Phaedra Delany
Phaedra Delany
Portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin
Full Name Phaedra Robin Grainne Delany
Race Part-Fae
Birthday February 29, 1988
Age 29
Height 5'10"
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark Brown
Faction N/a
Occupation Medical Resident

Claim to Fame

Was captain of the women's swim team when she attended NYU. Graduated from a 4 year BSc. in 3 years thanks to taking the summer semesters. Majored in Biology, Minored in Chemistry. Was an officer in her sorority; Zeta Tau Alpha.


  • Currently unrevealed to the general populace.

Character Details

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
livvy.jpg Grainne/Livvy Fae Grandmother Raised from the age of 12 by her grandmother, Phaedra often takes after the woman's mysterious ways.
ms01.jpg Drakkon Fae Grandfather She's barely met the man, but she knows who he is.
co01.jpg Tristan Fae Father Has never met the man, and he makes a good point of keeping hidden from her.
gg01.jpg Preston Van de Mark Part Fae "Cousin" Cousin is the easiest way to describe the screwed up Fae relationship between them.
dg01.jpg Gideon Hastings Vampire Friend Phaedra finds a good sense of calm and peace in Gideon's presence, and they have a strong friendship.


OOC NOTE: This character has been worked on with, and approved by staff. It is a trial character. If you are interested in learning more about Fae in NYC: Veil of Shadows, please talk with staff. Thank you.

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