Dogs, Coyotes, and Ghosts, oh my!

Manhattan - Central Park South

By far the most popular portion of the part, this area is designed for entertainment. The calm before the storm, and what connects this area to the lake, is Sheep Meadow. This meadow is the finest open expanse in the park and is often times used as a great picnic location.

A zoo, which also contains a petting zoo for children, allows for family fun. Perfectly located next to the zoo is a large carousel. The seats for those riding are not mere seats, nor are they all horses. From griffin to dragon, multiple mythological creatures are available to choose from.


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Moira DeVries Lilith Graves Kieran Collins

The weather has changed dramatically on the east coast over the past few weeks - 80s, then 50s and back again. The evening is a blissfully mild mid 50s, with a sky semi-clouded with streaks of an ominious yet celestial gray. Recent developments mean that Central Park is lacking in even it's smattering of visitors that might be viewed on a normal night. Most steer clear of a place with 'coyotes' - but not all.

Moira is jet-lagged - for her it's not terribly late. She's still dressed from the airport, wearing a robin-blue-and-lace-trim dress, clearly a modest vintage look that women go for these days. Her blonde curls are pulled tight into a ponytail, curls that match the setter-like dog pulling along on her leash as she follows haultingly behind in her flats, with a bag of chinese take-out swaying precariously from her arm. "For pete's sake brownie I know you've been in a cage all day but….heel!" Brownie does not heel.

Some days are worse than others. Today was a particularly bad one on the set. Especially once Gilbert the Annoying Ghost realized that she could really see him. Despite the fact that Lilith did everything in her power to send the annoying spectral being away, beyond actually going and looking for chicken bones and cemetery dirt to bind him back to the other side.
Only because that's rude.
After seeing the news of the coyote attacks, she knows well that the park should be emptier than normal, so talking to herself won't seem too out of place.
"Like I have told you before," she mutters under her breath, "I am definitely NOT going to help you do that, Gilbert."

The Priory's suggested ruse has worked, and the park is a lot quieter than normal tonight. Kieran thinks that's both good and bad. It means that there might be no more killings; and it means that there might be no more killings. No more killings means poor chances of finding the culprit, and leaves them where they've been for weeks: with their hands empty.
He's moving slowly, carefully through the park, keeping to the shadows. He's dressed to blend - everything is dark from his designer jeans to the t-shirt and leather coat on his back. He moves swiftly from shadow to shadow, stopping to lift a brow when a cat crosses his path and looks for a moment longer than normal at him, and then they both continue on. Up ahead, voices carry to his ears and he slows, shaking his head. So much for heeding the warnings.
And that, is why I love the City. Another time and place, and they would be perfect pickings.

"Fiddlesticks - this city!" Indeed, Kieran, indeed. Moira, however, is grumbling for a different reason. While the dog continues to yank, the food continues to sway, and her head continues to pound. Seattle is a city, but it is nothing to the millions of loud New York thoughts. It's going to take some acclimation to come home now, like this. With one hand, Moira starts fussing, pulling out her ipod with tangled earbuds, trying to get the darn thing pulled apart - and that's when Brownie bolts, taking the leash with him. "Brownie!" Moira's yell is a mere exclamation, not angry so much as shocked and dismayed. Still tangled with food and ipod, she takes off running after the creature. As for Brownie, he rushes straight for the people up ahead along the path, though not directly at either of them. He's just barking at - what, squirrels? A ghost, perhaps?

…Most likely squirrels.

A glance is given to the dog as he seems to come from nowhere. Lilith holds a hand up to Gilbert the Gabby, and then crouches down.
Don't forget, dogs are intuitive, she thinks. He can likely see Gilbert.
Kneeling on the path, she waits for the dog to try and bolt past her at Gilbert, and she does her best to snatch at the leash, and rein him in. "Brownie, is it? I don't think you should be running from your owner. Especially not with coyotes roaming the park." Still, he looks like he could hold his own if it were just one or two.

The shout causes Kieran to quicken his pace. It doesn't sound like the cry of someone in trouble or being killed, but it's certain to attract attention. That thought makes him slow, and then speed up again as he's not in place to catch their killer if the scream should draw him or her out.
He doesn't emerge fully from the trees, watching the action from the shadows. The grab at the leash, the man standing there watching . .
Kieran does a double take. "Ghost," he murmurs. He's seen more than a few in his life; he tends to just ignore them and let them go their ways while he goes his. Still, there's something about it that's tickling his mind if he can just focus for a minute …
The low, ferocious growl from the dog staring in his direction distracts the vampire. With an exaggerated and long suffering eye roll, he gazes right back at the beast, strongly urging it to calm itself down.
Unsurprisingly, the dog whimpers once and obeys.

