Serafine Roche Blackwell
Serafine (Sera) Blackwell (nee Roche)
Portrayed by Lenora Crichlow
Full Name Serafine Marie Roque
Race Vampire
Birthday September 8th
Age 30 (197)
Height 5' 7"
Build Curvy
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Faction Vampire - Karneros
Occupation Writer & Gallery Owner

Claim to Fame

Award winning romance author, under her current alias of Sera Roche, and owner of Galerie Montage


  • Born one of the gens de couleur libres1 in the spring of 1814 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Cecile Roque, the daughter of a well known and respected seer and madam, and Jean-Michel Descartes, the son of a wealthy plantation owner. Laws of the time did not allow formal marriage, but Descartes provided for his mistress, Cecile, and his daughter.
  • Serafine entered into plaçage2 with Jean-Pierre Chevalier, a cousin of her father, at the age of seventeen. She enjoyed all of the ranks and privileges of being a placée3, though she would freely confess to her mother that there was no 'spark' between she and Jean-Pierre.
  • Serafine and Jean-Pierre had one son, Louis Roque, born in 1833.
  • When he took a proper white French wife, Jean-Pierre cut ties with Serafine, though he agreed that he would provide for Louis. Serafine refused to enter into another plaçage, and instead took refuge with her aunt, who had inherited her grandmother's business. (Louis lived with Cecile, his grandmother, where Jean-Pierre did provide a governess.)
  • Though she had very middling skill as a seer, or an empath, Serafine quickly learned the ins and outs of managing the business, and with her aid and assistance, a boarding house was opened in addition to the brothel.4
  • As seers, her grandmother and aunt were very well versed in the supernatural worlds and knew of the local supernaturals. Serafine was educated from a young age to know about these sort of things, and most importantly to know what to watch out for.
  • Serafine negotiated a truce between vampires and werewolves, allowing that the boarding house and brothel would be neutral territories. Both supernatural groups would be allowed service there.5
  • Over the years, Serafine became quite involved and familiar with vampire, werewolf and dynastical politics of the area, and both the Alpha of the local pack and a member of the local Dynasty attempted to lure the young woman into plaçage.
  • However, in 1843, Serafine did enter into such an arrangement with Kieran Collins (using the alias Ian Boyle at the time.) She met and fell in love with the charismatic vampire.
  • Due to the volatile nature of vampire politics, Kieran (and Serafine) by default were caught in the middle of a coup to oust the current vampire Prince of New Orleans and the Alpha of the werewolf pack. Serafine and her son were attacked and nearly killed, restored back to health only by Kieran's blood.
  • Kieran told Serafine that she and Louis wouldn't be safe in New Orleans under the new regime and they went into hiding.
  • Serafine knew that Jean-Pierre planned on moving to France, and secretly sought him out to beg him to take Louis. He promised to provide for Louis from across the sea. Frustrated, she returned to hiding, and was surprised when two days later, Jean-Pierre changed his mind. (Later, she would learn that Kieran 'persuaded' Jean-Pierre.)
  • With Louis safely out of the country, Serafine agreed to leave with Kieran. She would later agree to be turned.
  • Serafine stayed with Kieran for nearly four decades, touring the United States, Canada and Europe. She would later settle in southern France to watch Louis from afar. Eventually, she re-established contact with him as well, beginning the process of watching and interacting with her descendants that she continues to this day.
  • She and Kieran have remained in constant contact over the years, and frequently reunite for five years or a decade and some change, before going their separate ways again. Kieran brought her to New York when he began to establish his public facade five years ago, and set her up in her Manhattan apartment.
  • Serafine met and had an unusual and immediate attraction and connection to Bryn Blackwell. Their relationship took off quickly, and the pair were married in the summer of 2014.
  • Embracing her humanity, Serafine and Bryn brought twin baby boys into their lives to complete their family. The boys possess Bryn's DNA and Sera's as well, as they were born through surrogacy with one of Sera's descendants and Bryn's seminal contribution.

