorority girls around who give their weekend mating call," Siobhan points out with a laugh. Then she playfully staggers into Jenna, looping an arm around her shoulders, pretending to be drunkenly giggly and empty headed. "Ohmigod! I'm sooo drunk!"

She gives a genuine giggle, and then straightens, because they all know the type and it needs no further elaboration.

Linking an arm through Jenna's, she nods off the dance floor. "I'm thirsty. Let's grab some drinks. On us, Bond since you came to our rescue."

"I think it's called being a bouncer," Jenna replies with another laugh. Because it's true. Bouncers do tend to get paid to pull drunken frat boys off girls who are being annoyed.
"Like, ohmigawd! Seriously!" Flouncing her ponytail behind her, and leans against her friend while laughing. "Just water for me, alright?" She may be fine with using the fake id to get into the club, but she's not okay with using it to get drunk. She'd like to keep her mental faculties in place.
"But yes, definitely. Let us at least get you a drink."

He palms his face in embarrassment but he doesn't actually feel that way. The girls are having innocent fun and he would be a horrible person to try and ruin it. "I've never understood why people think drunk is attractive. They've clearly never seen drunk."

Quin looks to the bar then back at the girls. "I don't know. I'm pretty sure that water is free." He beams at both of them. "Guess we'll just have to find a time where you can buy me a hotdog or something. I'd take a hot dog as payment." Yes, he means all three of them.

"A bouncer?" Why hasn't he thought of that?

Siobhan leads the way to the bar, a huge grin on her face. She's having a good time, and it's nice to not have to fend off over-eager admirers for a change. She likes spending time with Jenna, she likes dancing, and Quintin isn't a bad sort of guy. She hasn't figured out whether or not he's gay, not interested in Jenna, or just not interested in the dating scene, but that's fine too. Jenna's bubbliness is infectious and Siobhan enjoys meeting new people and just hanging out.

"Here they have the expensive bubbly bottled water. Some of it is even fruit flavored." Like she hasn't grown up with the stuff in her refrigerator as a staple. Along with every bit of organic and health food snack her mother could find and stock the house with.

"A hot dog, huh? One of those big, sloppy Coney Island dogs?"

"A bouncer. I mean, you've got the build for it, right? You'd be a perfect bouncer. The unsuspecting kind because you're the same age as the people who frequent places like this."
Dragged along with Siobhan to the bar, she laughs again and then reaches back to grab Quintin's hand, simply not to lose their 'date' in the crowd, in case the cretin comes back.
"Bling H20," she mentions. There are plenty of expensive waters available, but that's one that she wants simply because it's got the Swarovski crystals on it. "Crimson."
Grinning at them, she turns and says, "Coney Island. Roller rink. Hot dogs. It's a date."

Here they go again. Quintin doesn't fight of being dragged wherever it is that they lead him. They're sober and fun and he's pretty sure that the night won't end with them both wanting to crawl into his bed. That actually is far more of a turnoff than people would think.

What Jenna feels this time might be a little different.

"Coney Island? Man, just one of those dogs would wreck my diet, and my coach would be pissed." Yet he can't help but grin. "It sounds like a lot of fun."

That's an expensive bottle of water, even he knows that. The jock blinks and shakes his head. "Tap water." What? It was good enough before.

Siobhan leans around Jenna and peers down the bar at the jock. "Tap water? C'mon, don't worry about our wallets. We're working women."


"I mean, we have jobs. Like paying legitimate jobs." Siobhan pauses again and shakes her head, "I obviously don't need anything alcoholic to drink tonight."

Looking to the bar tender, who's actually kind of cute too, and who's also grinning, having heard Siobhan's slip and recovery, she thumbs her thumb in Jenna's direction. "What she's having, and … are you guys hiring?" Because yes, Siobhan is that forward and does like to take matters into her own hands. Except where long time, pathetic, childhood crushes are concerned.

