Interview - Part Two

Manhattan - Eclairant - Bar and Lounge

The lounge is decorated in creams and neutrals, teak woods and ash, with the occasional dark panel for contrast. There are splashes of Egyptian blue color throughout to break up the possibility of monotony: sprinkled in the carpet, accenting the wood panels, decorating the tables as glass candle holders.

The bar area fetches more colors to the palette. The recessed lights behind the bar are a mixture of blue and red, white and yellow. Colorful bottles line the bar shelf, and a huge mirror hangs at angle over the bar, reflecting the marbleized bar top and the bar area, depending on where one stands to look into the mirror. There is seating here too, and in addition to drinks, starters and light fare is offered to those who wish to dine in the lounge.


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Jenna Donovan Kieran Collins

Jenna's early. Not overtly so, but it's a little before nine-ish. Since it's a Wednesday, things are in full swing. The bar and lounge area is nearly full, and she can just imagine the number of people enjoying dinner upstairs. Miss Welles didn't tell her exactly where to meet Mr. Collins, but she does let the front of house know that she's arrived for her interview, and she's directed to the back area of the bar where things are a little quieter, to wait.
The white sleeveless dress, with black floral lace covering it may be a little over-doing it for the interview, but she didn't have time to change after dinner with her parents. She paired it with a red dress cardigan, a pair of red shoes, and a cute crocheted red cap. It gives her an air of Parisian flair, especially with her hair tied back.
Firing off a quick text to her twin as she takes a seat to wait, she chooses to people watch. She knows how to do it discreetly, and she's not looking for people she knows, so much as she's watching the staff go about their jobs so she can see what's in store if she gets the job.

The young lady is early, which sets things off on the right foot. Kieran appreciates punctuality; it's a good work trait to have. This is his third follow up so far this week - the first two were last night, and he signed off on both of them. He hasn't figured out why Nichole insists he meets everyone; he trusts her instincts and hiring skill, and only rarely has he found anything wrong with someone she's chosen. Then, it was a personality conflict. Usually, Nichole's spot on.
He was told the moment Jenna arrived, and he's been watching her from a distance for a few moments. She's fresh faced and pretty, and Kieran thinks that yes, she will make a good hostess. A face that pretty greeting patrons hello can't be a bad thing.
After giving her a minute or two to get settled, Kieran makes his way over, motioning to the bartender as he does so.
"Miss Donovan?" Kieran greets, extending his hand to her. "Kieran Collins."

There's a very distinct blink as the hand is extended to her. Not so much that the hand has appeared, but that Jenna finds herself looking up into eyes that are very similar to her own. Hair nearly the same color.
The thought crosses her mind that one of her parents has a bastard child out there, and she can't help but stare at him for several seconds before she shakes herself out of the feeling that she's attracted to the man who might be her boss.
Taking the hand, she gives it a firm shake, and gives the man a smile. "Mr. Collins. I appreciate you taking time out of what must be a busy schedule to meet with me."

If Jenna's response is unusual or noticed at all, Kieran gives no sign of it. There's barely even a blink as he meets familiar colored blue eyes, though he does make a mental note of all of it, from the hair color to the eye color to the fair complexion. She could very easily be related to him, and he was a bit of a rake when he was human, but that's a long line of geneaology and very likely no more than coincidence.
"You're welcome, but I should be thanking you. For applying and taking an interest in the position."
"You arrived early," Kieran gives her an easy going smile. "I like that."

"It's a trick I learned in the theater," Jenna replies easily enough. "The earlier you tend to arrive for things, the better your chances are at the audition."
It's unnerving the pull she's feeling toward him, but she tries to pass it off as just being intrigued by the similarities in appearance. It's almost like looking at a slightly older, male version of herself.

Kieran's smile broadens and he slips into the seat beside hers. "It's a good 'trick' to have, no matter where you are or what you're doing. People like punctuality. Especially if you end up working here. Nichole -" Kieran pauses and inclines his head a bit, lifting a brow - "Miss Welles is a stickler for punctuality and responsibility, and that's been instilled into all the floor management positions."
"Thank you, Brandon," Kieran says as the bartender places a pitcher of water and two glasses onto the bar. He pours water into both glasses as he speaks, "Miss Welles says that you're hoping to be a star on Broadway someday and are looking for the opportunity of 'real world' experience and chances to observe people?"
Kieran slides the glass toward her and picks his up, an arm resting on the bar as he watches Jenna.

"Everyone hopes to be a star on Broadway, Mr. Collins. If it happens for me, that will be a dream come true." Jenna smiles at him again, and glances at the water, though she doesn't reach for it yet.
"I'd love the opportunity to observe people. I'd love the opportunity to see how a real business is run, and potentially eventually gain management experience. Realistically beauty fades over time, auditions become less frequent. When that happens, I want to have the proper skills to run my own troupe or company."
Jenna pauses, and tilts her head at him, still smiling. "I have no experience in the restaurant industry, or at any position, really, besides interning at the Gershwin Theater for the last two summers, working on Wicked."

