Cooper Montgomery
Cooper Montgomery
Portrayed by Brant Daugherty
Full Name Cooper Holden Montgomery
Race Witch
Birthday November 19, 1987
Age 29
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Eyes Steel Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Faction N/A
Occupation Actor/Dancer

Claim to Fame

Had a few bit parts in commercials when he was younger. Danced the male lead in Giselle in 2011 with the New York City National Ballet Company.


The short and sweet version:

  • Bostonian by birth. Was adopted when he was just a month old. Family moved to NYC when he was 8.
  • Was in several baby commercials for diapers, formula, and baby food. Did a commercial for Cheerios when he was three.
  • In school he excelled at soccer. Outside of school he excelled at dance.
  • Went to The Beekman School due to his acting 'career' when he started school, thanks to their special tutoring school that allowed his parents to make his own special hours.
  • When his desire to dance appeared at the age of 7, he was enrolled in preparatory classes at The School of American Ballet. He went through five years of prep classes after school. When he was twelve, he was invited to attend more formal training, extending his nightly classes from 1 to 2 hours, and adding in 30 minutes of gymnastics. When he reached intermediate level at the age of fifteen, he moved into the school dormitory and began taking his academics there as well. By the time he finished high school he was in the Advanced Men's class, taking two ballet classes a day and helping to teach two others. He was picked up by the NYC National Ballet Company shortly after he applied at Fordham University, and has been dancing with them every since.
  • Is involved with Preston Van de Mark and Ariel Johnson-Lowell as a triad. For him, they're endgame.
  • Found out he was a witch in 2014. It still freaks him out a little, but he's getting better with the idea.
  • Also found out who his bio-parents are, which lead him to finding his uncle Bryn through his father Bastien Blackwell, and a half-sister Lizzie through his mother Byrony Young-Bennett.

Character Details

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
jc01.jpg Byrony Young-Bennett Witch Bio-Mom They don't really have a relationship since she gave him up and Cooper figures that means she doesn't want him.
bastien001.jpg Bastien Blackwell Sorcerer Bio-Pop Essentially a sperm-donor. Cooper thinks he's an ass.
jgt3.jpg Eliza Young-Bennett Witch Half-Sister Cooper adores his little sister now that he knows they're related, and won't let anyone hurt her.
gg01.jpg Preston Van de Mark Part Fae Boyfriend 'nuff said.
bianca011.png Ariel Johnson-Lowell Witch Girlfriend 'nuff said.
mb02.jpg Bryn Blackwell Sorcerer Uncle Cooper actually has a good relationship with his uncle and his nephews.
lc01.jpg Serafine Blackwell Vampire Aunt &
Cooper has plenty of unconventional relationships. This is likely the most unconventional.


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Log Entries

Repeat Encounter
August 01, 2013: Preston and Cooper go shopping and run into someone who remembers Cooper very well.
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The Star Party
August 31, 2013: A group of friends celebrates the end of summer with a gathering on a private yacht.
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The Regatta
August 31, 2013: It's the 72nd Annual New York Regency Regatta, where some feel out of place and Preston's parents make an appearance.
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