Brownie lets out another bark, and just as Lillith is probably bracing for the force of a dog yanking it's way down the path, the animal stops suddenly, wimpers, and stares at Kieran. Still, the dog knows it's place - on someone's lap, being fed treats. He's cowardly that way, so when Kieran encourages him to be calm, he wimpers again, lowers his head, and sits his tushy down, wagging his tail expectantly. He's good now, so where's his treat?

Oh, right, the owner. Here she comes now. "Dog…supposed to make….life safer…going to give me an aneurism…BROWNIE!" She calls again, shuffling to a stop beside Lillith. "Oh my gosh," the blonde gasps, smiling a dimpled smile to the woman. "Oh thank you! So lucky that someone was out here! Brownie, what on earth were you-omigosh." That's when she notices the man, Kieran. Not that notice really works, nor man. He's more of a man-like shape in the trees, peering out from the branches. Startled by a man just standing there watching, Moira takes a little half-step back, putting out a hand to touch Lillith's arm and alert her to the fact that some guy might be jacking off to their every word.

The dog suddenly sitting causes Lilith to blink in surprise. Well now, that is a bit unexpected.
"Alright. That's more like it, Brownie. Now you won't get yourself eaten by a coyote, will you? Because I really can't deal with dead animals." Dead humans, on the other hand, is a different story.
"It was likely just a squirrel. Possibly a rabbit. That's what the paper said the coyotes were after. Food. It's probably a good thing you've got him." She hands the leash over to the other woman and smiles. "I'd suggest one of the leashes that you can wrap around your waist, but I think this boy would knock you on your a—"
The omigosh draws her attention and she peers into the darkness. There's an odd feeling that she's never actually felt before that causes her to frown.
"I wouldn't worry about it. A lot of bums hang out in the park. Drug dealers too." If she can see him too, he's likely not a ghost, but what the hell is this feeling I can't shake?

Kieran waits a beat and then steps out of the shadows, purposefully stepping on a twig and cracking it loudly in half. He could sneak up on the women, but he's not playing that sort of game tonight. "Ladies." He allows the word to hang and linger, his gaze floating from the brunette to the blonde, and then widening to take in them both. There's the hint of a skip over to Gilbert, but for the most part, the ghost is a non-entity. Curious that the brunette is being haunted, but not his immediate concern.
"Didn't you hear that the park isn't safe at night?" His Irish brogue rolls through his words as he strolls toward the pair, hands loose at his sides, his body language nothing but relaxed. And why shouldn't it be? He's not the one likely to be made into dinner.

Wait, what? Moira's eyes widen a little as she stares at Lilith for another half-second, taking in what wasn't meant to be taken in. Ghosts. That's…really just lovely! Oh yes it is! Potential future customer material! Kieran manages to bring the attention back to himself, and dutifully Moira turns to look over him, taking the leash and wrapping it several times around her knuckles. "That's supposed to be what the dog is for," Moira responds, looking down to the pup that has now sprawled out on his belly. He wags his tail, eyes flitting up to Kieran's shins, but never up to his eyes. Moira's eyes narrow a little, not angrily, just in the way one might do when someone else has ruined a punchline. Brownie is not making a very good show of bravery and valor. "And no offense, but aren't you just as much at risk of being…mugged? Or maced in the face?" The last part was just for his benefit. Just in case he wanted to, you know. Try something. On that note, Moira lifts her eyes to see if she can see what his mind holds - to see if there are any nefarious thoughts swooping around in there.

"There are plenty of things that aren't safe at night," Lilith replies with a raise of her brow. She really can't shake whatever this feeling is, but she can tell in her gut that it's not one she particularly enjoys. Though she's quite happy that no one has recognized her. It makes dealing with Gilbert a bit easier.
Turning back to Gilbert, she's about to mumble something about him giving them a moment when she spots a girl with him. Blinking again, she rubs the side of her temple and turns quickly away before the girl notices that she's being seen.
It's bad enough Gilbert's been following me around all day. He'd best not tell her that I can see them.

