Living With the Dead

by Lililth Graves
21 Jun 2012 00:23 (updated 21 Jun 2012 00:24) | 0 comment(s)

You really should subscribe to a newspaper.

This comes as John Jacob Astor pokes his head through my bookshelf in my bedroom. I'd be surprised, but he seems to like doing things that he thinks will shock me. I have two ghostly roommates now, so I can't say as that I'm all THAT surprised by the "spooky" things he does.

At least Mandy seems to respect my boundaries. She floats through the apartment, and tries to get into the refrigerator sometimes like she's forgotten she's dead, but she knows enough not to pop into me in the shower, or lay on the bed beside me when I'm trying to wake up.

Kudos to her for that.

"There's this wonderful device, JJ. It's called a television. I leave the damned news channel on all day when I head to work."

Yes, but I follow you to that pitiful studio you call your own. I cannot watch the box with the miniature people in it.

"TELEVISION," I reiterate for him. "If you're bound and determined to stay earthbound, at least learn about the technology and the way people dress."

I have been around since I died. It is not as though I suddenly just appeared in the city. John Jacob Astor pulls himself through the bookshelf, knocking a few books off with him as he sits on the edge of my bed.

"I really wish you'd not throw things on the floor. I know you're capable of it."

Then do stop treating me as though I am a boorish idiot. I know what the breast box is.

"Boob tube?"

Yes, that.

I can't help but roll my eyes at him, amused. I know full well that he knows the terminology. He's just trying to agitate me. I'm not going to let it work. I really don't want to accidentally shove him into the skull that sits in the large chest in my closet. The necessary necromantic accoutrements for major summonings or soul pushings are kept within.

"I'll stop treating you like an idiot, when you accept the fact that the world has moved on without you and you need to learn what it's like to live NOW."

I will learn what it is like to live now, if you do likewise.

Blinking at him, I let loose a rather unladylike snort. "I live just fine, thanks. I know what a television is, I know how to work the majority of the equipment at the studio. I…"

Before I continue, JJ cuts in. You are becoming an old maid, Miss Lancaster. You should have a gentleman caller.

Laughing, I curl up on the bed and let it all out until my stomach hurts. Wiping my eyes, I sit up again. "GOD, JJ. You act as though I never leave the apartment!"

I have only ever seen you leave to work, to find other earthbound spirits and help them pass. That detective is rather handsome. You should ask him out.

I toss a pillow before I recall that it's going to go right through JJ. When it does, it hits the shelf behind him sending several more books crashing to the ground. "What is with ALL of you spirits? ALL of you keep talking about Detective Curtis as though he's the cutest man in existence."

Maybe you should listen to us, Miss Lancaster. You would not want to die alone and suffer through unfinished business.

Rolling my eyes again, I get up and begin to put the books back on the shelf. "FINE. I'll get you a subscription to the newspaper. You're not going to be able to turn the pages though, and I'm not going to stand there and turn them FOR you."

Thank you, Miss Lancaster. Do consider what I have said.


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