Brooke Bishop-Collins
Brooke Bishop-Collins
Portrayed by Darby Stanchfield
Full Name Brooke Amelia Bishop-Collins
Race Witch
Birthday October 26th, 1984
Age 32
Height 5'7"
Build Trim
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Faction The Coven
Occupation Publicist

Claim to Fame

Brooke was key to the rise in fame of Steel Clover, a Celtic Punk sensation, as well as promoting a few off-Broadway productions.


  • Born and raised in Lima, NY to mother Barabara Bishop and father Walter.
  • Brooke was the product of an 'indiscretion' between her mother and a sorcerer, one night while in NYC at a Coven meeting. (Brooke has no idea that this is the case, so far as she knows, Walter is her biological father.)
  • Brooke is the middle child - Bridget is her older sister by five years, and a set of younger twins; William and Wanda.
  • The family owns an old Victorian Estate with a struggling horse farm and stables, which is supplemented by their mother running a Bed and Breakfast out of the home in the summer, and working as a drop-in care-assistant and PSW for the retired and elderly in the community.
  • The family is extremely close-knit, and Brooke is very close to her siblings with the exception of a few scraps and arguments. They're able to have their own tiny 'coven' within the larger state-wide Coven.
  • Brooke has always been ambivalent toward her magic. She loves being a witch, and finds it very useful to use the defensive magic. On the other hand, witch-magic is a lot of "kitchen work" and study; nonetheless, she develops a fair hand at it, mastering the majority intermediate-level spells and a handful of advanced-level spells, generally related to healing arts and defense;
  • Where Brooke differs from her siblings is her willingness to do in-depth independent study and research; utilizing some "underground" resources in the Undercity to provide her with older witch magic, and sorcerer scrolls and grimoires, thus she also has darker spells at her disposal — which she never tells her mother or The Coven about (both of whom would have a holy conniption fit, if they found out)
  • Brooke has more of an independent spirit than her younger siblings — both of whom decided to stay close to home, and help with the farm.
  • When it was time to attend university, Brooke decided to study both public relations and crisis management at NYU, thinking she could get in with some of the "new industries" in the big city (primarily finance and technology), or at the very least work with the thriving tourism board in the county.
  • While still attending NYU, she managed to pick up some freelance PR work for small community arts programs, and campus friends starting the usual round of bands, and was remarkably successful with it.
  • One of the bands she has dealings with in university is the start-up group Steel Clover, which is run by Glenn Connelly.
  • By the time she graduates, she's got a good enough track record with her freelancing to get a regular job at a small agency in the city that promotes off-Broadway productions.
  • Using some fairly innovative and unusual techniques of her own design, and delving into the world of "new media" (web, multimedia, social media, guerilla advertising), she brings Steel Clover (the group of friends from university), from being largely a college pub entertainment band, to headlining a mid-sized concert venues, and opening for much more popular groups.
  • Once it becomes apparent to Brooke that Steel Clover needs a much more centralized platform to expand further, she breaks away from the small agency, and creates her own - Touch of Magic - and along the way to building her own agency, picks up a few more clients in other small businesses she meets that are looking to expand their social media presence and target a hipper, younger audience with their promotions.
  • Kidnapped and recovered in June 2013. The kidnapping involved a good many supernaturals and was carefully handled by The Priory, the Coven, several Dynasty families, and the local wolf packs, to keep it out of the media.
  • Gave birth to twin daughters a year later.
  • Married Kieran Collins in August 2016.

Character Details

Brooke is something of a firecracker. She's not given to putting on airs when she doesn't have to for a client, and she doesn't often pull her punches. Growing up with an older sister constantly around her means she's used to scrapping for what she wants. She's fairly protective of home and family, tending not to discuss it much with strangers, but she's not in any way paranoid.

Still, she's friendly and outgoing, with a reputation for being a real go-getter. She's also a staunch friend and ally to those she's given her trust. (God help 'em, though, if anyone betrays that trust.)


Image Name Race Relation Notes
jc01.jpg Bridget Bishop Witch Sister The oldest of the Bishop brood, and very mother-henning.
mq1.jpg Wanda Bishop Witch Sister The 'youngest' of the Bishop brood, just a few minutes younger than her twin William.
rg1.jpg William Bishop Witch Brother The second youngest of the Bishop brood, but only by a few minutes.
mb02.jpg Bryn Blackwell Sorcerer Ex/Friend Hadn't seen him since high school, until he suddenly reappeared in NYC. Since then, they've become good friends again.
lc01.jpg Sera Roche Blackwell Vampire Favorite Author &
Best Friend
Writes romance novels — Brooke's favorite kind. Over the last few years, they've become best friends.
is01.jpeg Kieran Collins Vampire Husband They've had their ups and downs, but Brooke has recently married Kieran. Despite the fact that he's a vampire, she's chosen to raise her children with him.
Brianna and
Scarlett Collins
Hybrids Twin Daughters These girls were an absolute surprise to Brooke thanks to some Fae magic that was worked on her against her will, but she wouldn't change a thing.
nr01.jpg Siobhan Knight Witch/Sorcerer Mentoree/Friend Regina decided that Siobhan needed a Mentor and assigned Brooke to do the job.
jh001.jpg Rhett Harper Sorcerer Friend Slightly older man who Brooke has fun flirting with.
ash01.jpg Randall Reynard Sorcerer Biological Father After her kidnapping, Brooke found out Randall was her biological father. They've become close over the last two years, and though they keep it out of the public eye for obvious reasons, they have a good relationship.

Notes on Brooke

Update, 2013: Brooke has always been good with sorcerer magic, thanks to spending her magical formative years with Bryn Blackwell, though she has come to be recognized for having both sorcerer and witch magic. Brooke is considered to be a true hybrid due to her natural affinity for both sources of magic, and her lineage. Her position in The Coven is definitely questionable due to this and her dealings with Kieran Collins, but she questions it right back.

Update, 2014: Brooke gave birth to fraternal twin girls in June. To the general population, her girls were fathered by her old flame and good friend Bryn Blackwell. Very few know the true identity of the father, and she intends to keep it that way.

Update, 2016: After Regina Young betrayed the Coven and a majority of the supernaturals in New York, Brooke took over as temporary leader of the Coven along with her elder sister Bridget, and good friend Dawna Knight. Brooke married her vampire boyfriend in August.

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Who's Your Daddy?
August 8, 2013: Brooke meets her biological father for the first time.
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