Kieran's not stupid. Approaching two women in the park at night is bad idea, and this he knows. It's for that reason that Kieran might just be drawing on that natural siren lure that he has; not to lure them into bed, though he hasn't ruled it out (he could always use another meal before bed), but just to stop them from trying to attack him. He has recourses, but really, he'd rather not use them.
"Not exactly," Kieran says with a slow, devilish smile to the blonde dog owner. "I like the solitude of the park, and I can take care of myself."
Cool blue eyes drift over to the brunette, taking her in. "You're right about that. There are plenty of things that are not safe at night." He's one of them.

Moira glances over to her brunette companion (for now they do feel like companions, two people in the same unfortuante situation of a strange man in a dark park and a lazy mutt) for just a moment. "Awful crowded here if you're looking for quiet," she says thoughtfully, looking back to Kieran. She looks. And looks. And then the blood drains from her face a little - which, given the reason probably isn't helping her situation. Whatever this is, she can't read him, and that means he might actually be able to hurt her, pepper spray be damned. "Still, everyone's got something that can give them a good licking, so…be careful." Yes, he is attractive, and what girl doesn't love an accent? Maybe that's why she's able to force the edge out of her voice to try and diffuse some of this knife-cuttable tension.

Awful crowded indeed.
Lilith is trying her damnedest to ignore the blonde ghost, and silently willing Gilbert to the moon. She's picking up on snippets of their conversation. The name Brandi Sugar causes her to look over her shoulder. Lovely. It would have to be some pole dancer. Rolling her eyes at the heavens, she actually focuses on the other pair so as not worry about the ghosts.

"Born and bred," Kieran gives her a slow grin that makes one think that there should be worries if there are any canaries about. His gaze again flickers over to her companion, and then again, at the second one, but then back easily to the young woman. If she's haunted she either doesn't know it, or still it's not his problem or concern. "The City's my home now, though, yeah?"
He laughs softly, giving the blonde an idle glance, and shoves his hands into his jacket pockets. He affects an idle, lazy slouch where he stands, looking for all the world like nothing can bother or touch him. "I'm sure that there are, but I don't fancy meeting any coyotes. Scariest thing I've seen tonight is a squirrel."
"Oh, and your dog." It's topped with that charming, slow uplift of his mouth that seems to hover between a smirk and a smile.

Said dog is now rolled onto his back, displaying his belly for a rub. Moira heaves a heavy, yet expectant sigh. Brownie is just that - a brownie. "Coyotes, in the park? I grew up here…" she looks back to Lilith, a little confused. Then she shakes her head. "Don't remember much of a coyote problem. How long has it been bad?" She doesn't even seem to notice her leaking chinese bag.

"Long way from home," Lilith murmurs, as she eyes the dark, handsome stranger.
~ So what're you doin' here Miss? ~
~ I don't know, ~ comes the reply from Brandi Sugar. ~ Followed a john into the park a few weeks ago. Human. Next thing I know, I'm standing here beside you. ~
Glancing over at the pair of ghosts, Lilith exhales a sigh. "Yes, coyotes. They're hunting. Apparently started up a few weeks. Just when the last of the snow disappeared, at least that's how the report sounded."
Her words are for Moira, but she seems extremely distracted.

"Family ties," Kieran says, and it's not entirely a lie. Even if the family ties are ones that he's fabricated and created so that he can live publicly in the City. He watches as the brunette glances over at the ghosts and his brows knit a bit in consideration.
Can she see them?
"It's not uncommon. If winter's been lean, then they go looking elsewhere for food. The park is full of food." Kieran almost smirks at that, but keeps a straight face and continues on. "Squirrel, rabbit. Stray cats and dogs. A few people have been hurt by attacks and were lucky to get away." Four hundred years gives one quite a bit of skill at lying.

Moira looks again to Lilith, and touches her arm again, giving her a little reassuring smile. Poor thing, haunted by annoying ghosts. Still, eyes don't leave the strange man for too long. "How terrible," she responds, and she sounds pretty deeply sincere about that. "I hadn't heard at all - and dear Cujo here wouldn't do too much against something so wild. Come on you, get up." She rattles the leash - Brownie mearly groans. At least Moira seems to have relaxed.

"I don't think it was just the coyotes," Lilith mutters under her breath. What sort of creepy guy would pay to have sex with a woman, and then tear her throat like that? Or did he injure her and the coyotes found her later?
~ Oh, you one'a them streetwalkers or somethin'? ~ Gilbert looks perplexed by this.
~ I… I don't remember? I just remember the guy was normal. ~ The blonde ghost looks over at Lilith and then asks Gilbert the Gabby, ~ Can she see us? ~
~ Why su — ~
Lilith picks up a stick on the path and tosses it through Gilbert, giving him a stern look.
"Sorry. Yes, I suppose, but on the flip side, it's terrible that the coyotes food sources and areas of living are being devastated by cities, I suppose."

