Chelsea Ashcroft
Chelsea Ashcroft
Portrayed by Julie Gonzalo
Full Name Chelsea Nicole Ashcroft
Race Human
Birthday February 5, 1990
Age 27
Height 5'7"
Build Tall, slender
Eyes Green
Hair Light Brown
Faction Priory
Occupation Archaeologist

Claim to Fame

Those in the Priory would know her as Colonel Ashcroft's youngest child, and a military brat that's turned her life around.


  • Youngest daughter of Colonel Ashcroft. Traveled with the family for years wherever her father was sent. When he was deployed, stayed with her mother and siblings on base.
  • Due to her father being absent a lot, and being the youngest child and thus afforded a lot more leniency than her older brothers, Chelsea often wound up in trouble. Whether hanging with the wrong kids on base, or just exploring areas she couldn't, she often found herself grounded and/or being punished.
  • When her father took his position with the Priory, Chelsea began to try to turn her life around. She focused more in school, and while not ever obtaining perfect attendance or accolades, she maintained an acceptable 3.0 GPA throughout high school. Mostly because it was the first time she was in a stable location for a period longer than twelve months.
  • While in high school, she attended a few military seminars on the archaeology, history, and cultural heritage of the Middle East. The seminar was primarily for troops that were deploying, but due to who her father was she was given allowance. Chelsea found that history and culture were of great interest to her and devoured everything she could.
  • Attended Boston University's Archaeology program. Just finished her Masters Degree. Is currently waiting to be accepted on an archaeological dig, so that she can become a professional archaeologist.
  • After a brief stint in New York, where she had a quick fling with Rory Bainbridge, she left for an archaeological dig.
  • She's recently returned to the city with a few more 'secrets' than she left with.

Character Details

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
ml01.jpg Rory Bainbridge Psychic One Night Stand Hot. Great at conversation.
sl01.jpg Donald Ashcroft Human Father Military dad.


Has a young son.

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