Bowling at the Museum

Manhattan - Museum of Modern Art

The Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a large circular room that looks as though it has been carved out of tan marble. The floors are smooth and shiny, rose colored lines running almost haphazardly through the tan. Rose runners line the path between the door and the ticket desk. The walls are likewise smooth though it's hard to tell due to the sheer number of banners that hang on them, advertising the different exhibits and galleries that can be found through large arches down the hallways. On one side of the hall, the walls turn to glass and open up into the Reproduction and Gift Shop.


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Dexter Allen Jenna Donovan Quintin Bruning

A walk through central park, after a day of work of course, Dexter finds himself entering the Museum of Modern art, haveing no idea what possessed the man to want to enter this place, though, he does tend to follow his gut feelings. Wearing a pair of docker's kakis with a black t-shirt and a pair of doc martins on his feet, he looks around the lobby confused, art isn't his thing, no, but the exibit on classic cars would be.

Seeing a Donovan at the Museum of Modern Art isn't a rare thing — unless it's Harper. He always did march to the beat of his own drum, and he's not as into the arts as his twin. Jenna loves the museum, and as it's not at all a far walk from her house she can be found here quite frequently when she's not got her summer classes at NYU, or auditions down in the theater district. It's not at all a far walk from the museum to work either, and since she keeps her uniform at work, it's not really a huge deal to head immediately there when she's done viewing her favorite paintings and sculptures.
Today, she's chosen to wear something a little brighter than she has been. Despite the slightly still-cool weather, she's wearing a white sundress with red flowers. A red headband keeps her hair from her face, and she's got a matching Prada purse.
Staring up at the banners, trying to decide which gallery she wants to spend her time in today she tilts her head to the left, then to the right.

The school year may be over but school work is never done, at least not when one is trying so hard to succeed. Summer work isn't necessary for his current courses however gaining a head start and have possible extra credit is always a great motivator. Practice is over for the day, even if he's not quite done with his regular workout. Now is the time for some research, and potentially a fun day out.

Quintin walks in with his shades on and a backpack slung over his shoulder. His stance is that of a football player or other athletic man, for obvious reasons. As he comes to a pause he pushes the sun glasses up to the top of his head and whistles.

It may be that he's looking in someone's direction, but his motivation is purely that of a person enjoying a trip to the museum.

Dexter walks along the exibits of cars and identifyes each one, stopping to admire a 1969 mustang. "I wish." he mumbles to himself. He continues to walk, looking over the cars, but not paying attention to where he is going, hopefully he doesn't end lost or running into someone as he starts to look at the museum pamplet.

Rolling her eyes a little as she hears the whistle — it's not something she's unused to — she glances over her shoulder, and notes the jock. The assumption is that the sound came from him and not another patron, because that's the direction Jenna heard it coming from.
A somewhat flattered smile is offered in his direction, but it's friendly more than flirtatious.
It's as her head is turned over her shoulder that someone walks into her and knocks her flat on her behind. There's a surprised yelp, and a squeak as her Prada bag goes flying right toward the jock.

Wait, what? Someone is trying to get his attention? That much is not unheard of as he is rather popular with the ladies at Columbia, but it is far from the reason that Quintin has taken a trip to the museum. His eyes move slightly to glimpse of view of the woman who is trying to be friendly. He's hoping it may be obvious that he wasn't actually looking at her but quickly realizes that such a thing is not about to happen.

"Miss! Look out!" It's far too late. He barely was able to speak before she became the victim of an eager museum goer. Quintin was already in motion as soon as it happened but is nowhere near fast enough to cover that distance in such a short period of time. Not as he is, anyway.

The bag slides in his direction and he scoops it up on route to the pair that collided, careful not to open it in the least. "Are you two alright?" The concern is genuine, and he's not fully focusing on the damsel in distress.

Landing, being the one that collided with Jenna, Dex catches himself on one hand, back to the floor, almost like you would see in a martial arts movie, almost. Lifting himself up and offering a hand to jenna, he smiles. "Sorry about that, I usualy don't bowl people over." he says as he looks to the Jock, a kind smile as well. "my ego is brused more then anything." he says, granted, Dex and Ego don't mix, in this setting anyway.

It's definitely too late. Jenna's on the floor, trying desperately to keep herself covered before she picks herself up. Straightening her headband, she then checks to make sure she's not injured. First her right ankle is moved about in a circle, then her left. She'll be useless at the podium tonight if she can't stand for several hours and do her hostessing job.
"I'm uninjured," Jenna replies quietly. Embarrassed about the spill, but uninjured.
Taking the hand that's offered to her, she carefully gets to her feet and then brushes her hand down her skirt to ensure that it drops properly again. She's full of grace as she lifts her shoulders and says, "It happens sometimes. No one's seriously hurt." It's not until that point that Jenna realizes she dropped her purse and she twists trying to find where it flew on the floor.

At least the culprit is the first to apologize, so there's no need to go over protective, especially for a stranger. Quintin stands by idly as the two exchange with each other. It isn't until the female seems to be looking for something that he offers up her purse. "Excuse me, but this landed by me. I assume that it belongs to you."

