Quintin Bruning (HIATUS)


Quintin Bruning

Quintin James Bruning

Robbie Amell



April 21



Tall and Athletic



Stone Trees Pack

College Student/Bouncer

He was that kid that was all over the news nearly ten years ago. His family was camping in a state park when they were brutally attacked by wild animals. The animals were never found, and to this day Quintin claims to have no memories of the ordeal. He is the only surviving member of his immediate family.

• Born April 21st to human parents Elaine and Bradley. Elaine was a housewife and Bradley an extremely busy lawyer. Quintin is the youngest son behind sister Kendall and brother Charlie, respectively. Each sibling was separated by two years.
• By the time Quintin was a toddler, Bradley’s work had really taken off. He was becoming a successful lawyer and as such became extremely busy.
• Around the age of six, Quintin started to act out due to the lack of attention from his father. He never really knew the man, especially not compared to his siblings. His mother was unable to control his temper and elected to enroll him in programs to teach him discipline and respect.
• Football, soccer, karate and various other sports and activities had been attempted by the age of ten. Quintin was good at them but still had quite the temper. His parents kept him enrolled in karate as it was the one activity that kept him focused. The fact that his sensei also instilled in him a sense of pride and discipline was also a strong motivator.
• The issues with Quintin all but disappeared by the age of twelve. He resigned himself to never really knowing his father and finally decided to respect his mother for all that she had to put up with. By this time his father was so successful he worked at a firm where he was made named partner.
• At this time, Quintin remained in karate and had learned that he found enjoyment in playing football.
• Bradley, distant as he was, did notice the changes in his family, especially his youngest son. Proud and ashamed at the same time, he decided that he was going to take a two week long vacation where he would have absolutely zero contact with the office.
• Part of the vacation from work involved an actual family vacation. Bradley was enthusiastic about spending time away from the office, away from technology, and decided that the family would go camping. The children were less than thrilled but kept the complaints to a minimum due to the fact that they could spend time with their father.
• During the camping getaway, the family was brutally attacked by a wolf. This wasn’t just any wolf but a feral werewolf that thirsted for human blood. By time any of his pack members caught up to them the entire family had been slaughtered, save for Quintin. The boy was badly hurt but wasn’t dead.
• The pack decided to allow the boy to live, but knew that he would have an extremely difficult time ahead of him, especially with being so young and his first transformation. The feral wolf was ‘dealt with’ and the paramedics called.
• The family was discovered and the boy rushed to the hospital. He survived but was left completely alone. The story caught media attention and ignited a search for the beast responsible. It was never found.
• As it appeared that Quintin was nearly ready to be released from the hospital, his ‘uncle’ Harry revealed himself and agreed to care for the boy. After a ton of paperwork and screening, Quintin was eventually released into the care of Harry.
• Harry was a pack member and not an actual relative. Still, he was dedicated to caring for the boy as if he were his own. This included helping him through the first shift, and how to deal with his new life.
• Quintin went along with everything without complaint, although he remained mostly silent. It took several years of working with him before he eventually started to accept his new life in earnest. He settled back into school and his activities. He had lost two school years from the ordeal, making him older than most of the others in his class, but he vowed to resume a normal life.
• His newfound abilities only added to his skill with football, enabling him to lead his high school to a championship season each year he played. He continued to study and practice karate, but mostly to ensure that his anger would remain in check. The last thing he would be, he decided, was like the creature that destroyed his family.
• The football skills he developed did not go unnoticed. Quintin earned a football scholarship to Columbia.
• Quintin is currently in the midst of his schooling and college ball career at Columbia. He maintains close ties to the pack but focuses on furthering his life. His dream is to become successful in order to give back to the pack that gave him a second chance at life.


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Image Name Race Relation Notes
lp03.jpg Jenna Donovan Psychic Friend Most likely a damsel in distress sort. Trying to be a friend. Can't tell if she's interested.
nr08.jpg Siobhan Knight Witch Friend Very outgoing and a good dancer. Apparently believes in magic, or wishes she does.
cc03.jpg Dustin Chance Harper Sorcerer Roommate Good kid and skilled. Closest thing to a friend before meeting the dynamic duo.
ll02.jpg Harper Joseph Donovan Psychic Fry lover? Twin of Jenna. Good enough to date Shiv, if they go there.
js02.jpg Mikayla Kadestra Werewolf Friend? New kid in town, not afraid to be naked.


Chili cheese fries and similar food that is bad for the system are weaknesses.

