Email to Preston

by Jenna Donovan
28 Aug 2012 14:49 (updated 02 Sep 2012 23:49) | 2 comment(s)

FROM: Jenna Donovan <ude.uynhcsit|navonodj#ude.uynhcsit|navonodj>
TO: Preston Van de Mark <ude.uynhcsit|kramednavp#ude.uynhcsit|kramednavp>
SUBJECT: Got a Secret, Can you Keep it?

Hey Pres,

I know this is a really, really big favor to ask but I don't want anyone to know about the bump up in the role until opening night. It's still so very, very unbelievable, and it could change at a moments notice so I don't want anyone to get their hopes up or anything.

Pretty, pretty please?

Love ya,

J <3


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