The Coven

There is a large coven network in NYC called 'the Coven'. It is comprised of the descendants of Alse Young, Elizabeth Howe, and Bridget Bishop. The majority of the practitioners in 'the Coven' are female due to a genetic anomaly, though the odd male child does crop up every so often. The Coven spans the continent and creates a rather global network of Witches who connect via email, social media, etc. The Coven is HUGE, but not necessarily wealthy.

All those in The Coven follow the Matriarch of their area/State. The current Matriarch in NYC is Regina Young. Only Witch magic is allowed in The Coven; those practicing sorcerer magic1 are promptly thrown out and shunned. There are approximately a good thousand or so Coven members in NYC, so not everyone in The Coven knows one another personally, although large historical familial names are common place. These familial names are often assumed to belong to Witches, for those familiar with the histories and lineages.

The Coven is not Witches meeting in dark forests for nature rituals, or gathering in ill lit rooms with incense burning. Due to its size, it's very unlikely that The Coven as a whole would ever gather anywhere. However, there are smaller covens and support networks within, and those groups are more likely to meet in a coffee shop, or a board room, or a conference center. Modern day Witches (and Coven members) communicate by taking advantage of modern technology. They have email accounts and mail lists, blogs, twitter feeds, and video conferencing.

Who's Who of The Coven

ds01.jpg jc01.jpg sr01.jpg jc01.jpg
Brooke Bishop
Byrony Young-Bennett Dawna Knight Bridget Bishop
nr01.jpg rg1.jpg mq1.jpg
Siobhan Knight William Bishop Wanda Bishop
bianca011.png jgt1.jpg
Ariel Johnson-Lowell Lizzie Young-Bennett


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