by Jenna Donovan
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Takes place on Saturday, August 25 2012.

It's mid-afternoon on Saturday. I've just finished my shift at Eclairant. I've rushed home to shower and change for 'date night' that we rescheduled due to Siobhan's celebratory party. I have no clue what the plan is, but I want to have a look that's both dressy and casual at the same time so I'll be ready for whatever Chance is surprising me with.

That's my thought as I step into the hot spray of the shower. I don't take long because I really just need to freshen up and wash my hair. Once I'm out, I towel dry myself and start to decide what to do with my hair now that it's washed. Whether to wear it up or down.

I hear the strain of the ABBA song coming through the door. It's my phone, and it's the tone I set up for the production company. I give it a second, and then rush through the door to my room and pick it up.

"Hi, it's Jenna," I say, as bubbly as I can. I'm really hoping that they've not changed their mind about letting me understudy. I know that I'm new and if someone better comes along, they'll get the shot over me.

"Hi, Jenna. It's Phyllida Lloyd."

The director.

Nervously I twist a strand of wet hair around my finger and bite my lip. She doesn't exactly sound happy. "How can I help you, Miss Lloyd?"

"Well I've got some bad news."

My heart sinks. I just know that she's going to tell me that they're tossing me into the furthest depths of the ensemble.

"Our Sophie was in a bad car accident this evening. She's broken her leg in three places, and the side of her face is bruised up badly. She's going to be out for at least the next six to ten weeks."

"Something happened to Christy?"

"That's what I just said," Phyllida replies with exasperation in her tone. "Look. We go on in less than two weeks with the updated cast. We don't have time to audition for Sophie's part again. Congratulations, Understudy. You've got the part."

She's hung up the phone before I have a chance to react. I'm left staring at it, in complete and utter shock. I don't know what to do. I know the part of Sophie. I've seen Mamma Mia! at least half a dozen times, and I've been learning the entire script inside and out in case I'd have to fill in when one of the other girls wanted a night off.

But to go from ensemble to starring role in a matter of seconds?

I've got to shake it off. I've got to finish getting ready. Chance will be here soon to pick me up, and I can't bail on him two nights in a row. I'll have to go in tomorrow afternoon and sign some paperwork, I'm sure, and I'll need to be fitted for costumes. I can't tell anyone about this. I don't want to jinx it.

Preston will know on Monday, and I guess… well… I'll have to beg him not to tell anyone.

I think I want it to be a surprise for opening night. Just in case they do find someone better to fill those shoes.


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