"I saw that production. I also saw it at the Apollo Victoria," Kieran says. "Teal Wicks is no Rachel Tucker, but I suppose comparing the West End to Broadway isn't exactly fair, is it?" Kieran isn't being smarmy or arrogant, and he gives her a slight wink to indicate no bad feelings. He's merely establishing a connection and rapport with the young woman.
"Insight, opportunity, experience," Kieran lifts his glass and takes a drink, watching her over the rim. "The extra spending money doesn't hurt either, yeah?"
He can already tell that she was born and raised Upper East Side, that these are her people. It's not so different from Kieran, who still carries himself with that slight air of aristocracy that the few fortunate landed and titled Irish servants of the Crown had in his day.

"You've seen it in the West End?" Jenna's been a few times, when she was younger, but she's never gone as an adult. "I'm envious of that, really. I'd love to go back to London some day, and just spend a week in their theaters."
Finally lifting her glass of water, she takes a small sip from it before gently placing it back upon the bar.
"No, the extra spending money doesn't hurt," she replies with a soft laugh. "I'd love the extra independence that comes with it."

It's easy for Kieran. Nichole fields the candidates and thins the herd, and by the time they reach Kieran, they're usually in. They don't know that however. "Do you have any experience that would be applicable to hostessing or problem management? Something that might have needed attention backstage or a personal situation where you had to put on your best face and play nice?"

These are the questions she was expecting from Miss Welles. Jenna glances at him in an inquisitive manner, and only allows the briefest pause before she gives him a reply.
"I have a knack for knowing what people need before they ask for it, and I'm rather good at diffusing situations and calming people down."
Another laugh is forthcoming, and she nods. "I was part of the student government, and several community outreach programs. You tend to need to always have your best face forward and play nice with others there." In the theater? Not so much. Most of those who work in the theater would stab their best friends in the back if it meant getting a better part.
"But if I'm being honest, I don't really have a bad face. I don't see the point in it."

"Impressive." Kieran's words aren't patronizing, just matter-of-fact.
He takes a few long swallows of the water, still watching the girl curiously, if only because it's hard not to notice the physical similarities.
"When can you start?"

The next question takes her by surprise. Blinking at him, Jenna stares, and then blinks again.
"When would you need me?"
She could have thrown out an arbitrary date or time, but this way she's showing her interest without saying she can't start for a week, or until a specific time.

Catching people off guard is something of a favorite past time of Kieran's. It's nice to watch how people actually react when thrown into the unexpected. He likes that Jenna doesn't panic or flail, and notices how she carefully coaches her response. Nichole did well with this one.
"I always need people," Kieran laughs. He taps his finger nails on the top of the bar and flashes her an amused and charming grin, his eyes twinkling. "If you were currently employed, you'd have to give notice to your current employer. That would be two weeks, and we wouldn't expect you to start any sooner than that."
"If you want to start sooner than that, or need to for whatever reason, you can work those details out with Miss Welles." Reaching into his pocket, Kieran pulls out a business card. The front is typical. On the back, however, are the employee numbers. "That's the employee office number. You'll hear from Nichole in a day or two with an official offer. From there, you'll be able to make all the arrangements with her. If you have any questions or issues before then, feel free to call that number."

Two weeks?
That gives her plenty of time to figure out which classes she's taking at Tisch this summer, and if there's anything she can do at any of the theaters on nights when she's not working. Jenna will make good use of that time.
"Two weeks will be fine." Pausing, she glances at him. "I'll make sure to call Miss Welles after an official offer." Because calling before that would just be ridiculous.
"The only question I do happen to have is in regards to the uniform. Is there one, and if so does the cost of it come off the first pay, or is it something that is purchased beforehand?"

"One uniform is provided for free. A second is provided for twenty-five percent of the cost. The restaurant covers the other seventy-five. You can, if you opt for a second, choose to pay that upfront or via payroll deduction that can be split over multiple pay periods as well. A third will be fifty percent of the cost, with the same arrangements, and anything above that is out of pocket, but the same payment arrangements stand."
Kieran gives her a smile. "We usually have a range of sizes available, and if we have to special order, you'll be permitted to wear a suitable substitute until your size comes in."

It seems reasonable. She really shouldn't need more than two, and if she does, it's not as though she can't afford it. Jenna nods at the response, and then smiles at him in return.
"Then I'll wait for the call from Miss Welles." She'll give the woman her size, and if it's not available, well they'll have two weeks to get one in.
"Thank you, Mr. Collins. This is an amazing opportunity, and I can't wait to start learning the ropes."

Kieran extends his hand again, a friendly but professional smile in place. Though he is more personable and open with his staff, he keeps things professional until they seem comfortable and acclimated. "Welcome aboard, Miss Donovan."

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