Bryn Blackwell
Bryn Blackwell
Portrayed by Matt Bomer
Full Name Bryn Emrys Blackwell
Race Sorcerer
Birthday August 14th, 1984
Age 32
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Faction The Priory
Occupation Supernatural Crisis Management

Claim to Fame

Known to most everyone in the supernatural world as the man to contact if they find themselves in trouble, in need of a peace broker, or looking for a specific, rare, or hard to find item.


  • Born in Cardiff, Wales. His mother died due to complications in childbirth, was raised by his father. Travelled a great deal in his toddler years, until his father settled them into a penthouse in London so that he could work more closely with the Blackwell Dynasty.
  • Has one brother; older, playboy-ish, Bastien.
  • They were transferred to Lima, NY (or exiled, depending on how one cares to look at it) when Bryn was twelve. They remained there until graduation, immediately after which Bryn "disappeared".
  • He took a year off, telling no one where he was going or what he was doing. During that time, he travelled the world, going wherever he could, doing whatever he wanted, while he tracked down various ancient spells and artifacts. Along the way he ran into various supernatural beings, all of whom needed help in one way or another, and realized he had a knack for it.
  • While not completely separating from the Dynasty, he doesn't work in the business section of it. He's set himself up as a supernatural crisis manager, and travels wherever his clientele need him.
  • Seven years ago, while on a research request in Peru, he was approached by the Priory. It was against his father's wishes that he joined with them, because Dynasties prefer to take care of their own and don't like to help out other supernatural races such as werewolves of vampires, let alone witches. Despite this, Bryn joined the Priory, as it allowed him to keep doing his preferred line of work, as well as helping others that he might not otherwise have run into.
  • He moved up the ranks in the Priory fairly swiftly, moving from helper, to mentor, to clean-up crew due to his background with crisis management. He taught others how to swiftly clean up incident sites while keeping track of who called it in, what their affiliation was to the situation, and how many times they'd called for the same type of clean-up, so that they could keep an eye on those who were more problematic than others.
  • Recently Bryn's been promoted to take over the Priory's operations in NYC.
  • In 2014 he married Serafine Roche, a vampire, which has put him on slightly rocky footing with his family back in Wales.
  • Has two toddler sons, Killian and Rhys.

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Image Name Race Relation
lc01.jpg Serafine Roche Vampire Wife
ds01.jpg Brooke Bishop Witch Ex-Girlfriend/Friend
is01.jpeg Kieran Collins Vampire Friend


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