Drew Clark
Drew Clark
Portrayed by Robin Dunne
Full Name Andrew Allistar Clark
Race Human
Birthday September 23rd, 1987
Age 29
Height 5'11"
Build Average
Eyes Light Brown
Hair Light Brown
Faction None
Occupation Tabloid Reporter

Claim to Fame

Drew is known around the city as a writer for 'Strange Truths' a tabloid publication (both paper and online) that reports on the weird and unusual.


  • Drew was born in a small community in Ontario, Canada. He was fairly young when his family took a trip to British Columbia, and he heard tales of the Ogopogo (Canada's version of the Loch Ness Monster).
  • His father would continually tell him interesting mythology — about the Wendigo, Big Foot, Waheela, Lutin, and Mussie. He was enthralled by the stories, and always wondered if there were any truth to them. He took up studying mythology by reading books about various creatures and monsters, learning their various histories and trying to find the truths in the stories.
  • In high school, he was branded as 'anti-social' because he was very focused on his English and History studies, trying to graduate with honors in history, so that he could get a scholarship to Queens University.
  • He graduated high school with honors, was the valedictorian, and obtained a partial scholarship to Queens so he only had to take care of half the cost of tuition and books. To work his way through university, he took a part time job at a local museum, giving tours. Once he graduated from Queens, he was offered a job at the American Museum of Natural History.
  • The job, and moving to the United States, took a bit of work. He had to apply for a work visa, and move to New York City for it, but it was well worth it so far as he was concerned. The only place he would have preferred to work would have been somewhere within the Smithsonian Institution.
  • After paying for his travel expenses, and finding a place within his price range into live, the economy tanked. He was positive he'd still be able to work at the museum, but after arriving in the city, he was given the blow that due to the economic downturn in the United States, the museum could no longer afford to hire him on as assisting curator in their mythology department.
  • Stuck in the city, with no job, and a work visa that was not valid if he did not have a job, he took the first thing he could find that would work with his knowledge of history and mythology — at the tabloid 'Strange Truths'. He's been working there since, still applying for jobs at the numerous museums in the city, hoping that he'll eventually be able to do a job he feels he was destined for instead of writing false stories about the mythological creatures he reveres.

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