The Priory

Once upon a time the existence of the supernatural was not the thing of only myth and legend. People believed and knew of the existence of vampires, witches, and shape-shifters. Care and pains were taken to see that loved ones passed over and did not linger as ghosts, and the visions of seers were trusted, seldom questioned and often analyzed. Time changes all, and what was once accepted became feared, evil even; vampires were slain, witches burned at the stake and werewolves hunted down like animals. It was from this turning of time and values that it is rumored The Priory was born.

The earliest and most archaic lore of The Priory says that the group was born out of the cooperation between a group of fey, who watched and took an unusual interest in humanity and supernaturals, and a monastic brotherhood with supernaturals among their numbers who felt that supernaturals needed protecting from humanity as much as humanity needed protected from that which they feared.

With its most reliably tracked beginnings in the Roman Empire, The Priory is a secretive group that has its primary goal the protection of supernaturals from humans. Secondary goals are the preservation of supernatural lore and arcane knowledge, solely from observation and recording, as well as protecting humanity from the knowledge of the supernatural by 'cleaning up' messes before they attract attention.

The beginnings of The Priory might have been scholastic, but they are a modern operation in the twenty-first century. They have a vast network of branches throughout the world. Branches communicate over highly (and often magically) encrypted computer networks, using email, instant messaging, video conferencing and the like. They have at their disposal equipment that is often military or government grade.

The Priory employs and recruits from all walks of life. Members are human and supernatural, and come from various backgrounds and educational levels from high school drop outs who are streetwise and stumbled onto the supernatural by accident to the highly educated, recruited for their knowledge, technical or medical skill.

(NOTE: Players may app a character for membership in The Priory, however, in most cases, a recruitment into The Priory will best be developed and played out on the grid.)

Who's Who of The Priory

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Donald Ashcroft
Bryn Blackwell
Head of
NYC Branch
Kevin Curtis Kayla Martin Doris Parker Rory Bainbridge Christian Knight


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