Cooper Fever

by Julian Griffin
14 Nov 2012 12:50 (updated 02 Aug 2013 00:01) | 0 comment(s)

November 13th 2012

Today I met the sweetest man! Alright, maybe not sweetest, but certainly the most charming!

We met at Time Square as we were approaching evening. I was of course holding my four shopping bags from the outlets I had just frequented. Damned me and my shopping fever!

Anyways, we began talking and I shook his hand. Surprise to find, I felt that shock between us. He's certainly empowered. Though to what degree hasn't been made apparent to me. I didn't have a long enough hold on him to even attempt probing his energies.

He certainly didn't seem like a risk in revealing myself by touch. Though I will be closely monitoring our interactions to ensure I don't expose myself to being charmed into submission.

While we were talking we did encounter the most strange young woman. I'm expecting this girl is empowered too, but she gives off a very weird and mixed vibe. I'm pretty sure she's a witch (ew, gross!) though she also has this strange vibe mixed in as though I could sense my brethren blood within her too.

I'm not sure how a feel about this hybrid of a woman. Maybe she will prove to be an ally, though seeing as she has at least a drop of witch blood I suspect I should move very slowly in trusting her with anything beyond the already obvious detection we both would have found.


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