By assume, he means that he knows, but the semantics are unimportant. "I'm glad that neither of you are injured." Quin looks over to Dexter. "Nice moves, by the way. Well, aside from the whole bumping into ladies part, but you know, things happen." A charming smile is offered.

Dexter looks from Jenna to Quinn and offers a smile. "Well, no one is hurt, that's a good thing, I would feel horrible if you were.' he says, when she touched him, aside from genuine concern for her health, she would have felt a nagging emotion that barely reaches through his surface feelings, it feels like worry and fatique, as if someone were taking a ice pick and slowly trying to chisel into marble. "Oh, just somthing I learned in Iraq." he says withg a smirk.

"Yes!" Squeaking happily, Jenna reaches out for her purse. "I'd say you were a life saver, because really, my phone is in here and it's pretty much my life these days, but that sounds a little trite." Smiling at Quintin again, she checks to ensure the clasp is still in place, and that nothing might have spilled out. She's got a few slips about auditions in there that she needs to pass by Miss Welles to see if she can work the schedule around them, and losing them would actually be horrid.
The emotions she picks up from the man that bumped into her confuse her momentarily, and she allows for a slight frown as she tries to figure them out. When he mentions Iraq, her brain snaps into an 'Aha' moment, and she lets them drop rather than analyzing them too much.

The brief contact made during the exchange of the purse will give her enough time to get a clear feel for Quintin's emotions. There is a very minor spot of concern, as she did hit the floor just recently, and a bit of relief due to them being okay. The majority of what he feels, though, quickly switches to pride and admiration.

"Thank you," Quin offers to Dex. "I don't know how often you hear it, but probably not often enough. Thank you for what you've done." He truly means it.

Attention switches back to Jenna and he smiles. "That's the way it is these days, right? The cell phone is the most important thing. Can you imagine what it was like for our parents when they were our ages?"

"I don't wanna think about it." Dex says to the quip about cell phones with a smirk. he look to Quinn and smiles. "Oh I've heard alot about what I do, and no need to thank me, just enjoy your freedom, that's enough thanks for me.' he says with a smile. "Though, you look like you would fare pretty well in the corps yourself." he says, physically at least. He looks to Jenna. "Oh, Names Dexter Allen, Lance Corperal in the Marines, and a hired muscle for A local odds and ends shoppe."

"Especially when I may be called to pick up a shift." Or for a call back, or need to pick up something up for Harper. Jenna eyes Quintin for a moment, and as she's not paid for the exhibitions yet herself, she turns toward him. "Thank you for bringing my purse to me though." It was a birthday gift from her twin, so she'd hate to lose it. "Can I at least pay for your entry to the museum for the trouble?"
There's a blink at Dexter as he offers his name, and she bites her tongue, knowing that her mother would say that she needs to be polite and offer her own in return, though she never did ask for the man's.
"Jenna Donovan," she offers to both, not listing a rank or 'serial number' as it were, because she doubts that either of them cares where she goes to school or work, and while her name has a lot of clout in the medical and theater community thanks to her parents, she's really neither of them.

His name hasn't been asked for and he's somewhat gun shy about offering it. It's been quite a few years at this point but someone always seems to recognize him. Blending in is something much more important to him. "Please, it's no big deal, Miss Jenna. I'm just glad to know that you're both alright." The offer is very nice, but he's also been taught a thing or two about accepting offers. There is the three strike rule, or so he's been told.

"I'm afraid I'd likely freak out the moment I was anywhere other than the field." He's clearly a jock so Quintin makes no attempts to hide that. "Although I was thinking about possibly picking up a skill or two in at least some form of fighting. Just in case life outside of college gets a little rough."

Dexter nods. "Learning to defend yourself is always good to have." he says as he looks to Jenna, and while her name doesn't ring any bells for him, maybe for his cousin, but not for him, he still takes out his own cellphone. "Umm, if you arent busy somtime, I was wondering if you would like to get some coffee?" he asks, a slight blush and of course, nervious, but it doesn;t hurt to ask.

"Are you sure," she asks the jock again. It really is the least she can do, and Harper would tell her she'd be foolish not to offer after getting a present back. "Please, just Jenna though?" Miss Jenna sounds weird, like he's a servant or something.
While Jenna does have a maid at home, and she had a nanny for a very brief period, it's just weird to have someone her age say it.
There's a blink, and then she looks at Quintin uncertain if Dexter is talking to her or him.
"I'm flattered, but we've really only just met." Going places with strange men isn't something she's prone to doing. Though she could maybe ask Harper to go ahead to the location and watch her back. It's not like he hasn't done it before.

"I'm positive. It just wouldn't feel right. If I'd been a little quicker, maybe I could have warned you before you were caught off guard." It feels a little awkward to Quin at the moment so he attempts to crack a joke. "Well, I'd call you Miss Donovan, but that reminds me too much of my therapist." Jokes are not his strong point.

He looks to Jenna, then back at Dex, his hands up in the air. "I don't think this involves me," he offers with a smile. Far be it for him to interrupt a man looking for digits. He's been there.

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