Kevin Curtis
Kevin Curtis
Portrayed by Matt Davis
Full Name Kevin Richard Curtis
Race Human
Birthday April 18, 1982
Age 34
Height 5'11
Build Tall and muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Faction The Priory
Occupation Detective

Claim to Fame

Kevin used to be an officer with the NYPD, but after he was shot during a routine traffic stop, he left the force and opened his own detective agency.


  • Born and raised in Brooklyn.
  • Had a pretty standard childhood, a few minor brushes with the law.
  • Became a police officer with the NYPD after graduating from the Academy.
  • Was shot in the line of duty, and left the force to open his own detective agency.
  • Brought into the Priory due to an investigation that brought him too close to the supernatural world.
  • Now works with the Priory on cases that involve supernaturals, and tries to keep them under wraps.

Character Details

Kevin is good at reading between the lines and seeing the shades of gray. He knows that everything is not always black and white, even in supernatural circles. This makes him a good mediator and investigator. He's got a dry wit but hides a quick, intelligent mind behind the rough neck, poor kid from Brooklyn image.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
km02.jpg Lilith Graves Necromancer Paramour Kevin and Lilith are romantically involved. Both are cautious, and the relationship progress is slow, but they are happy.


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