Samira Bastet
Samira Bastet
Portrayed by Nelly Karim
Full Name Samira "Sami" Bastet
Race Vampire - Kleptheros
Birthday July 29th, 1046
Age 26 (971)
Height 5'6"
Build Trim
Eyes Golden Brown
Hair Brown
Faction Vampire - Seneschal
Occupation Fashion Designer

Claim to Fame

Well known fashion designer in certain circles. Lesser known to be Alexandros Kostas' right-hand — diplomat, adjudicator, and general go-to girl.


  • Born in 1046 in Cairo, Egypt. Rumored to be the bastard daughter of one of the Fatimid's, though this has never been substantiated.
  • Grew up during a time of upheaval in the country. By 1060, there was a civil war going on between different ethnicities within the military, and both she and her mother fled to Greece.
  • Samira worked in the streets as a belly dancer, trying to earn enough to keep herself and her mother fed and sheltered. It wasn't much of a living, but it was better than starving in a gutter. It was during one of these dances that she caught the eye of Marcus Valerius.
  • Marcus became a regular 'customer' from whom she could earn extra coin, provided she allowed for private dances, but only in the evenings. Eventually, Marcus hired her permanently to entertain himself and his friends, among them Alexandros Kostas.
  • Samira danced for Marcus for five years before he showed his more vicious side, and she watched him quite literally tear a man apart. Afterward, she refused to dance for him any longer, and thought that was the end of their 'relationship'.
  • Samira didn't see Marcus for four years. During that time, she had gathered a group of down-on-their-luck women to work with her as dancers, entertainers, and "bed-warmers" for any that had the coin to pay them. By this time she was making a good deal of money, which enabled her to care for her mother. It was halfway through the fifth year that she ran into Marcus again when he dragged her from the street and between two buildings. Before she could shriek, he covered her mouth with his hand and fed from her to fix his injuries.
  • Marcus used her in this way several more times, each time he had the need to feed he ensured he left her with coins for her trouble. After two months of doing this, he drained her completely and replaced her blood with his own, then broke her neck. Samira was quite angry and emotional at first, not at all able to handle what had happened to her, but with the help of Alexandros, Marcus was able to calm her down and explain everything to her.
  • After two years as a vampire, Marcus and Samira returned to Egypt. There, she found an Egyptian Mau kitten and bonded with it. So much so that she was able to awaken as the kitten the next morning, rather than sleeping as she normally would. There was another moment of panic, until she found their resting place, and slept. At nightfall, that was explained to her as well.
  • Samira has held many positions over the years; exotic dancer, courtesan, pirate, madame, artist.
  • In 1912, Marcus was murdered by a member of the Sect during one of the rare instances that Samira and Marcus weren't together. It took her thirty-four years to track down the murderer, and deal with him, tearing him apart and leaving pieces of him for the Sect to find. After this, she left to find the only sanctuary she knew that still existed — NYC and Alexandros Kostas.
  • Samira has been in NYC for the last 66 years, at Alexandros' side. It's only been in the last fifty years that he's placed her as his Seneshcal.
  • Alexandros has coaxed her into "taming" some of her more animalistic tendencies since she's been in NYC, convincing her to behave more like a Melambra whilst in public, or behaving on behalf of him. It's rare that she slips up these days, but there are times when behaving is still a struggle.

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