Kieran snickers as the blonde tugs on the dog's leash. "I think he might not be going anywhere until he gets his belly rubbed." Closing the distance, but keeping his bored, unaffected demeanor, Kieran squats and gives the dogs belly a good rub. "You're a good boy aren't you? Just looking to make a new friend, aren't you?" He's established himself with the canine, and isn't worried about any sort of negative reactions.
Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the other woman, who looks familiar but he can't quite place, toss a stick at the ghosts. He affects surprise, blinking with wide eyes as he turns his attention to her. "Did it say something to offend you? The stick I mean? Or is that dark patch that's being rude?"

Perhaps Moira isn't totally comfortable yet, with this man petting her dog. She stiffens, watches him, but he seems to be well-behaved enough. The stick-throwing causes her to look away a moment, but she just shakes her head. "Hopefully just scaring away coyotes. Aren't you afraid of coyotes, Mr…..Irish?" Moira asks, biting her lower lip a little to stifle a smile at the cuteness of the dog, who is now in love with the humanoid rubbing his belly.

"Yes," Lilith replies without thinking. Rolling her eyes she curses. "Sticks don't actually talk though. It was in the path and a jogger could have tripped on it and hurt themselves." That's all it was. She was being a good samaritan.
Gilbert disappears, then reappears right in front of Lilith. ~ She can see you. She can hear you too, ~ he says, sticking his tongue out at the necromancer.
The sudden reappearance causes Lilith to startle a bit, and then she takes a deep breath and glares at the spot in front of her. "Thanks a lot, Gilbert," she says under her breath, trying not to look annoyed.

The vampire has little respect for personal space except when it benefits him. Engaging with the dog isn't really the point of the exercise, Kieran is really just trying to figure out the two women. The blonde evidently is just uninformed and in the wrong place at what could end up being the wrong time; which would really be optimal for him if he were hungry and he was in the mood for blonde. The brunette with the ghostly duo, now … he doesn't even know why she's here. She knows about the coyotes, and yet here she is in the dark with two ghosts.
Two ghosts …
His attention narrows to the brunette for a long moment, brows knitted and Kieran makes a quick mental note. He's not going to say anything in front of the blonde, but he definitely wants to know more about this brunette and her ghosts.
"It's a good thing you were here though. You've likely saved the knees and shins of many a jogger."
Giving a last scritch to the dog's belly, Kieran stands and winks at the blonde. "Collins. The name is Collins. And no, I'm not afraid of coyotes. Not tonight. I'm sure we're doing plenty enough gabbing to scare the lot of them off."

"Mr. Collins, then. I suppose it would be rude to know your name and not have you know mine, so please call me Moira." Moira says, politely. Still not warmly, but no longer entirely alarmed. "I suppose I should have checked the news a bit more closely on my flight today. But I appreciate the heads-up." She takes one last look to the dog, before turning her attention fully (yet somewhat forcibly) away from the Irishman and to the brunette. The strange brunette - for while Moira is up to speed on the fact that there are ghosts here, she can still see only three. "Are you alright there?"

"Yes of course." Lilith is very careful not to snap at the poor woman, because that would simply be rude. If she's too rude, she'll likely wind up in the tabloids, and so far in her career, she's been on the up-and-up.
"I thought I saw a bat." It's not unusual to think about bats being in the park, really. "It was just a shadow." She may just kill Gilbert again if she's able to, if he keeps it up.
"I do hope that I have. Or children running along the path without looking where they're going, Mr. Collins." She offers her hand out, though he's winking at the blonde, simply because they all seem to be sharing names. "Lilith Graves."

"You're new in town, then Moira?" That piques Kieran's interest on a new level. New in town might mean she's on her own; it might mean that she's returning home to family, but … So many options, how much time to explore them all? But for now, back to the matter at hand.
He's already taking the extended hand when the name sinks in. He can't help the smirk that spreads across his face. "So, you're the real deal huh?"

