The Sect

The Sect grew out of the belief that the supernatural and those gifted with supernatural abilities are evil, cursed and damned. Association with such devils and darkness will blight and taint the soul, and the only recourse is to rid the world of the scourge.

An off-shoot of The Priory, The Sect was created during the time of the Inquisition, when religious fervor was at a fever pitch, and all things not Christian were reviled. Originating in Rome, The Sect was composed of a select pious few who believed The Priory missed their true purpose and calling. Privately, and unofficially, given Papal Decree to 'cleanse' and 'exorcise' the world of the plague of evil, The Sect began recruiting from the ranks of priests, monks, nuns and other religious types. They often launched attacks against known members of The Priory, calling them out as traitors and heathens.

The Sect provided many of the Inquisitors of the Inquisition, and the witch hunters who scoured Europe, finding witches, trying them and burning them at the stake.

Although they are a world wide organization, they are more secretive and insular than The Priory. Their ham-fisted and militant methods of capturing, torturing and brutally murdering supernaturals makes them a primary target for those supernaturals who wish to be rid of them. Because of this, their recruitment is a careful, private thing, and much of their work and communication still relies on archaic words, notes, and letters. Paranoia runs strong among The Sect and the technology that is used, is used by only a chosen, select and carefully trained and vetted few.

The leader of The Sect branch in any given area is called The Bishop. Only The Bishop knows whom his higher level is and whom he reports to. Beyond that, what is known is that The Sect is run worldwide by a shadowy group or place called The Monastery.

Who's Who of the Sect

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