Rhett Harper
Rhett Harper
Portrayed by Josh Holloway
Full Name Rhett Clancy Harper
Race Sorcerer
Birthday September 2, 1971
Age 45
Height 6' 1"
Build Tall, muscled
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Faction Nash Dynasty
Occupation COO of Nash Aerotek

Claim to Fame

President and COO of Nash Aerotek, the largest aerodynamics and engineering company in the United States, and one of the larger and more influential in the world.


  • The eldest and bastard son of Robert Nash, CEO of Nash Aerotek (formerly Nash-Stanfield Aerodyne Technologies) and Savannah Cole (nee Harper). Savannah was a girl from "the wrong side of the tracks," and "Bobby" was the rich boy who wooed her. Secret high school sweethearts, the relationship was ended by Robert's father, but not before Savannah got pregnant.
  • Because Robert was the only son, the Nash Dynasty reached a settlement with Savannah and her parents: They would provide for her son, provided that when the time came he received "proper tutoring and education" at the Nash Estate.
  • Both Robert and Savannah would later marry other people; Savannah's husband, George, was not permitted to adopt Rhett, due to her child support agreement with the Nash Dynasty.
  • By the time Robert's second wife produced an heir, Rhett was already thirteen years old and well versed in the politics of the Dynasty, and beginning his sorcery training. Despite the objections of his own father, Robert kept Rhett as his primary heir and continued his training and instruction.
  • At eighteen, when his eldest younger brother Wyatt was given the title of primary heir, an angry Rhett walked away from the Dynasty and everything it represented.
  • Rhett moved to Florida, where he met Mary Ann Lucas, the daughter of Joshua, a Florida State University Economics Professor and his wife Flores1, an elementary school teacher. He was working as a grounds keeper at the University, and it was love at first sight.
  • Joshua and Flores were fond of Rhett, and his hard working ethic. They assisted in getting him work-study to pursue an education, and Rhett excelled in Business and Economics.
  • When they learned Mary Ann was pregnant, Rhett and Mary Ann eloped. Flores cried, there was much arguing, but in the end, the couple supported their daughter and her husband.
  • Their son, Dustin Chance Harper was born May 20, 1990.
  • Upon learning of Dustin's birth, Robert implored Rhett to return to the Dynasty.2 Rhett wanted to refuse out of pride, but Joshua talked him out of that.
  • Rhett and Mary Ann moved to Texas, transferring schools and Rhett rejoined the Dynasty.
  • Three years later, Mary Ann was pregnant with their second child. The second pregnancy was quite hard on her, and she and the baby died in childbirth.
  • Rhett broke down and went into a deep depression that quickly spiraled into darker behaviors. He began leaving work for long periods of time, and disappearing in the Undercity. His mother, step-father and half-sisters tried to reach out to him, but failed. Even Joshua, who connected with Rhett in a way his father and step-father couldn't, was cut off from the angry, grieving widower.
  • The death of his young half-sister, Charlotte, sent Rhett even further into an angry spiral.
  • Rhett's crises would last for three years, during which time he explored darker and bloodier magics, and became quite well associated with the seedy underbelly of the supernatural world. It would be the combination of his step-father's fatal heart attack and Flores' fight with breast cancer that would bring him back from the edge.
  • From that point, Rhett settled into being responsible and respectable. After several long talks with Robert (the contents of which Rhett still refuses to talk about), Rhett was promoted to Vice President of Nash-Stanfield, and would later be promoted to COO of Nash Aerotek.
  • Rhett has three younger half-brothers, Wyatt, Clayton, and Jasper. He has one living half-sister, Debbie.3

Character Details



Image Name Race Relation Notes
cc01.jpg Chance Harper Sorcerer Son They don't always see eye-to-eye where the Nash Dynasty is concerned, but have a pretty-solid relationship.
lp01.jpg Jenna Donovan Harper Psychic Daughter-in-Law
oh03.jpg Olivia Harper Witch Granddaughter
lc01.jpg Serafine Roche Vampire Former Lover Had a short-lived fling about fifteen years ago, when he knew her as Celine Rosseau.
cody.jpg Cody Hale Sorcerer Son Was unaware of Cody's existence until Cody moved to New York and ran into Chance. While they don't have a father-son relationship, Rhett likes to think that they have developed a friendship and that Cody knows he's considered part of the family.
mq1.jpg Wanda Bishop Witch Poppy's Mother
poppy Poppy Bishop-Hale Witch Granddaughter
pc01.jpg Eve Kothari Pyschic Partner, significant other Rhett uses "partner," because he thinks that the word "girlfriend" is a bit too childish for a forty-something-year old man. Eve is the first woman whom he took an interest in as more than a fling of fly by night. She has accepted his son(s) and his granddaughter as an extension of whom he is, and he intends to ask her to marry him. Soon.


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