Jenna Donovan Harper
Jenna Harper
Portrayed by Lindsay Pearce
Full Name Jenna Rose Donovan Harper
Race Psychic - Empath
Birthday April 23rd, 1992
Age 25
Height 5'3"
Build Petite
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Black
Faction None
Occupation Actress

Claim to Fame

Played the part of 'Molly', from the musical "Annie" on Broadway when she was six years old. Played the part of 'Sophie', from the musical "Mamma Mia!" on Broadway when she was twenty. Played the part of 'Sapphire' in the musical "Rock of Ages" from 2013-2014. Previous had a role as Shelby Pryce on the hit series "Scandals". Currently playing a teenaged version of Snow White on 'Princesses'.


  • Born to Doctor Karen Donovan, a psychologist, and Samuel Donovan, a Broadway lyricist in the spring of 1992. Has a twin brother, Harper, who was born a few minutes after she was.
  • Was raised primarily by a nanny and her father, as her mother was always busy with one patient crisis after another. Due to her father's employment with Broadway musicals, she gained interest in the theater at a very early age. Toddling around backstage with her twin, traveling to tech sessions in various States, and spending time in off-Broadway workshops where her father would write music for new plays.
  • Sensing her enjoyment of the theater, her father got her an audition for the musical 'Annie' when she was six. After meeting with the young Jenna, and seeing what a hard, dedicated worker she was, she got a callback for the part of Molly. At first she was just the understudy, and was just in the chorus of orphan girls, but eventually she got a two week run of the part.
  • Jenna absolutely loved being on Broadway, though her mother wouldn't let her give up on schooling to join the ranks of children actors on the stage. She and her brother were both sent to the highly coveted Dalton School - a private school in the city's Upper East Side.
  • Jenna's focus was primarily on the arts, excelling in theater, music, and dancing. She had a clear goal of what she wanted to do when she graduated — head to Broadway. Harper, on the other hand, was better at mathematics, tech, and visual arts.
  • From the time she was extremely young, she could always tell what her twin was feeling. She could always sense his underlying emotions, no matter the face he portrayed outwardly. Her mother passed this off as a 'twin thing', but her father knew better. He watched the twins develop a strong bond, Jenna always comforting her brother before anyone else knew he needed it.
  • Her empathic abilities exploded by the time she was in middle school. One afternoon, Jenna was sitting in her English class, and suddenly she felt an overwhelming emotion coming at her from several directions at once. One of her friends had parents that were going through a divorce, and was trying not to cry. Her teacher had been proposed to the previous night, and she could feel the elation. The mixture of emotions was enough that she claimed to have a headache and rushed off to the school nurse for some peace and quiet. That night, after breaking down to her father, he explained that his family had sometimes been more sensitive to the feelings of others than was normal. He was careful, using the word 'sensitive' to describe things, and after school he began teaching her how to focus on who the emotions were coming from, and to shut them out completely.
  • In her high school years, Jenna was part of the student government, and the peer leadership program.
  • Through the school, in both her Junior and Senior year, she had summer internships at the Gershwin Theater working behind the scenes at Wicked, gaining important experience in how the musicals were produced, and how much work went into the prop and costumes department, as well as the more technical aspects such as lighting and choreography.
  • She was accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts Undergraduate Drama Program, at NYU. She's just recently finished her second year of Undergraduate studies and has been accepted into Graduate Acting, to work towards her Master of Fine Arts in Acting (MFA).
  • Played the lead in Mamma Mia, played Sapphire in Rock of Ages, played Snow White in Snow White. Has been playing the role of Shelby Pryce on the hit series Scandals, and will be playing the role of Rose White (Snow White's daughter) on a new series called Princess Prep.
  • In 2014 found out that her father had an illegitimate child (Eliza Young-Bennett). Has accepted her new 'sister' as a very close friend.
  • Has accepted that she's sort of a 'stepmother' to her husband's illegitimate daughter. Despite the upheaval it brought to their lives temporarily, it's only brought them closer together.

Character Details

Jenna is very outgoing, and while she prefers the company of one or two close friends it doesn't stop her from being friendly or bubbly with everyone she meets; it's just her nature. Extremely patient with most things in life, she has a knack for being easy-going and letting things slide until the time is appropriate. That is the one thing that the theatre has taught her above all else, after all.

Timing is everything.

Due to this, it's very difficult to get her to the point where she becomes outwardly angry or offended, and as such it's a rare occasion that she has a malicious word for anyone. It is her belief that actions speak louder than words anyhow, and so she spends a lot of time studying the body language of those around her.


Friends & Family

Image Name Race Relation Notes Music Videos
pd01.jpg Samuel Donovan Psychic Father Jenna is daddy's little girl. They share similar passion for the arts, and that creates a stronger bond between them.
lg01.jpg Karen Donovan Psychic Mother Jenna gets on okay with her mother, but the relationship is far from perfect.
ll01.jpg Harper Donovan Psychic Twin Harper and Jenna are even closer than most twins are. He's her other half, and the one person who knows her even better than her best friend.
nr08.jpg Siobhan Knight-Donovan Witch BFF/Sister-in-Law Shiv and Jenna have been besties since kindergarten, when Shiv plunked herself next to Jenna and declared that they were best friends.
gg01.jpg Preston Van de Mark Human Other Bestie Sure, Jenna and Preston used to date — before he came out — but it hasn't stopped them from being amazing friends.
cc01.jpg Chance Harper Sorcerer Husband Newlyweds after dating exclusively for a long while. They have a very strong relationship
jgt1.jpg Lizzie Young-Bennett Witch Half-sister Lizzie is her new 'little' sister, even though there's very few years between them. Being 'illegitimate' doesn't make Jenna care for her any less.
oh03.jpg Olivia Harper Witch Step-Daughter Jenna wasn't sure about Olivia at first, but now she loves the little girl as if she were her own.

Notes about Jenna

  • No matter how hard she tries to keep her psychic abilities under control, she sometimes can't help getting feelings from people. Especially if she touches them.
  • She has recently developed a secondary powerset of hydrokinesis/telekinesis which appears to come and go when she's extremely emotional.

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