Turning to blink at Quintin, Jenna says nothing. She does give his hand a friendly squeeze, offering him a comforting smile. He's withdrawn, and uncertain, and it's the least she can do to make him feel more comfortable with them.
Really, there's no chance that either she or Siobhan are going to try to jump into his bed tonight. That's not why she came out dancing with her best friend.
"Get him the Aqua Boogie Blue," she tells Siobhan once they reach the bar. There's no need for tap water, since they did offer to buy him a drink. He can always sell off the bottle if he wants to later.
"Like I said, it's a date. The three of us. Roller disco."

There's a massive feeling of being overwhelmed at this moment. The jock attempts to speak several times but he's just not quite sure what to say. Getting close to anyone, even for friendship, could be potentially dangerous for all.

He stares at the two of them in disbelief. Pure and utter disbelief. Eventually Quin looks to the bartender for some sort of help. Still he doesn't really argue with anything. He just sort of lets it happen.

Eventually he shakes off his stupor and looks to Jenna. "Do I have a choice?" This is said upbeat, even if he is throwing on the best of the dramatics that he can. "But it sounds like fun."

Even Siobhan can see Quintin's moment of … whatever it is. She wonders how it is that he's not used to people being friendly with him, and then feels something of pang for the jock. He's nice, he's friendly, and she can only think that his psyche is so scarred from his loss that it's affected him like this.

Keeping it upbeat, she laughs and shakes her head. "Nope, no choice. No one can say no to us… well, we wear them down eventually." She winks at him, propping her arms up on the bar.

"No choice at all. We can spend a Saturday afternoon there. It's been forever since I went to Coney Island." Last time, Jenna pied her twin in the face, and her dad said they weren't going back until the two of them could behave.
"I'll provide the roller disco outfits!"
Giving Quintin's hand another squeeze, she tries to push a wave of calm at him. It's not something she's tried too much with her empathic skills, but she knows it's something that can be done. Her mother uses it all the time with her work.

Her mother /does/ do it at work. It is something that he's been subjected to before. The feeling is familiar, even if he can't place it. This causes Quin to just look at Jenna, almost as if trying to really see her. "Yeah I"

He does his best to shake it off. He's not unhappy; far from. He'll be able to ponder things later. "I can give you some of Saturdays, but they're tricky. We're starting two-a-days soon, and I never really know my schedule in advance." He really is a dedicated person, even to his sport.

"Although I might be able to pull some strings. For a price." He looks very seriously at Jenna, almost as if this is a life or death circumstance. "I do not wear any roller disco outfits."

The young witch is racking her mind for a way to slip off and leave the pair to talk. Jenna is much better at handling people than Siobhan is, unless it involves flirting or teaching plies to elementary schoolers. Siobhan knows that she comes off a bit over the top, flirty, and sassy, and it really doesn't bother her. However, she can tell that Jenna wants to befriend Quintin, even if she doesn't want to date him, and Siobhan doesn't want to intefere with that.

"Saturday afternoon at Coney Island. I'll be there with bells on," Siobhan tells her bestie with a laugh, doing her best to tone down her over-exuberance.

"Well how about this? I'll find a Saturday that works with my schedule, and I'll call my Frat Boy Helpline, and see if he can't find a Saturday that works for him too?" There's nothing overly flirtatious in her words, just friendly.
She's still not sure if she's got a crush, or just realizes that he actually needs some good friends.
"What's the price?"
There's a glance at Siobhan and then a laugh. "We will all be wearing roller disco outfits, but I promise not to make yours too gay looking, Quin. Maybe just a pair of wrist bands, and funky colored roller skates."

She's laughing at his price. It doesn't upset him. In fact, he's doing the best that he can not to just up and laugh. Somehow he manages a stern face. "I think I see a flaw in your plan." Now he takes both girls in sight. In fact, he attempts to wrap an arm around the shoulders of each of them. "How am I supposed to make people think I'm pimp enough to get /both/ of you if I'm a golden glittery fairy?"

As uptight as he is, it really is just because he's trying not to become too close. It isn't easy with these two, who actually make him comfortable and feel like a real person. "I might have to change the name of my service to Best Gay Friend."

Wait. Is that what they think of him? "I'm not, you know. In case you think that's the case."

