The Kids are Alright, but What About the Parents?

by Gossip Girl
14 Oct 2013 21:51 (updated 14 Oct 2013 21:51) | 0 comment(s)

The Event of the season is just around the corner: the much heralded vow-renewal ceremony of Harper and Siobhan Donovan. Everyone knows the Maid of Honor will be Harper’s rising Broadway star twin, Jenna, and the starlet will be on the arm of Chance Harper. While that’s all the stuff of a UES fairy tale, the cameras haven’t been rolling on Mr. and Dr. Donovan. Turns out that’s because the couple hasn’t been seen together in public since the early summer. Recently, the illustrious Dr. Karen has been making her charity and social appearances alone.

Or, with a 'colleague' in her field.

The Have A Heart Charity Dinner had Dr. Donovan arriving alone, leaving alone, but spending her time in the company of Dr. Brian Card, head of cardiology at St. Luke’s Hospital. Is this a business convenience or the beginning of splitsville?


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