Kieran Collins
Kieran Collins
Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder
Full Name Kieran D. Collins
Race Vampire
Birthday May 24, 1613
Age 30 (403)
Height 5' 9"
Build Athletic, sinewy
Eyes Pale Blue
Hair Black
Faction Vampire - Karneros
Occupation Entrepreneur

Claim to Fame

Owner and Executive Chef of Éclairant, also the owner of Flanaghan's, a traditional Irish pub and the nightclub, Purgatory.


  • Born Ciarán Ó Coileáin in Ireland in 1613, Kieran was the eldest son of Cuarnin Ó Coileáin, a lesser landed noble and merchant.
  • Ciarán was something of a rake and had a (well deserved) reputation for bedding the local maids (and a few of the matrons as well). At least three bloodlines can be traced back to Ciarán, including that belonging to the daughter he fathered with his young stepmother.
  • He was forced to wed the impertinent daughter of an English lord for land, merchant contracts and political maneuverings. The marriage was loveless, and Elizabet detested him and resented his continued dalliances with maids and serving girls. They tried, infrequently, to produce an heir but much preferred to avoid the other's company.
  • Ciarán traveled to London to charm and visit at court in 1638. It was while there that he met Ysabel Castano de Torindo, (supposedly a widowed Iberian baroness) and engaged in a torrid, a often public affair with her. It was during this time that he also learned Elizabet was with child, and that she entered into confinement.
  • Elizabet and his unborn son died in childbirth. Ciarán remained in Ireland for the prescribed grieving time, before escorting his younger brother, Seamus, to London to form a match. Upon his return, he reunited with Ysabel and they resumed their affair. Unknown to Ciarán, Ysabel also secretly courted Seamus and bedded the young lad while publicly currying Ciarán's favor and attentions.
  • Was turned by Ysabel in 1641, as was his brother. Though both were angry at Ysabel's games, the three spent nearly two decades traveling together, both hoping to become the sole recipient of Ysabel's favor. She disappeared one night in 1660, and shortly after the brothers had a falling out and would go their separate ways.
  • Ciarán traveled the continent over the years, venturing as far east as India and as far west as the Americas. He and Seamus would inevitably be drawn to one another, but the closeness the brothers once shared was forever marred by Ysabel and their reunions inevitably end on a bad note, driving them to an often vicious parting of the ways.
  • Ciarán eventually chose to Anglicize his name to Kieran Collins, though he has used many aliases over the years.
  • Kieran met and turned Serafine Roche in the mid 1800s while traveling through the southern United States. After turning and leaving New Orleans, they would spend more than 30 years together before going their separate ways. However, they reunited (and continue to reunite) ever decade or two.
  • Kieran is well known and established in New York's vampire community, as he's been present in the city for nearly fifteen years, on and off, but keeping out of the public eye.
  • Five years ago, Kieran stepped out of the shadows and begin to build his public image, that of an entrepeneur who bought or inherited family businesses1 and a wealthy, charming playboy.
  • Kieran is currently heavily involved with Brooke Bishop. The pair lives together and he has claimed Brooke's twin daughters as his own.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
lc01.jpg Serafine Blackwell Vampire Childe Not Kieran's first Child, but Serafine is his favorite. Their relationship has an odd quality of familial/sibling and romantic. He trusts her more than anyone else outside of himself.
nk01.jpg Samira Bastet Vampire Friend "Friend" is the loosest definition Kieran can give of his relationship with Samira. He likes the much older vampire, and they have been lovers in the past.
ds01.jpg Brooke Bishop Hybrid Wife/Mate For the human world and laws, they are married. For the vampire world, Brooke is still considered his claimed mate which holds more sway than a legal document.
Brianna and
Scarlett Collins
Hybrids Twin Daughters Brooke's beautiful daughters whom Kieran has claimed and raises as his own.
mb02.jpg Bryn Blackwell Sorcerer Sera's Husband/Friend Bryn is actually one of Kieran's closest friends, though he's not the sort to admit it. One of the few in the vampire's circle whom Kieran listens to and will accept counsel from.


  • Kieran belongs to the Karneros bloodline, and is gifted with all of the skills (and weaknesses) of that bloodline. He is a natural seirēn and has the ability to call lust.
  • Currently serves as the Prince's Sheriff. This is a title and position that will be known to other vampires, but other supernaturals who are unaware of vampire politics may not be aware of it, or may not be aware of the significance.
  • Kieran has a warm, rolling Irish brogue that he modulates depending on the situation and conversation. It can range from 'typical Hollywood movie Irish' to a full brogue that is difficult for those who are not familiar with the accent to understand. (The brogue is an affectation; Kieran is well able to speak in an unaccented American accent, as well as mimicking a number of accents from places he has spent a significant amount of time.)
  • Kieran speaks numerous languages, having learned them during his time traveling the world. His playboy facade advertises a fluency in French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and German. Kieran also speaks modern Gaelic, and the older Gaelic from the more remote regions of Ireland; this is his native language and the one he is most comfortable with speaking out of habit or in times of emotional upset.
  • PLAYER KNOWLEDGE ONLY: Through supernatural means and Unseelie Fae magic, Kieran fathered twin girls with Brooke Bishop. Only a select few characters know this information IC. If Kieran or Brooke do not personally reveal this information, or it is not revealed to your character by the Admins, then your character does not have access to this knowledge.

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