"I've got a recital Friday night, but then I'm free as a bee," Siobhan announces. She smiles at the bartender as he delivers the waters and bats her eyes prettily. "Could we get some pretzel bites too?" She's been eyeing the menu of bar food while they've been waiting. Light fare, but something to keep the smarter drinkers with full bellies.

"I've got a break from teaching for two weeks after that, at least until camp starts up." Not to mention the classes she'll be taking over summer. She won't have classes on Saturdays, she'll just teach at her mother's school, and she can always get someone else to take her slot if it's advance enough notice.

She grins up at Quintin, "Well, if we're all seventies retro, you won't look out of place. Though I guess we could give you a pimp hat and a pimp cane." It's playful and friendly, and she's trying not to be too flirty and scare him off. Not easy when flirty is like breathing for her, and just as innocent usually.

"Not our business, but good to know," Siobhan winks playfully.

Jenna giggles. "I promise I won't make you a golden, glittery fairy. Red shirt, black pants, black suspenders, black and red hat, black skates. That's hardly a fairy."
It's her colors, but it's not claiming him in any way. It's simply because she does think it'd look good on him, and she and Siobhan can dress in reds and blacks and look amazing on his arms.
"I've got one of those already. Josh from my classes at Tisch. He goes shopping with me when Shiv can't," she replies with another giggle. "Besides, you totally don't read as gay."
Turning to Siobhan, and grabbing the one Crimson, and the Aqua waters, she slides the blue one to Quintin. "I didn't know you were doing summer camp again this year. I usually work Saturday nights, but days are generally free." She does that so that she can have some of the weeknights free for auditions.

Once the joke is delivered his arms drop. One may linger a little longer than the other, but he tries not to make it noticeable. Quin reaches for the bottle of water and mumbles something. "I don't want to know what you girls pay for something like this." He opens it and takes a drink. "It tastes like water." Pause. "Now you gals are going to make me feel poor. A scholarship certainly doesn't pay for this."

They're his age, have jobs, and apparently have money. It's at times like these he feels as if he's letting down his pack. Not that he didn't inherit some decent money from his folks he's just extremely stingy about it all.

"Red and black? Yeah, I can see that. I'll be nice and not bring a feathery hat and a cane."

A look to Siobhan and a nod. "Thank you. For the, err, water. I'll be sure to pay my way on our Coney Island adventure."

"It does," Siobhan nods. She holds her bottle like a spokesmodel and waves a hand in front of it, "But it comes packaged so beautifully and it's hard to resist. Nothing is more refreshing that water from an expensive bottle."

"My mother used to keep this stuff in the fridge until my father introduced her to the wonders of a built in water filter. You know the kind you pick up at the hardware store or Target and put on the faucet yourself?" It's always amused her that though her father comes from money, and her mother was very upper-middle class, they've taught her the importance of a dollar and the value of hard work.

"We rock red and black," Siobhan points out, unscrewing the cap and taking a drink from the water bottle. At the nod, she flashes him another one of those playful smiles, and bumps her shoulder against his, "You're welcome. Least I could do for you driving off the mouth breather."

"I love the crystals," Jenna replies with a shrug. "I collect the bottles and reuse them as vases." Granted, she can afford real crystal vases thanks to her parents, but she likes that they have that right mixture of 'well off' and 'recyclable'.
"Quin…" Jenna smiles at him in a dazzling manner, and then reaches over to clink her bottle with his. "I'll make you a wager. You get a job here as a bouncer before our adventure, and I'll let you pay your way. Otherwise, it was my idea, and my pressure for you to do it with us, and I'd feel bad making you pay."

He's thought it before and he's thinking it know: women. They will truly be the death of him. Quin watches Jenna closely for a spell before taking a sip after their little toast. Trouble is going to follow him for quite some time. This is the thought that passes as he takes a sip from the glass. "You know what? We only live once, right?"

Quin approaches the bartender and has a conversation about filling out an application for some muscle that blends in with the crowd.

"That's the way my parents were," he mentions to Siobhan. "I think it fascinated my mother whenever she found something just like one of those water filters. And I'm pretty sure my father looked at her as if she were a little off her rocker." There's no apparent sadness, not externally or any emotions to pick up on. He can speak of them fondly.

