Chance Harper
Chance Harper
Portrayed by Chace Crawford
Full Name Dustin Chance Harper
Race Sorcerer
Birthday May 20, 1990
Age 27
Height 6' 0"
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark, Sandy Blonde
Faction Nash Dynasty
Occupation Law Student

Claim to Fame

Son of the popular and successful 'Bastard Son' of the Nash Dynasty, Rhett Harper. Graduated with Honors from Columbia University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science.


  • Born to parents Rhett Harper, a sorcerer and Mary Ann (Lucas) Harper, a teacher.
  • Mother died in childbirth with his younger sibling when he was three; Chance has pictures of her, but doesn't remember her at all
  • Raised by his paternal grandmother, Savannah, and maternal grand-parents Joshua and Flores until he was seven due to his father's grief and depression
  • Developed a close knit relationship with his grand-parents, and because of that has some reservations and strong opposition to Dynasty politics and attitudes
  • Learned to swim, play baseball, fish and hunt under Joshua's tutelage. Also developed a love of reading and puzzles, and sense of justice from his grandmother who worked as an advocate for immigrant Hispanic and urban/disenfranchised children in the school district
  • Had some difficulty building a relationship with his father due to the estrangement, however, over time they grew to know one another and build a healthy father-son relationship
  • Is the odd man out with his Dynasty cousins due to his father's bastard heritage and his Cuban blood from his mother and grandmother, which adds to his dislike and discomfort of all things Dynasty related
  • During his teen years, felt his father was holding him back and started messing with darker and more dangerous magics. Fortunately, when he got in over his head, he was rescued and pulled back by Bryn Blackwell
  • Still challenges himself and pushes the line with magic and what he can and can't do, though at least half the time, he'll ask his father for advice first; a quarter of the time he might call Bryn for advice or assistance.
  • Played baseball in middle school, high school and now at Columbia
  • Speaks fluent Spanish since the age of four, and considers himself bilingual. Also speaks French and German, and is learning Japanese courtesy of school and a year spent abroad in Japan.
  • Chance is pursuing a law degree at Columbia University
  • Though his father is involved in the Dynasty, he doesn't share the prejudice against witches, and did not raise Chance to share it either
  • Learned in 2014 that he had an illegitimate daughter, Olivia, of whom he was unaware; the result of a quick physical fling with a good friend during the summer following high school graduation.
  • While things are strained between Chance and his former friend (and Olivia's mother), Jada, he has fully accepted Olivia in his life and loves her dearly. He currently shares joint custody with Jada, although due to his school schedule and internship, Olivia mostly spends long weekends with him.

Character Details

Chance stands out in New York City, not just because of his Texas drawl, but because of his southern charm, attitudes and mannerisms. He's friendly and outgoing, willing to lend a hand and open a door. His southern upbringing makes him more laid back than your typical urban denizen. He's patient and slow to anger, but if you push him there, he doesn't explode, he simmers. The boy can hold a grudge.

He's protective of his family, friends and those he loves and is fiercely loyal to them. Once a playboy and womanizer, he's settled into a relationship and he's genuinely happy. He doesn't miss the days of being with a different woman (or man) every other weekend, and enjoys the security of coming home to one person, and being a good father to his daughter.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
jh001.jpg Rhett Harper Sorcerer Father Don't always see eye-to-eye, especially about Dynasty stuff, but good relationship otherwise
quintin2.jpg Quintin Bruning Werewolf Friend Nice, loyal guy with anger management issues. Also needs to understand that having people close helps, not hinders
mb02.jpg Bryn Blackwell Sorcerer Friend Pulled Chance's ass out of the fire two times too many. Considers Bryn knowledgeable and trust-worthy.
lp01.jpg Jenna Donovan Harper Psychic Wife Sweet and fun, and blossoming into expressing a daring side; fell for her and hard
nr01.jpg Siobhan Donovan Witch-Sorcerer Friend A looker and outgoing, and quite a powerful little hybrid, and also willing to tell him off in a heartbeat; married to Harper
ll01.jpg Harper Donovan Psychic Friend
Quiet, laid back, hard to read; married to Siobhan
oh03.jpg Olivia Harper Witch Daughter The other half of his heart. The second love of his life and light of his world. He's sad to have missed the first few years of her life, he's glad to be a part of it now.


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