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Bowling at the Museum
June 1, 2012: Dexter knocks Jenna down at the Museum of Modern Art. Quintin saves a very priceless Prada bag. Note: Scene ends abruptly due to being unable to finish because of time constraints.
(log: 20120601-1 | tags: dexter jenna log logs moma quintin social | posted: 08 Jun 2012 19:52)

Dudes, Dancing, and Disco
June 2, 2012: Siobhan and Jenna sneak into Purgatory. Quintin winds up with them for a bit of dancing and talking.
(log: 20120602-1 | tags: jenna purgatory quintin siobhan social | posted: 08 Jun 2012 20:20)

Unusual Gathering
June 14, 2012: Lilith and her ghostly roommate go to the cemetery. Mandy appears, so do a few teenagers, a college kid, and a detective stalker.
(log: 20120614-1 | tags: abigail jj-npc kevin lilith log logs mandy quintin | posted: 20 Jun 2012 23:57)

Job Offer
June 14, 2012: In which Nichole calls and Quintin gets a job.
(log: 20120614-3 | tags: nichole-npc purgatory quintin | posted: 21 Jun 2012 04:03)

The Gathering, Part 1
June 16, 2012: Two girls, three guys, some awkwardness and a picnic.
(log: 20120616-1 | tags: chance coney-island harper-npc jenna log logs quintin siobhan | posted: 29 Jun 2012 00:02)

The Gathering, Part 2
June 16, 2012: In which there is skating and heart felt conversation.
(log: 20120616-2 | tags: chance coney-island harper-npc jenna quintin siobhan | posted: 30 Jun 2012 22:52)

June 23, 2012: A girl running naked between Central Park and an alleyway is lucky not to get caught by anyone but another wolf.
(log: 20120625-1 | tags: alleyway log logs mikayla quintin | posted: 26 Jun 2012 19:05)

Boys and Beer
June 26, 2012: Chance and Quintin step out for a pint and discuss the mysteries of the supernatural and two young women in particular.
(log: 20120626-1 | tags: chance flanaghans log logs quintin | posted: 02 Jul 2012 22:38)


Klutzy Kitchen Chaos
July 2, 2012: Jenna goes to Quintin's apartment for a cooking lesson. It almost goes really well. Until it doesn't. Special guest appearance by Chance.
(log: 20120702-3 | tags: chance chance-quintins-apartment jenna quintin social | posted: 05 Jul 2012 23:45)

Water Water Everywhere...
July 4, 2012: Chance invites the gang out on his boat for a fun Fourth of July, but the fireworks are flying a little earlier than they should be.
(log: 20120704-1 | tags: boat chance harper-npc jackson-npc jenna log logs quintin siobhan | posted: 07 Jul 2012 16:03)

Inviting Attraction
June 6, 2012: Quintin goes to Lunar Magic to see about the cream Mikayla mentioned on their first meeting.
(log: 20120706-1 | tags: log logs lunar-magic mikayla quintin | posted: 07 Jul 2012 17:56)

Brunch of Truth
July 7, 2012: Quintin invites Jenna out to a brunch of honesty.
(log: 20120707-1 | tags: diner jenna log logs quintin | posted: 08 Jul 2012 18:17)

Lunch Conversations
July 09, 2012: A werewolf and a witch-sorcerer sit down for a chat about friends and futures.
(log: 20120709-1 | tags: fen-wok quintin siobhan | posted: 13 Jul 2012 11:57)

On Break Goodbyes
July 10, 2012: Quintin meets Jenna for her break at Eclairant to tell her some things about his trip to Vegas.
(log: 20120710-1 | tags: jenna log logs quintin upper-east-side | posted: 13 Jul 2012 15:36)

Viva Las Vegas
July 12, 2012: After Quintin and his team win the big game, and celebrate, he and Mikayla go upstairs to relax.
(log: 20120714-1 | tags: las-vegas mikayla quintin | posted: 15 Jul 2012 20:28)

Messy Misunderstandings
July 17, 2012: Jenna heads to Chance and Quintin's apartment for a surprise party. That's when she sort've meets Mikayla, and finds Siobhan in the shower with someone.
(log: 20120717-1 | tags: chance chance-quintin-apartment jenna log logs mikayla quintin siobhan | posted: 19 Jul 2012 21:26)

Annual Mid-Summer's Ball - Parlour
July 21, 2012: Jenna, Chance, Siobhan, Harper, Preston, and Dana meet up in the parlour. A special guest appearance by Quintin.
(log: 20120721-2 | tags: chance dana-npc dunamis-estate-parlour event harper-npc jenna log logs preston quintin siobhan social | posted: 24 Jul 2012 00:58)

Annual Mid-Summer's Ball - Garden
July 21, 2012: The Annual Mid-Summer's Ball at the Dunamis Estate has a few surprises. One being that Bryn finally gets to see his girlfriend outside in the sunlight.
(log: 20120721-4 | tags: bryn chance dunamis-estate-garden-courtyard event log logs mikayla quintin serafine social | posted: 24 Jul 2012 23:14)

Talking It Out
July 24, 2012: In which Siobhan and Quintin meet to smooth out the wrinkles in their friendship.
(log: 20120724-2 | tags: log logs quintin siobhan social washington-square-park | posted: 04 Aug 2012 00:59)

Are We Okay?
July 25, 2012: Quintin meets Jenna for lunch at Sak's Fifth Avenue to discuss 'the incident' and see where things stand for their friendship.
(log: 20120725-4 | tags: jenna quintin saks social | posted: 07 Aug 2012 19:42)







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