Reynard International Corporation

RINC specializes in shipping, aerospace engineering/technology, as well as research and development of new technologies. They also own two subsidiaries: Drake Media (Entertainment - publishing/movies/music), and Tempest Biotech (Pharmaceuticals/Biowarfare).

A large international corporation with its corporate headquarters in New York, Reynard International is run by old family line of Sorcerers whom can trace their roots back to a mixture of European aristocracy. The Reynards are solely dedicated to the practice of sorcery magic, and refuse to acknowledge or practice witch magic1.

Grown out of a strict patriarchal tradition, they refuse to have female children. (That is to say that should a female have the audacity to be born, the Head of the family will "do away" with her — either by giving her up for adoption immediately after birth, or seeing that she has an unfortunate accident.)

That isn't to say that women don't work for RINC; simply no female spellcasters are allowed (generally) to have any affiliation with the company.

Who's Who of RINC

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Randall Reynard
Joseph Reynard
Lucas Reynard
Drake Media
Nicholas Reynard
Godric Reynard
Tempest Biotech


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