Titanoboa in Central Park

From Strange Truths (p.6)

A monstrous sight: a 48-foot-long, 2,500-pound titanoboa snake was spotted heading for Grand Central Station!
Roxy Kremer of the Stuyvesant Town area of Manhattan said she was walking her neighbors dogs in the Park on June 22 when a large reptile scared the daylights out of her.
"I screamed. I fainted. The dogs went missing. I swear that thing was the size of a bus! It likely ate my neighbor's dogs!" Kremer went on to say that the snake was at least waist-high, and that she was happy it didn't attempt to eat her.
"I imagine that it'd be like the T-Rex of snakes or something," Kremer stated when questioned about it. "I didn't see where it went, but that thing's still running around Central Park!"
Researcher Jason Bloch, a vertebrate paleontologist from University of Floridas Museum of Natural History, went on the record as saying that the supposed predator, which may be related to a boa constrictor but actually behaved like an anaconda, lived 65 million years ago in water and fed on fish, other titanoboas, and crocodiles (very, very large crocodiles).
If this sounds like Hollywoods next blockbuster, Bloch noted that this time around, truth is actually bigger than fiction: The predator from the movie "Anaconda", for one, is not as big as titanoboa. This is really an example where reality has exceeded the imaginations of Hollywood."

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