Lilith Graves
Lilith Graves
Portrayed by Katie Mcgrath
Full Name Lilith Alexis Graves
Race Necromancer
Birthday February 29, 1988
Age 29
Height 5'6"
Build Slim
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Faction None
Occupation Television Personality

Claim to Fame

Lilith is known as the woman behind the popular television series "Beyond the Grave with Lilith Graves".


  • Born in 1987 to a teenaged, single mother who didn't want her. Was adopted by a rather nice, young couple by the name of Lancaster who were unable to have children of their own. She grew up in a very loving household, and was never at want for anything, though her adoptive parents were by no means wealthy.
  • At the age of five, while playing in the backyard, she met another little girl by the name of Megan. Megan was really nice to her, and enjoyed talking to her, but when any adults came into the yard, Megan disappeared. Needless to say, everyone believed Megan to simply be Lilith's imaginary friend — most kids have one anyhow. Only, Lilith never dropped the idea of Megan. Not when she went back to school, not when she made new friends, not even when she was beyond the age of having an imaginary friend.
  • Worried for their daughter, the Lancasters sent her to therapist after therapist, psychologist after psychologist. None of whom could find anything wrong with the girl above and beyond an overactive imagination. There was a suggestion that if they got her a pet, she might give up on the idea of her 'imaginary friend' for a while. Soon after that, they got Lilith a kitten she named Goober.
  • To make her parents worry less, Lilith would take Goober outside and talk to him, though really she was still talking to Megan. Trying to figure out why no one else could see the girl and she could see her clear as day. The cat seemed to see the girl as well, playing with her just as much as he played with Lilith. For a while, everything seemed fine, and there were no more trips to see the psychologists.
  • Just before Lilith turned ten, Goober was hit by a car that was speeding through her Forest Hills neighborhood in Queens. When she returned home from school and saw the crumpled cat body on the sidewalk, she started to cry and picked him up. She held him, knowing full well that he was dead, even though she could see him sitting at Megan's feet in the yard. At first she was confused, but then everything suddenly clicked. Megan wasn't a very realistic imaginary but a ghost. Staring at her friend, and her cat (while she was still holding him) made her angry. She screamed that she wasn't ready to let go of Goober, and focused all her attention on him and wanting him back. That's when the thing in her arms moved and let out an unearthly yowl. She dropped the cat, and ran into the house, not at all sure what had just happened. Thankfully once she stopped focusing on the cat so much the soul left the body again, but she was more than a little freaked out by the incident.
  • Lilith's teen years were spent visiting psychologists and therapists again, and staying well away from dead things. She even went so far as to ignore Megan whenever the girl would talk to her, pretending she no longer saw or heard her. Except no matter where she went or who she was with, she began to see people that weren't there. Ghosts kept attempting to contact her, asking for her help — to tell a loved one something important, to help them find their corpse. Eventually, she could no longer make the ghosts go away, and she became overwhelmed by the sheer number she would see.
  • In her senior year, she slipped out of the house to go to a party with friends. After a few drinks, and having a bit of a buzz, she kept seeing her parents. Figuring that she was just feeling guilty for sneaking out of the house, she decided to leave the party and head home. When she walked from the subway station to her home, she saw the red and blue lights of the cops and emergency vehicles outside her house, and watched them zip two people into body bags. She tried not to get overly emotional, she really didn't want to zombie-fy her parents like she did Goober. The police said that it was a break-in gone bad, and when her father attempted to call it in, the person responsible shot them both and ran.
  • Lilith never saw her parents after that night, but she did see Megan again. Determined to figure out what she was, she flat-out asked Megan what she wanted. She found out that Megan simply wanted a letter that was stuck under a floorboard in the attic of the house sent to her parents. Once Lilith did this, Megan disappeared.
  • Because of the media sensationalism of the incident with her parents, Lilith changed her name from Lancaster to 'Graves', which was the name that was listed on her birth certificate as belonging to her father. She forewent college and started researching paranormal phenomenon. After a few years, she began to tout herself as a psychic medium who could talk to spirits. She made quite a name for herself on public access channels, and eventually got picked up on a local cable station as "Beyond the Grave with Lilith Graves". She's been doing the show for about two years, sometimes actually helping the spirits that harass her while she's on the air, and sometimes making things up entirely to make others feel better about their loss.

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At least, she's mentally and emotionally haunted by the ghosts which never leave her be both figuratively and literally. This keeps her in a constant state of wariness, never sure if someone who appears to be corporeal is real or not. She's not necessarily afraid of people, she's just afraid that they may not actually be living and breathing, and thus is sometimes slow to respond when asked a question.

Beneath all of her fear though, she is a fairly strong woman when it's merited. She'll stand up for others; be they corporeal or not and attempt to help those on 'the other side' when she's not on the air. She doesn't believe in the rituals she's read about, and knows that she's something of a charlatan, but putting the living at ease is just as much a part of her makeup as putting the deceased at ease.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
is01.jpeg Mr. Collins Vampire N/A Mysterious man who keeps appearing in dark, creepy places at night.
md01.jpg Detective Curtis Human Boyfriend Kevin is a helpful, whitehat sort that Lilith kept running into. They developed a close friendship that has very slowly developed into a relationship — now that they've both admitted to how they feel instead of hiding from it.
ji01.jpg JJ Ghost Friend? It's hard to call a ghost that's decided to move in with you and take interest in your life a 'friend', but John Jacob Astor (JJ for short) is friendly, pushy, and very helpful if Lilith needs extra information.


  • Has five seasons of her show "Beyond the Grave with Lilith Graves" available for purchase on DVD.

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