The Vampires of New York City may be considered a faction of their own. They have a central organization and leadership, and must obey the rules and tenets laid down by the Master of the City, or risk being punished or ousted from their organization1.

All the Vampires of the city answer to the Master of the City. Nearly all Vampires, aside from fledglings and neonates2 recognize his name, his insignia and the names of those of his court, even if they do not recognize him or his agents on sight. However, it is very likely that any vampire in the city is familiar with the Herald, who speaks as the voice of the Master, and the Sheriff, whom is responsible for reporting the wrongs - and correcting them.

Who's Who Among Vampires

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Gideon Hastings
King of NY State
Master of the City of New York
Samira Bastet
Kieran Collins
Ewan Fleming


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