"Unless you believe in reincarnation."


"And there's nothing wrong with that if you do. Though I'm pretty sure with my luck I'd come back as a squirrel or a possum." She doesn't offer any elaboration of why she thinks that way.

"That's sweet," Siobhan says with genuine feeling, turning a sweet smile on the football player. She's not an empath, but she can hear the fondness in his voice. She pats his arm, it's friendly and sweet.

"My father is a surgeon, and he managed to spray the entire kitchen with water trying to put the stupid filter in. The man can sew people back up, but he's a wreck at plumbing." He could have used a bit of magic, but he was demonstrating to her and Christian the joys of everyday old fashioned elbow grease.

"We do," Jenna says. She watches as Quintin goes to the bar and asks about a job, and has to bite her lip. Her bet is that this was not how he was planning on spending his night, and she's amused that he took her up on the bet.
Atop that, she really hopes something comes of that bit of boldness.
"Mother was always too busy for us, and daddy had an issue with drinking bottled water too often. Especially the plastics." Her father is very artsy, and enviromentally friendly.
"But I like to splurge once in a while on these," she says, holding up the bottle with the red gems.
Reaching for Quintin's hand again, she gives it a soft squeeze. "She sounds like a wonderful woman. You were lucky to have her in your life." Even if it was for a shorter period than he would've liked.

"Seriously now." His tone is soft and he only speaks after leaving his information with the bartender. "With everything out there. Jersey Devils or whatever. Stuff like that. With all of that? I'm not ruling out anything, not even reincarnation." Pause. "Some people already say I'm on my second life."

If Quin had any expectations from his evening, these certainly aren't them. He's not convinced anything will come of this venture but if it makes Jenna happy, then it isn't so bad. Besides, the two are pretty nice to talk to.

It's difficult to appear tough and manly while holding a forty dollar bottle of water with blue gems on it. Still, he does the best he can, no matter what random comments he might hear from his mates.

"Parents are great to have around. Well, I guess you think that way when they're not, anyway." He shrugs, as if it isn't a big deal to him. "But you find other things to replace them with. Good friends, for example." This bit was, of course, directed towards the girls.

That is what Siobhan means by not being good with people. Jenna always knows what to say and when to say it. Siobhan knows how to smile pretty and be a distraction.

Leaning against the bar, she sips slowly from her bottle of water, hoping to stay in the periphery of the conversation. Besides, it hasn't escaped her notice that Quintin does seem more interested in engaging Jenna. She's not bitter about it; Jenna's personality is engaging and she attracts people to her orbit like a sun.

"I guess anything could be out there. Werewolves. Vampires. Witches… and I don't mean the teacher that you hate that gave you a bad grade." It's said with an amused smile, though she does avoid Jenna's eyes for fear if she looks at her friend, she'll laugh.

"Friends are great to have around. Good friends that you trust to have your back." Beat. "Even if they dress you in disco fashion."

"You read Strange Truths?"
Jenna bites her lip to hold back a laugh, and then just starts to giggle. Not because Quintin's not ruling anything out, but because she would've never thought someone so serious would've been reading that particular tabloid.
"Oh, I'm sure there's plenty of things out there." Rolling her eyes at Siobhan, she laughs. "Alright, Elphie."

Well, his conversation about what is out there was actually directed at Siobhan. At this point he looks to Jenna when he has to but isn't going out of his way to make contact. Quin shrugs and speaks as if he is completely indifferent on this issue. But even he can't hide all from Jenna, especially not when his own kin is mentioned. "I just hear things. Hell, girls seem to swoon over pretty sparkly vampires, or whatever. I wouldn't be surprised if any of that stuff existed."


"But man, would it suck to be all sparkly."

He forces himself to shudder but this time Quin's just teasing the girls. "Disco outfits and sparkly bottles of water." He looks to Jenna at first but then looks at Siobhan. "Is that some sort of obsession for her? Like I'll need to shower her in sparkly things to stay in her good graces?"

Siobhan responds in the only mature fashion that she can to Jenna's words. She sticks her tongue out at her friend, following it up with a giggle.