Character Details

Serafine is a rarity among vampires, in that she still holds quite closely to her humanity. She is identified and described as being more human than most other vampires, even among the Karneros bloodline who are known for the ease at which they blend in and relate to humans. This "humanity" is often a point of some contention, as other vampires see it as a weakness. Serafine has learned that it is a strength, however, because being so "human," allows her to blend more easily with the humans from which she must feed.

Serafine is playfully flirtatious, quick to turn up a coy smile or offer a teasing indulgence. She has a vibrant, vivacious personality, and her exuberance comes through as energetic and often young and childlike, and is often contagious. She is not as quick to mask or hide her emotions, and the heat and passion of the Karneros means she feels things quite strongly. The downside of this is that she shows happiness as quickly and easily as she does anger or sadness, and to those who know her well, she can be quite mercurial in private.

Her attachment to her humanity is Serafine's biggest flaw as well. She has been known to grow attached to particular humans and grow invested in them.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
is02.jpg Kieran Collins Vampire Maker Kieran is Serafine's maker and she feels a strong bond of loyalty and affection toward him. He saved her life, saw to the protection of her kin, offered her eternity and taught her how to survive as a Vampire. Serafine trusts Kieran and is smugly secure in the knowledge that he trusts her more than any other Vampire.
me01.jpg Devon Gallot Human Great-Grandson/"Cousin" Devon is Serafine's 5x great-grandson. He is her right-hand and assistant, filling in to provide for her when she cannot provide for herself. Serafine was present during Devon's childhood and youth, and he thinks of her as a close aunt. They present their relationship as "cousins."
mb02.jpg Bryn Blackwell Sorcerer Husband Serafine met Bryn through her association with The Priory. They are happily married and the parents of newborn twin boys.
ds01.jpg Brooke Collins Witch Best Friend Their relationship has grown into a close knit friendship over the years. Brooke is family to Sera.
md01.jpg Kevin Curtis Human Acquaintance/Contact The detective is one of Sera's contacts in The Priory. She trusts him, as much as she can.
bd01.jpg Cooper Montgomery Witch Nephew (via marriage)/ Submissive Cooper and Sera have a rather unconventional relationship, but it works for all involved.
Killian and
Rhys Blackwell
Hybrids Twin Sons As far as the world at large knows, these two charmers are the product of Bryn and one of Sera's decendants through artificial insemination and surrogacy. They are the apples of their mother's eye.


  • Serafine belongs to the Karneros bloodline, and is a natural seirēn, and although she feeds on lust, her ability to create lust is marginal.
  • As a call back to her Louisiana heritage, Serafine speaks with a softly hinted at southern, New Orleans accent. (It's an affectation, as she is quite capable of mimicking a number of accents and regional dialects.)
  • The Master of the City sees a use in Serafine's projected humanity, and employs her to assist when he needs to make contact with humans whom he feels need to see a more 'humane' side of Vampires.
  • PLAYER KNOWLEDGE ONLY: Due to supernatural and Seelie Fae magic, the twin boys were actually conceived and carried to term by Serafine. Only a select few characters know this information IC. If Serafine or Bryn Blackwell do not personally reveal this information, or it is not revealed to your character by the Admins, then your character does not have access to this knowledge.


Title Series Published Date
Scarlet's Song Scarlet's Song 2003
Evening Waltz Scarlet's Song 2004
Temptation's Symphony Scarlet's Song 2004
Embrace of Autumn Seasons of Mariah 2005
Melody of Winter Scarlet's Song 2005
Touch of Frost Seasons of Mariah 2006
Kiss of Spring Seasons of Mariah 2006
Moonlit Dreams The Ex-Girlfriends 2007
Silent Storm Stormwinds 2007
Highland Mist Scottish Tartan 2007
Riding Thunder Stormwinds 2008
Heat of the Night The Ex-Girlfriends 2008
Tattered Tartan Scottish Tartan 2009
Comes the Rain Stormwinds 2019
Unbound The Ex-Girlfriends 2010
Irish Magic Emerald Lands 2010
Fancies in Clover Emerald Lands 2011
Insatiable The Ex-Girlfriends 2011
Celtic Shores Emerald Lands 2012
Tempting Darkness Dark Promises Forthcoming, June 2012
Beyond the Highland Mists Scottish Tartan Forthcoming, December 2012

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