"Old in town, rather. I'm-" Moira's eyes go wide and even more hazel for a moment as she double-takes at Lilith. "That Graves! Oh of course, I knew you were familiar!" It's an exclaimation, to be sure, though not a fangirl one. "Oh how funny! I've just ordered DVDs of both of your previous seasons for the shop last week!" Poor Kieran - pretty eyes and sultry accents are no match for financial possibilities in this economy. "You might want to have a word with your production company's distributors about customer service, but is your next one coming out soon? Oh really I should have known, just running into someone like you in the park…"

As Kieran touches her hand, Lilith gets an extremely odd tingling sense. His body feels dead. That's not at all normal. Especially if Moira can see him as well. She stares at him a moment, concentrating. She can feel a soul within him, but it's not a normal soul either. There's something wrong with it.
"What are you," she blurts to Kieran, yanking her hand back from him.
It takes a deep breath and a moment of glancing back to her two ghosts for composure, before she says, "I apologize. As for being the real deal, I cannot say. That may give away some of the mystery of the show."
The exclamation takes her off guard, and she blinks a few times. Lilith has run into fans before, but she never gets used to it. "It should be out next month. I'll pass along the message about customer service though, things like that are important."

That reaction, that awareness, Kieran knows that he's walking the edge if he hasn't stepped into it already. He's had plenty a spot of fun teasing Sera for watching that show, even though they both know ghosts are real and there are scarier things than ghosts in the world, but it never occured to him that the Graves woman might be the real thing. He's met two necromancers in his long unlife and that was one too many.
Make that three and two too many. Because Jacqueline …yeah.
No reaction is given to Graves' outburst and Kieran maintains a facade of ultimate calm and stoicism. His smile never wavers as he rolls his shoulders in a slow shrug, "Just a bloke like any other out for a walk."
Thank god for Moira's fan girling. It gives him a minute to figure the best course of action.

And Moira's fangirling is enough to cover even her own concerns, as she looks at Kieran's reaction. It's not apologetic, or accusatory - sheepish, that's the best way to describe it. "Just a person, I'm sure, just like the rest of us." That said, she immediately brings up her dimples again. "Now I know this really isn't…well, appropriate, Ms. Graves, but I was hoping to find someone to help me kick off my opening and really you'd be just the person - I carry all of your other seasons as it is." Brownie, in the meantime, seems as uninterested as ever - he lets out a little yelp as he rolls himself onto his back and manages to get himself in an uncomfortable position, swinging onto his belly once again and shaking his head.

Corrupted soul… dead body… what is he?
Lilith hasn't taken her eyes off of Kieran again since she glanced between the ghosts and then to Moira to answer her questions. Despite the fact that she's staring at the man, she dips her hand into her purse and pulls out a business card. "Just give my agent a call and set it up. I'll tell him to be expecting your call, Moira."
As much as she hates being in the public eye, filming a show from the shop wouldn't be all that bad, and it's not as though they've never produced a show from someone else's business before.

The look Lilith is giving him is speaking volumes to Kieran. It's not saying the sorts of things those looks usually say when women can't keep their eyes off him, the looks that say they're having trouble keeping their hands off of him. No, this is a look of … not repulsion, not yet, but certainly curiousity and a little bit of wariness.
Kieran knows what he's going to have to do, but he's going to have to be light touched and careful with it. If she is a true necromancer, she's just what they need right now. Earning her trust though …
Not gonna happen, but 'convincing' her to trust me, that's another matter.
Still, he defers, waiting for the right moment.
Those piercing eyes slide to Moira, and he tilts his head curiously, "Exactly what sort of shop do you have if you're selling the - " Drek and spectacle "- timeless recaps of Miss Graves' show?"

Moira take the card, nodding and tucking it away. "Greatly appreciated." Moira turns back to the man, though not her full body toward him. "Hmm? Oh, Curious Goods. It's a specialty occult shop - so naturally my clientelle have a great interest in Ms. Graves work." And Moira, it seems, has had enough of dancing about the conversation. "Actually, Ms. Graves, if you wouldn't mind walking with me a bit, I really need to get Brownie home, and I'd love to chat with you a little on the way about some of your methods. For instance, if I'm correct you use a dried chicken's feet?" Womanspeak: Never leave a fellow lady alone with a creepy gentleman.

Lilith would love nothing more than to stay there and talk to the corrupted soul. Try to see if she can't separate the possessor from the dead body. That's much more intriguing than the two ghosts. Gilbert who's disappeared after he stuck his tongue out of her, and the ghost named Brandi Sugar who's still lingering trying to get her attention.
There are appearances to be kept though.
"Yes, of course. Safety in numbers and all that." Lilith can hold her own on most things, but the souls seem to be out in force tonight.
"Actually, on the show, we only use rubber chicken feet in instances when we're visiting New Orleans. At the studio here in the city, we use very little in the way of props."