A very appropriate response of a shudder and a gag comes with the notion of sparkly vampires. "Sparkly vampires are the worst pervsion of the genre. Vampires should be all … dark and mysterious, trapped indoors during the daylight. If I were going to be a vampire, that's the sort of vampire I would want to be. A real vampire, who parties all night and looks sexy and hot in anything they wear."

It's amusing to talk about it in a teasing fashion, when she well knows that such creatures do exist. She wouldn't want to be a vampire at all really. They're monsters posing as human, and very dangerous. Of course, she's also been taught that sorcerers - with the exception of her father and possibly her brother (no one is quite sure what Christian is) are equally dangerous.

"Well, I didn't want to say anything …" Siobhan trails off with a teasing lilt to her voice and takes another sip of her bottle of war. "Or, you could do what I do, and read script parts for her, and pretend to be awake and listening when she gushes about Broadway shows." Siobhan gives her friend a playful, teasing smile.

"Oh my god you two! Roller disco isn't all sequins and hotpants!" Jenna folds her arms over her chest and huffles a little, shooting her best friend a look. Rolling her eyes, she giggles again and can't keep up the facade of anger.
Washing the giggles down with a sip of water, careful to ensure they don't become hiccoughs, she gives Siobhan a shove. "First of all, you're not allowed to become a vampire. In sixty years, when we're old, we're rooming together, remember?" Then she spins on her heel to face Quintin fully again. "Secondly, I don't need sparkly things and I'm standing right here."

This is rather interesting. He sniffs at the air ever so slightly, as if trying to really get a good feel for these two. Nothing seems off with them, yet they seem so confident and comfortable about certain things that go bump in the night. They don't look like the type to be shady, and they're both fun so drops any and all suspicion. Girls will be girls.

"Uh. Huh." Really, what more is there to say to that?

"What? I thought I heard something." A grin is offered to Siobhan before Quin finally looks back to Jenna. "So what, you're saying you don't like sparkly things at all?" He looks at her dress, followed by that of her friend. "I'll keep that in mind."

Siobhan gives her head a tilt, grins and strikes a pose. "These were a special purchase. We don't always dress alike. You just got lucky tonight."

She elbows Jenna. "You don't need sparkly things, but you do like them." Beat. "I don't need butterflies, but I like them."

Another beat and a frown, "Ok. That sounded waaaaay better in my head."

"No, just that I don't need them. There's a lot more to life than things that sparkle. Besides, I get enough of a shine with the lights when I'm on the stage." Jenna glances down at her dress, and then laughs, because the neckline is rather sparkly.
"Fine, you've got me here with the dress, and the water. I do like things that sparkle."
She does give Quintin a playful little shove for pretending he didn't hear her though.

The water bottle in his hand is drained. It's been a long night and these girls are a great way to make a person thirsty. The empty bottle isn't disposed of, though. It will be used again. Somehow.

"Speaking of that. The little thing you have there? The matching outfits?" Quin looks at both of them and actually points between them. "That's the greatest way to get attention. If I didn't know better, I would think that you were looking for some drunk frat guys to grind against."

He really is trying to tease them, but the point he's making is legitimate. He grins at Jenna, especially after the playful shove. "And here I might think you did that on purpose to get someone's attention."

"Nope, just planning on grinding against each other." The moment the words are out, Siobhan is so glad that she's not drinking. Although it is hard to imagine that she could make that statement much worse. She can feel the heat rising and flooding her shoulders, neck and straight into her face, and it takes a lot to make the young witch blush. The words were meant to be a playful sort of innuendo, but the filter between her brain and her mouth shut off and the delivery was just off.

"I mean not like that … just … that, you know, the whole dancing together … thing." She turns her bottle up and drinks from it rapidly. As she lowers the bottle, she looks down at the floor muttering something about spells and ground swallowing.

