Siobhan Donovan
Siobhan Donovan
Portrayed by Naya Rivera
Full Name Siobhan Emilie Donovan (née Knight)
Race Hybrid (Witch/Sorcerer)
Birthday April 18, 1992
Age 25
Height 5' 3"
Build Petite, curvy
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Faction The Coven
Occupation Corps de Ballet Dancer, New York City National Ballet Company

Claim to Fame

Siobhan is the Principal Soloist for the New York City National Ballet Company.


  • Born in 1992 to Dawna Johnson Lowell and Robert Knight. Dawna was a witch and Broadway dance hopeful before becoming pregnant with Siobhan; Robert was a sorcerer, Australian ex-pat and medical student.
  • Opposite ends of the world and ferocious racism between sorcerers and witches (mostly Robert’s Dynasty) kept the pair apart, with Robert only following the early years of his daughter through covert communications with Dawna.
  • When Siobhan was three, Robert cut ties with the Knightley Dynasty and relocated to the States. He changed his name to Knight and married Dawna. Shortly after, Siobhan’s younger brother, Christian was born. (The family would survive off of Robert’s well invested and planned trust fund for many years.)
  • Medical school and residency kept Robert busy while Siobhan was growing up. She ended up spending a lot of time at her mother’s dance practices, playing in the back of dance studios, and eventually taking to mimicking some of the routines.
  • One of Dawna’s instructors, who would also become her business partner and help her launch her own dance school, troupe and choreography contracts, noticed that Siobhan had aptitude and by the time she was five, she was actively dancing - ballet, jazz, tap - anything and everything.
  • Siobhan landed roles that needed children with New York’s Ballet Company and various other companies as early as the age of six
  • When she wasn’t dancing, Siobhan was pursuing interests in whatever caught her fancy. An avid reader, she loved the library, and when she was older, took to questioning her father about his work and the procedures he performs.
  • Although she was aware she was a witch, she came into her powers quite shockingly at the age of twelve when she set her younger brother’s bed afire.
  • Her love of reading and research means that Siobhan was no stranger to ‘kitchen work’ as many of the witches in the Coven call it, though her excessive energy, usually channeled into dancing, means that she sometimes takes shortcuts with magic
  • Siobhan attended the prestigious Dalton School (Christian still attends)
  • Siobhan’s high energy and athleticism also led her to joining the cheerleading team in high school, serving as co-captain her junior year, however she left cheer to focus more intensely on dance during her senior year.
  • Siobhan was also part of show choir her last four years at Dalton, putting her dance skills and minor vocal skills to work, helping choreograph many of the choir's performances.
  • She attended Julliard, where she studied dance and planned to follow in her mother’s footsteps teaching dance and supplying choreography for Broadway shows and professional dance troupes
  • Currently, Siobhan is a soloist dancer with the New York City National Ballet Company
  • Secretly married her childhood love, Harper Donovan, in Boston. They eventually came out to their families and parents, and are now planning a vow renewal ceremony where their families and friends can be part of the celebration of their union.
  • Kidnapped and recovered in June 2013, Siobhan has struggles with monophobia and mild PTSD. The kidnapping involved a good many supernaturals and was carefully handled by The Priory, the Coven, several Dynasty families, and the local wolf packs, to keep it out of the media. Siobhan's subsequent injuries and recuperation time at home were contributed to a dance injury, followed by the unfortunate timing of a 'family emergency.'

Character Details

Siobhan is intense. She's flirty, sometimes to the point of being over the top and intimidating. She's outgoing and portrays a picture of confidence, poise and grace. She hides her brains behind her 'brawn' often preferring to put forth the pretty face as opposed to letting people know just how shrewd and sharp she is.

While her vivaciousness makes her friendly to all, she doesn't suffer fools lightly and can be quick with a sharp tongue and cutting remark. Dancing has given her a 'stage persona' but she doesn't open up to people or make friends lightly. If Siobhan trusts you and takes you into her circle, god help you if you betray or hurt her.

Siobhan frequently compares herself to her best friend Jenna; she is envious of the other woman's poise, grace and the ease of which her friend adopts and wears the upper society cloak and mantle. She struggles with impulse control and reining in her more firebrand personality in high brow social situations despite her upbringing.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
mv01.jpg Robert Knight Sorcerer Father Siobhan is something of Daddy's girl, despite his erratic hours and unavailability during her early years. They bonded when he established his career and he's always supported and taken an interest in her life and pursuits. Including boyfriends.
sr01.jpg Dawna Knight Witch Mother They share a love of music and dancing, and Dawna works hard to encourage Siobhan in all things witchcraft and dance. They've had their ups and downs, but Dawna recognizes that Siobhan is a young woman and no longer a child.
lp01.jpg Jenna Donovan Psychic Best Friend & Sister-in-law Best friends since kindergarten, the two are as close as sisters. Siobhan tells Jenna almost everything.
ll01.jpg Harper Donovan Psychic Husband Secretly married in Boston, the weekend before Halloween.
gg01.jpg Preston Van de Mark Human Friend Second best friend, good for support and advice.
cc01.jpg Chance Harper Sorcerer Friend Was wary of him at first, but now they have a solid friendship.
bd01.jpg Cooper Montgomery Witch Friend/Mentor He's an outrageous flirt, but also a friend and something of a support and mentor at the ballet.

Notes on Siobhan

Current Game Time Update: Siobhan is pregnant with her first child, a boy due on October 27, 2016.

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