Bastien Blackwell
Bastien Blackwell
Portrayed by Eion Bailey
Full Name Bastien Coel Blackwell
Race Sorcerer
Birthday May 25, 1973
Age 43
Height 6'0"
Build Tall, Solid
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Faction Blackwell Dynasty
Occupation N/A

Claim to Fame

Known as a rake and a playboy, and never with good connotations.


  • Bastien is a rake and a playboy who has lived off his family's money and name for as long as he can remember
  • His mother died in childbirth due to complications while delivering his younger brother, Bryn, whom Bastien has always felt was seen as the 'golden child'; despite this, while he and his brother share opposing viewpoints and don't get on at all well, he holds no true malice for the younger man.
  • Growing up, Bastien hated rules and disliked the pressure to be the upstanding model face and name of the Blackwell Empire; he set out to go against that at every turn
  • Bastien went to the best schools, had the best tutors, and barely made passing grades
  • Throughout his teen years, Bastien entangled himself in drugs, alcohol, and beautiful women of all ages
  • On a business tour of the United States when he was fifteen, Bastien managed to skip out on his father and his handler. He paid a significant amount of money, and managed to "lose himself" in the States for a full season.
  • Bastien spent that season with a wealthy widow, whom he convinced he was eighteen, and also with as many young women and girls that he could find
  • This pattern would be repeated throughout Bastien's life. He has a tendency to "disappear" for months at a time to saturate himself in women, illicit drugs and even more illicit magic.
  • Bastien has a position in the Blackwell Dynasty, but no true power due to the belief that he is irresponsible, immature and unreliable
  • Currently 'exiled' for his latest shenanigans which his father pronounced him 'too old to be continuing on with this nonsense,' Bastien is on limited funds and on an indefinite timeline to 'grow up'

Character Details

Bastien is everything one would expect from a rich, spoiled, pretty boy. He's narcissistic and self-involved. Used to getting his way, he flits from one rich widow to another in between begging his father and grandfather for support money. The most important topic in any conversation with Bastien is Bastien.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
mb02.jpg Bryn Blackwell Sorcerer Brother Bastien thinks Bryn is too smart for his own good, and the pair have never had a close knit relationship. He's annoyed that Bryn was able to cross taboo lines and marry a blood-sucking vamp, while still maintaining the support of the Dynasty.
lc01.jpg Serafine Blackwell Vampire Sister-in-Law Bastien appreciates the aesthetics of the vamp, but doesn't approve of his brother's marriage. He tolerates the woman because his father seems to and he needs to keep the money coming.


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