Jenna stares at her friend for a long moment, and then does what she usually does when Siobhan lets her filter shut off.
She laughs.
Waggling her brows in an over-exaggerated, comical manner, she winks. "All. Night. Long."
Finishing off her bottle of water, she grins at the football player. "If I really wanted to get your attention…" A quick glance is swung over her shoulder at his group of friends. Blowing them a kiss, she waves. Then she throws her arms around Quintin's neck and kisses his cheek again.
Oh, she could've done a whole lot more, but she's not playing the 'drunk, easy girl yet'. Just trying to score him some points so his jock friends leave him be.

The moment that she wraps her arms around his neck he instinctively reaches out to hold her waste. His hands are kept very respectable, as is to be expected from the jock. She is rather short, after all, and it would be a shame if she were to fall in her efforts to show off to his mates.

He's very warm to the touch, and he's not exactly sitting comfortable at this point. His mind is a mixture of humor over Shiv's comment, embarrassment over Jenna's actions, and a great deal of insecurity. Quin can't help but stare Siobhan, not quite sure how he should respond to what she's said.

"Have you been drinking already?" He figures this might be the best approach. "I mean, you're already making comments about the two of you and all."

"I wish I could blame it on drinking." Siobhan has to peek up to see if Quintin is speaking to her or Jenna before she answers him, and then she turns her attention to picking her nails at the sparklies on her bottle. "Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain. That was actually … tame." She's glad that Jenna is used to her and made a joke out of it, but Siobhan is still trying to make a proper recovery, something she usually doesn't have a problem with.

She does grin at Jenna's diversion attempt, or maybe her just teasing of Quintin, asking, "Should I leave you two alone?"

"Who? Me or Shiv?" Jenna hasn't loosened her arms from around Quintin's neck just yet, but then again he's not drawn away either. "Neither of us has had anything but water." She's not a big drinker, herself, and when she does actually drink something it's usually one or two glasses, and she's done.
"Shiv just sometimes doesn't have a filter. We've been friends forever so I'm used to it." Turning to Siobhan, she laughs. "But she's not wrong. The intention tonight was to just dance with each other, have a bit of fun, drive people crazy."


"Oh, don't look so bashful." He genuinely doesn't wish for Siobhan to feel bad for anything that was said. "It's not like you said anything that gave me any ideas. It /sounded/ like you were just out to have fun with your very best childhood friend." He even smiles to show that everything is okay. "I'd just be careful who else you say such things around. Or else I have a feeling my hotline will be ringing of the hook."

Quintin winks at Shiv.

He then attempts to pull Jenna up closer to him. Not against him, but to bring her ear up to his lips. She's small enough and he's strong enough. "Or she might want to work on that ground spell." This bit is whispered before he gently places Jenna right back down, so long as she doesn't struggle during any bit of it.

Siobhan manages a smile back. It doesn't quite make it to her eyes, but she is trying. She's not thrown off her game very often, but when she is, it takes her a bit to recover the lost ground. Time or alcohol. Sometimes both.

When Quintin draws Jenna closer, the witch takes that as her cue. She's not at all jealous of her friend getting attention, but she's also just enough off-center that it's a perfect opportunity to order a drink. "I'm just gonna … " Siobhan points a finger at the bar. Then she turns and tries to catch the bartender's attention.

Squeaking and laughing, Jenna doesn't bother struggling. She may not know Quintin, but she's got enough of a feeling from him to know that he's got no intentions of hurting her. If he had, she'd have felt it, unless he's really good at hiding his true feelings.
Blinking at the whispered words, she glances over at Siobhan with an 'oh shit' look in her eyes.
Trying to laugh it off, she says, "I doubt Shiv could ever really open a Hell Mouth, you know. As much as she might want to at times."

He is very much aware of where Siobhan is thanks to his own little abilities. His eyes never break from Jenna's but he does speak to the witch. "You might want to be careful with what you get. I'd hate to have to be responsible for getting you home, too." He's trying his very best to keep her included as it isn't his intention to single Jenna out. It may look like he's putting the moves on her but that's not precisely is goal. This Jenna should know.

He moves a hand so that an index finger can 'boop' her on the nose. "I don't know what's going on exactly," he continues, voice soft. "But I don't care. Everyone has their secrets." Every bit of his emotions, his body language, it all seems to support what he says.

