Preston Van de Mark
Preston Van de Mark
Portrayed by Grant Gustin
Full Name Preston Hartford Van de Mark, III
Race Fae-Blood
Birthday October 21, 1991
Age 25
Height 6' 1"
Build Tall, wiry
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Faction N/A
Occupation Student, Actor, Dancer

Claim to Fame

Portrays The Flash on the VCM (Van de Mark Cable Network) television series of the same name.


  • Comes from a family of media barons, that started in newspapers and moved onto magazines and now television and the internet
  • His mother's brother is the family black sheep, he's big in theatre and was openly gay when being so was not acceptable
  • Preston gravitated toward theatre and music at a young age, despite his mother's attempts to steer him toward sports
  • Came out in tenth grade as gay and was shunned by his maternal grandparents and a few of his paternal relatives
  • In a surprising twist of irony, it is Preston's father who supports his theatre dreams and lifestyle while his mother lives in a perpetual state of denial
  • Has two younger sisters, one of whom is adopted from Ethiopia and a younger brother adopted from Colombia
  • Preston went through a time of confusion and exploration, trying to wrap his brain around his seemingly fluid sexuality, however, he's adjusted to it now.
  • Currently involved in a polyamorous triad with his boyfriend, Cooper Montgomery, and his girlfriend Ariel Johnson-Lowell

Character Details

Preston is very open about his sexuality. He's not ashamed of who he is and what he wants, though he doesn't flaunt things in public out of courtesy to his girlfriend (not wanting her to attract unwanted attention.) He has an eye for fashion and fashion trends. He can be terribly outspoken at times, but he is capable of tact and proper behavior. He's very intuitive and only seems to really step in it when he ignores his gut feelings.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
lp01.jpg Jenna Donovan Psychic Friend Dated briefly when he was a sophomore and she was a freshman while still trying to figure out if he was gay. No hard feelings and they're still good friends. She's also the only real competition in the classroom at Tisch.
nr01.jpg Siobhan Donovan Witch Friend Good friend who can match his snark and bitchiness measure for measure. Best damn dance partner he's ever had, and amusingly enough they have good chemistry when performing together.
bd01.jpg Cooper Montgomery Witch Boyfriend The ballet dancer won his heart without even trying, and while their open relationship might not make sense to a lot of people, Preston knows he's in this for the long haul.
bianca011.png Ariel Johnson-Lowell Witch Girlfriend The other third of his trio relationship, and despite the fact that others don't get it, Preston is happy.


  • Preston only recently learned of his Fae heritage. His father is half-Fae, but is quite secretive about the ins and outs of it. He hasn't supplied much information to Preston regarding that part of heritage, and Preston isn't eager to explore or dig into it any more deeply than what he's been told.
  • It's also been implied that there is Fae-blood on his mother's side.

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