Time for clean up and intervention. Another time and another place and Kieran wouldn't bother. He has other reasons to be here tonight. But he needs to talk to the Graves woman, preferably without the blonde. However, he'll take a two for if he has to do so.
"Really, I'm not going to bite." His eyes widen as he says it, his smirk turning a little more coy and playful. "It's really not safe to walk alone, and you'd be surprised how many perverts are frightened off by the presence of a male."
"Besides, Brownie likes me, don't you?" Kieran glances at the dog, grateful for the adage and belief that dogs know who to trust and not to trust.
Barring this approach, he'll pull out the big guns.

Moira is tired. She had a flight in from Seattle today, Brownie is driving her all sorts of batty, and her chinese food is long since cold. She wants to go home, and being followed by something she can't read isn't ideal - and morality dictates she not leave Lilith Graves alone to her peril, especially when the woman has agreed (albiet verbally) to give the shop a big boost. Her tone becomes more firm - no more fangirl, but hello strict librarian-type. "That's very kind of you, Mr. Collins, but I'm sure we'll be alright. We've disturbed your solitude for too long, I'm sure." Just in case, the woman opens herself up again, trying to listen for the silent conversations around her in peoples' heads.

Staring right at the man again, Lilith frowns. The soul could be trying to follow, in order to get her alone and ask her questions. It just doesn't feel like a typical possession, or a haunter.
Before saying anything to either of them, she turns her head toward Brandi and gives the ghost a nod. A promise to return without an entourage. Later in the evening. Earlier in the morning before the joggers hit.
~ I'll wait here. ~
"If we're walking together, Mr. Collins, we're hardly alone."
What is he? Why is he wanting to come with us?

Of all the places to run into a necromancer, it has to be here, with company. Really, Kieran doesn't want to have to glamour the woman. It's hard on a good day with a necromancer, if it can be done at all. It might be bloody near impossible if she's wary and suspicious. But he needs to talk to her. Preferably alone. The blonde shouldn't be hard, but if he has to focus his energy on Graves.
Bloody hell, why can't anything be simple.
There is another route, but he's not willing to take it yet. Kieran prefers to get the information before The Priory does, and hell if he wants to turn his new insight over to Ashcroft.
Raking his hand through his hair, he gives a laugh and shakes his head. "All right. I get it. You think I'm the creepy pervy stalker bloke." He holds his hands up in surrender. "I give up. You win."

'The Blonde' as she has become known, looks toward Lilith for a moment, a passing moment, before nodding her head to Kieran with a tight smile. "How very chivelrous of you, Mr. Collins. But thank you for letting us go." The last line is said without the same tightness - between Lilith's thoughts and her own perceptions, whatever this Mr. Collins is could have caused them all a great bit of headache. Moira tugs the leash, and Brownie springs up and starts to turn ot follow his mistress. All the same, he gives Kieran a puppy look and a wimper before doing so.

::: Heard in Lilith's head ::: A voice in your head, "Such considerations are, in my experience, best done when we are not two women alone with an unknown being, Ms. Graves. Why don't we get out of the park for the moment, before he decides to reveal his true nature after all?"

"Actually, Mr. Collins, I'm not at all sure what to make of you."
Dead body. Corrupted soul. Spirits can't inhabit dead bodies for this long, not without being controlled by a…
Lilith's thoughts stop dead in their tracks and she quickly swivels her head around. Giving it a slight shake, she tries to focus in on the spirit that's talking to her. Some do have difficulties manifesting, and those are the ones she can usually only hear. A frown curves her lips downward, and she stares at Brandi. She heard the ghost speak earlier, and it wasn't the same voice.
Another victim perhaps?
Another frown, and she starts to follow Moira.
Is it not coyotes doing the attacks after all? Just some mad man luring women to the park?
Snap out of it Lil'. You've got far to overactive an imagination. You always have, remember?

The vampire gives the dog a lingering look and an 'away you go' wave with his hands. He doesn't need to use Brownie for spying. He can do that on his own quite well, following behind the ladies once they think he's gone about his own way.
"Well, it's a shame that we can't explore this a bit more, Miss Graves," Kieran says with a smirk. He leans against the nearest tree trunk, arms folded over his chest, blue eyes twinkling. He likes curiosity. Curiosity he can work with; if baiting is what it takes to get the woman's attention, so be it.
"You ladies, have a lovely evening, yeah?"
He makes a mental note to have Nichole, his personal assistant, find out what she can about Curious Goods, and when this opening will be.

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