Quin eventually stands tall and grins. "I'm beginning to think that frat boy was right. The two of you just may be too much."

Like now? The thought jumps unbidden to the forefront of Siobhan's mind. She has no way of knowing what prompted Jenna to make such a comment, not for a moment considering that Quintin might have overheard her earlier witchy commentary. The bartender is there before she has long to think about it, surprisingly quick and she can't help but get the feeling that he's been watching them. Or her.

Whatever. She needs a drink. "One shot of Jagermiester." Okay, it's a bit strong of a starter, but one shot isn't going to kill her. She may be petite, but she's pretty good at holding her liquor.

Drink ordered, she turns to look over her shoulder at the other pair. "Do either of you want anything?" Siobhan expects a 'no,' but it's polite to ask.

"I promise to take it slow," Siobhan smiles. She then nods at Quintin. "Maybe, but I think you can handle one of us." She says it lightly, but there's an implied permission in there. Siobhan isn't going to put up a fuss if Quintin and Jenna want to get to know each other.

"Shiv…" Jenna figured, or at least thought they'd agreed not to drink at the club, considering they're both technically underage, and it's a miracle that the IDs worked to get them in here. She knows that the bartender won't think to card her friend, because it is a 21+ club, and therefore no one under the legal drinking age should be allowed in here.
"No, I'm fine, thanks."
What she wouldn't give to have the abilities her twin does at this point, so she could let her friend know that she'd been overheard.
Wiggling her nose at the 'boop', she grins. "I suppose we all do. But that's what makes life interesting, right? If no one had any secrets, we'd live in a boring world."
Blinking at Siobhan again, Jenna shakes her head. "He's not trying to handle me! It's all part of the game to make his friends jealous, and leave him alone. Now go on, and give him a kiss on the cheek."

There is concern in her voice for her friend. He doesn't have to be an empathy exactly to know that something is going on. "Exactly. They all come out eventually anyway, in one form or another. Just some people don't mind, is what I'm saying."

For the briefest of moments he almost feels offended by her explanation. He's not good at flirting and wouldn't exactly know if he actually was flirting, but he's just trying to find friends. On top of that, Jenna started it and he doesn't mind where things are going. All the same, he has obligations. This he thrusts upon himself.

So without another word, Quin moves to try and take Siobhan up in arms similar to as he did with Jenna. His goal is to plant a soft kiss on her cheek and return her to her feet quickly yet comfortably. He'll not fight her if she attempts to push him away. "You never said which one, or if I could just take turns." Yes, he's completely joking.

"Jen," Siobhan looses a long suffering sigh and rolls her eyes. "One shot isn't going to kill me, get me drunk, or have me leaving my panties in some strange guy's bedroom." The latter is actually one she's managed to avoid, no matter how tipsy she might get.

Beyond that, Siobhan isn't buying what Jenna's selling. Granted, Jenna probably has a damn good read on Quintin's emotions, but even so, she knows Jenna and suspects that she might be a little bit interested in the football player. The last thing that Siobhan wants to do is step on toes or go after - even inadvertently - a guy that her friend wants. Sure, if Jenna wasn't interested, it would be a different story, but as it is, she's pretty much holding back her usual tendencies just to not screw things up for Jenna.

She's about to ask, actually ask, Quintin if he's okay with that, when he's lifting her up in his arms. She's a bit surprised by it all, so she doesn't fight it, though she locks her eyes to Jenna's over his shoulder to see if her friend is really okay with this.

Once back on her feet, she sighs again. "That was hardly convincing when I look like a deer in the headlights." Tossing her hair over one shoulder, Siobhan steps up to Quintin and repeats Jenna's action from earlier, looping her arms around his neck and planting a sweet little kiss on his cheek. She's not going to hang around however, if he doesn't want her there.

Jenna blinks at Quintin, her head tilting slightly to the side. It's a weird thing for him to be saying, unless he really is as good of a guy as she gets from his emotions. "I'll keep that in mind." She does generally tell those who get to know her really well that she gets 'feelings' about things, just so she doesn't come off as completely weird.
There's a delighted laugh when he reaches for Siobhan, and she playfully steps out of the way. "See that, Shiv? He's all for equal opportunity sharing!"

