Nicholas Reynard
Nicholas Reynard
Portrayed by Armie Hammer
Full Name Nicholas Frederick Reynard
Race Sorcerer
Birthday May 26
Age 28
Height 6'4
Build Athletic/Tall
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark blonde
Faction RINC
Occupation Unemployed

Claim to Fame

The man with a charming smile and wonderful body. He’s wealthy and always out looking for a good time. His family is highly involved in RINC and his business cards brag of a comfy position there. Women love him, women hate him.


• Second son of Randall Raynard
• His older brother, Lucas, was an asset to him. He never looked up to Lucas but thanked him for paving the way to allowing him to do as he pleases.
• While Lucas felt trapped in their homestead and family line, Nick embraced it and decided to live life to the fullest. No matter the expense to anyone else.
• Randal placed most of all of his faith and desires for the future in Lucas, who worked hard to gain freedom and a successful adulthood. Nick used this as a distraction to embrace his childhood. He did often times act out due to the fact that ‘daddy loves Lucas best’ but never seemed to be scolded for this.
• Quickly growing bored, Nick went through new hobbies as if they were potato chips. He played football, soccer, baseball and various other sports. He attempted many different styles of martial arts. None of these activities lasted for more than a few practices.
• As Nick entered his teenage years there were two passions that actually motivated him: woman and magic.
• The magic that he was interested in wasn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy kind. He focused on spells to get him what and where he wanted, including those of illusion, charm and telekinesis. Not only were they fun they also aided him in getting what he wanted. Especially with the ladies.
• Music not only was an outlet, but it was also a way to get what he wanted, particularly the ladies. His instrument of choice was the guitar and he worked hard with it. He also learned that where he failed, a tiny bit of magic would help him along the way.
• Casting his spells on females became overly easy, even with gestures. The art of flirtation is a powerful one and thankfully is considered to be ‘hands on’. Gestures are easily hidden this way.
• Dabbling in the darker arts, including blood magic, Nick developed a large sense of self worth. The world should belong to him, he decided, and he was going to enjoy each and every single day. The more power the better, especially with as little work as possible.
• To pretend to follow in the footsteps of his family, Nick did attend college. He did use his charms to help with his grades as he honestly had little motivation to do anything work related.
• Upon graduation his father ensured that he had a nice, comfy position in RINC. The position is a title only as he has decided that he will never work a day in his life. He wants not for money yet manages to con others out of it easily enough.
• He uses women for nothing but amusement, and usually never is amused by the same thing twice. Not a second thought is given if he ruins any lives. They are there to be used.
• In his free time, or part of the massive amount of free time that he has, he continues to work with the dark arts. He’s always looking to perfect spells and become stronger, even to learn bigger and better things.

Character Details

Nicholas is a narcissist in the truest sense of the word. The world has been created to revolve around him – and only him. Each and every single person placed on the planet is there for his enjoyment, even his family members. He is of course handsome, talented and the best that anyone can be – or so he believes. It’s only fitting that he makes money for doing absolutely nothing as people should have to pay to be in his presence.

He is not one who can ever honestly have feelings for another. He will use magic and smooth words to gain the trust and loyalty of anyone he feels could be a potential asset. Women are not assets. They are creatures whose sole existence is to be in his bed, and only when he wants them to be. After any relations that he has, he will knock a woman out and drop her on the street, only sometimes attempting to disguise what a pompous ass he truly is.

They say that music kills the savage beast, and in his case it is mildly true. The one thing that can honestly peak his interest and almost move him is music. Of course, it is most effective whenever he is the one creating the music, leading back to his value of his own self worth.

Power is the key to everything, and he’s not beyond the never ending search for more power. The only thing in life he’s truly willing to work hard at is his magic, as dark as it may be. Through that, and his family’s money, he’s convinced that someday he’ll be on top of it all.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
ig01.jpg Lucas Reynard Sorcerer Older Brother Eldest sibling and total tool.
ash01.jpg Randall Reynard Sorcerer Father dearest RINC CEO and moneybags.


Please do not page looking for a squishy and heart felt scene. He will not fall in love with your character, regardless of race, class, PB or desire for doing so. If and only if you're up for a scene where you may be used and or abused, then feel free to request RP.

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