Ariel Johnson-Lowell
Ariel Johnson-Lowell
Portrayed by Bianca Lawson
Full Name Ariel Sophia Johnson-Lowell
Race Witch
Birthday January 15, 1993
Age 24
Height 5' 3"
Build Petite, curvy
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Faction The Coven
Occupation Professional Cellist

Claim to Fame

One of the designated regular cellos in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.


  • Is the eldest of two daughters born to Marvin McDonald and Andrea Johnson-Lowell; her mother maintains the tradition of carrying the family's matriarchal name and passing it on to her daughters
  • Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, her family moved to San Francisco, California when she was in sixth grade
  • Showed an interest in and inclination toward music at a very young age; she matched pitch and tune with musical instruments as a child and began learning piano and violin at the age of three
  • Ariel excelled at both piano and violin, and took lessons throughout early elementary school
  • When her lower middle school needed someone to learn cello, the witch volunteered and began mastering it quickly
  • By tenth grade, Ariel was first chair in the high school orchestra
  • Attended the San Francisco Musical Conservatory
  • Currently attending Julliard's Accelerated Combined Bachelors and Master's Program
  • Ariel is involved in a polyamorous triad with Cooper Montgomery and Preston Van de Mark. This initially caused some issues with her parents, but they are slowly coming around to accepting the relationship.

Character Details

Nearly two years spent in New York have changed Ariel. Once tending toward shyness and having a soft-spoken demeanor, Ariel's confidence has soared and with it, her assertiveness. Though at times she still nurses insecurities from her years spent sitting back in the shadows and fostering her music ability, and a characteristic, familiar submissive nature will rear its head. Usually, she can work through it and get herself back on track.

Her music remains one of her primary loves and focii, though she finds time for romance and friendships, and deeper explorations of her desires and needs.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
nr01.jpg Siobhan Donovan Witch Cousin The two are closer than most cousins, and the older witch has the ability to poke and prod Ariel out of her shell
lp01.jpg Jenna Donovan Psychic Friend Met her through Siobhan years ago, and the pair get on well due to their similar personalities
gg01.jpg Preston Van de Mark Human Boyfriend Her first boyfriend.
bd01.jpg Cooper Montgomery Witch Boyfriend Also, her first boyfriend.


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