He's uncomfortable but nearly as uncomfortable the first time that this happened to him this evening. "You see?" His voice is soft when he addresses Siobhan. "Things are fine. You don't /have/ to drink. But if you do, just assure me that you'll let your sister friend over there take care of you and make sure you make it home in one piece?" There is no telling where that drunken frat boy from earlier went to, after all.

Given his own situation he might actually be open to witches and empaths. "So is this where you ladies plan on remaining for a while?" He's getting tired /and/ hungry. "I know I've threatened this several times already, but I really shouldn't stay much longer."

"God, you're as bad as she is," Siobhan rolls her eyes and gives him a playful shove to the shoulder. It doesn't escape her notice that he released her a lot more quickly than he did Jenna, which just affirms her beliefs. "I really can have one shot without becoming a fall over drunk, I swear."

As if to prove it, Siobhan sidles back up to the bar and tosses back her newly delivered shot.

To the other question, Siobhan simply shrugs. "We're doing … whatever Jenna wants."

"I'll take care of her." By that, Jenna means that she'll ensure Siobhan gets home, and if not home at least to her place to spend the night. Something they've done pretty much every weekend since they were five years old.
"Well I was planning on staying here dancing, but I think with the crowd here tonight if we're staying, I should give my brother a call." Harper is in the city, now that his classes are over. It'll just take him a while to get there, which means that she and Shiv will be on their own for a little while.
"Unless you want company? I mean, Shiv and I can totally change our plans." It's not like they can't swing back here after, though it might be more difficult to get in again once Shiv's been drinking and the magic isn't as reliable.

The funny thing is that Quintin doesn't even know how he feels at this moment. That's even more of a reason for him to escape while the escaping is good.

"I - ah, yeah." He clears his throat, almost as if the way something was asked has caught him off guard. "I was just asking to see if I had to escort you two to your cars. If you plan on staying, I really should leave, but you have a direct line to drunk men removal." He'll seriously be there in a heartbeat for either of them.

A finger is moved to 'boop' Shiv on the nose as he had Jenna, to make it look like he doesn't have feelings for either of them. "Just be careful you two, okay? Don't do anything … earth shattering."

"I promise not to have another drink, if you don't call Harper." Truthfully, she won't have another drink if Jenna does call Harper, because Siobhan does not trust herself to not do or say something stupid around him if she's even a little bit tipsy. Which is just stupid becuase the boy is an empath and knows how she feels and …

Stop it, just don't go there.

She focuses on Quintin's words and nods. "I'll be good the rest of the night. We have your number. Well, Jenna has your number. We'll take care of each other."

Feeling his confusion and discomfort, Jenna shoots Quintin a friendly smile. "I'll call someone to pick us up." Which, in Jenna's world, means she'll call the towncar company her parents use, so that they don't have to drive through the city when all the drunks are out.
"We'll call only if we absolutely need to," she promises.
Then she throws her arms around him again. "Thanks for your help earlier getting rid of that creep." This will technically be the second time Quintin's come to her rescue as it were, or rather once for her and once for Shiv.
"Fine, I won't call Harper." For some reason, she knows that it upsets her friend, and she doesn't like that.
"I promise, no spells to open up Hell Mouths, or driving your friends insane by dancing in front of their table." Winking at him, she adds, "Good luck with the job here!"

He's all but forgotten about asking for a job already. If he were the type to blush he would be doing so at this moment. "Yeah, well, we'll see where that goes." Nowhere, he's convinced.

What is truly important is that Quin has gotten their words that they'll be safe. He attempts a kiss on the cheek for Siobhan, in appreciation. "That's all I ask. Thank you."

He then turns to Jenna to offer the same, only he aims for her forehead. "Yes, you have my number. Use it whenever you'd like." Quin waves off the thanks. "You'd do the same if you could. I'm just glad you gals can have a good night."

Parting on good terms, before he folds in on himself, Quin then turns and leaves. He'll be extremely tired in the morning but it is worth it.

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