Rory Bainbridge
Rory Bainbridge
Portrayed by Matthew Lewis
Full Name Rowley Andrew Allistair Bainbridge VI
Race Psychic
Birthday March 8, 1989
Age 28
Height 6' 0"
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Faction The Priory
Occupation Priory Associate

Claim to Fame

Priory associate by heredity and son of Rowley Andrew Allistair Bainbridge V, the British Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government


  • Grew up with knowledge of the supernatural world in a great deal of depth and detail. Both sides of his family have held positions in the Priory going back as many generations as his family lineage can be traced.
  • He is a touch-clairvoyant. Rory, as he prefers to be called, first came into his ability at thirteen. He leaned against a wall in an alley that had been the scene of a gruesome unsolved murder.
  • The emergence of his ability assisted The Priory in finding the mad and deranged bio-kinetic responsible, but he was plagued by nightmares for weeks.
  • His father took a sabbatical from his political career to aid Rory in learning to master his ability.
  • Spent two years studying abroad at MIT, where he supplemented his forensics and political science classes with classes ranging from history to broad based science and technology at the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.
  • He served as a Resident Advisor his second year at MIT
  • Upon returning to England, he finished his Forensics and Political Studies at Cambridge University.
  • His last year at Cambridge was spent as an 'intern' at The Priory.
  • Rory requested that he not spend his first few years at The Priory under his mother's tutelage. He wishes to make his way on his own merits and feels that others will assume nepotism and entitlement if his mother is his supervisor on any level.
  • His request has him newly assigned to the New York Branch of The Priory because his mother, Harriet, and Bryn Blackwell worked together; she felt that if he was going to train elsewhere, it would be with someone who's skills and abilities she knew and trusted.
  • Currently dating Lizzie Young-Bennett.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
jgt1.jpg Lizzie Young-Bennett Witch Girlfriend Rory and Lizzie have been together for a couple of years. Their relationship is moving slowly, but Rory has full intentions on asking Lizzie to marry him. Soon.


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