Christian Knight
Christian "Chris" Knight
Portrayed by Avan Jogia
Full Name Christian Matthew Knight
Race Witch
Birthday June 10, 1995
Age 21
Height 5' 10"
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Faction The Coven
Occupation Student

Claim to Fame

Is the very rare specimen, the male witch; also a pretty good tap dancer.


  • Younger brother of Siobhan
  • Studied tap dance until middle school when he left dance to pursue his interest in sports, namely lacrosse and track and field.
  • Is protective of his sister, even though she's the elder.
  • Studying nursing at Columbia University.
  • Has in internship position with The Priory.
  • Is gay and is openly out, although he didn't come out until he graduated from high school.

Character Details

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
jgt1.jpg Lizzie Young-Bennet Witch Best Friend & Roomate Chris and Lizzie think of themselves as platonic soulmates. They are on the same wavelength and are truly the closest and best of friends.
rg1.jpg William Bishop Witch Best Friend & Roommate Chris and Will have an unusual relationship. If asked, they're best friends and roommates, but although it's not talked about, it's also not a secret that they have a 'friends with benefits' arrangement.


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