Savannah Harris
Savannah Harris
Portrayed by Dianna Agron
Full Name Savannah Skye Harris
Race Werewolf
Birthday March 14, 1994
Age 23
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dyed Blonde
Faction N/A
Occupation Student/Nanny

Claim to Fame

Daughter of country music singer Sunni Harris. Loathes being known for it, which is why she moved to New York for school.


Savannah Skye Harris was born in Nashville, TN, to dual-werewolf parents Sunni and Wade. Her birth wasn't an easy one for Sunni, and the doctors told the woman several times to abort the child or risk her life. Sunni insisted on giving birth regardless, and on March 14th she gave birth. Unfortunately there were many complications which resulted in her being unable to have another child. This became a point of contention in the lives of Sunni and Wade, and after three years, the family split with Sunni going off to a wonderful career in country music.

Left on his own to raise a child, Wade quit his job working as a historian at the local university. Instead, he opened up a small bookshop so that he could keep her with him at all times until she started school.

Growing up in that environment made Savannah a very studious young girl. She had pretty much whatever she wanted to read on hand at all times. She liked books well enough, but during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, she spent just as much time outside as she did in the shop. She was a natural with the animals of the neighborhood. Sheltering strays, caring for wounded wild animals, and nursing them all back to health to the amusement of her father.

When she was eight years of age, Wade's parents were killed in a freak pile-up on the interstate. He took it pretty harshly, and hit the bottle. This is a time that Savannah does not look on fondly, as her father pretty much ignored her and left her to her own devices. She tried to go and live with her mother, but Sunni liked to pretend she didn't have any children and ignored any attempts Savannah made to move in with her.

In this time, she would purposefully scour the neighborhood for strays and bring them home. Going so far as to building a small hutch in the backyard for the injured bunnies, and small rodents she had "saved".

So things went for four years. With her father soused all the time, she was unaware of her true nature and she began to edge up on puberty. At the age of twelve, she took to sneaking out at night. Moving through the streets, bugs to feed her other "pets". On one of her forays, something happened to change her life, and to snap her father out of his drunken stupor and become the stellar dad he once was.

She shifted into a werewolf. She never knew the truth behind her parents, and that one night while she was out and woke up with a dead rabbit beside her and its blood still on her lips, she found out. When her saw her the next morning, the truth came out. He told her what she was, what he was, and how her body would go through this particular change whether she wanted it to or not on the night of a full moon.

After that night, Wade threw out all the bottles and sobered himself up completely. Taking better care of both himself and his daughter. He started going to AA meetings, and the remainder of Savannah's teenage years would pass mostly uneventfully. She went to school, doing things normal girls would do. Things changed in some ways, of course, but not in the ones that counted. She never lost her love for books, or her love of animals. When she was sixteen, her father met a nice woman and settled down again. After a year, they had a set of twins - Griffin and Chamblee. It was shortly after this that the tabloids found out that Sunni Harris — country music star — had a daughter. They started harassing Savannah everywhere she went, looking for an interview to find out why Sunni never claimed her.

Because of this, she chose a university that was a decent distant away, where no one would know or care about Sunni Harris. She got into Columbia University's Veterinary Medicine program.

Unfortunately, while there, she fell into a 'bad' crowd. That's to say that she started to hang with another group of werewolves, who had ties to some vampires. She got so wrapped up with them that she never realized things might not be so great at home — as in, the lead vampire that was 'looking after' the wolves decided that maybe, just maybe, she could get Savannah to do whatever she wanted if she went after her family.

Which is why Savannah was on leave from school for the better part of a year working for a Nanny Agency. It turned out her 'nannying' was part of a ploy to kidnap the Collins twins, and nearly ended her life — from both sides; the vampire who used her, and the vampire who's daughter's she kidnapped to save her family. Fortunately James Collins stood up for her and she managed to keep her life. Now she just sort of keeps low, and avoids those involved in the incident as much as possible so that she's not judged as a horrible person.

Character Details

Kind, nurturing, protective of her family, thankful for her life.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
ap03.jpeg James Collins Vampire Friend? James is responsible for her still being alive, and for that she owes him. She offers what little information she has when he makes a stop in the city.


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