Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
Portrayed by Kerry Washington
Full Name Amy Danielle Jackson
Race Necromancer
Birthday August 24, 1983
Age 32
Height 5' 4"
Build Curvy
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown/Black
Faction None
Occupation Grief Counselor, Police Consultant

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  • Amy is the daughter of a school teacher, Margaret, and a retired police captain, Dyson.
  • Amy inherited the gift of necromancy through her maternal line. Her grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great grandfather all had the ability. (It skipped a generation with her mother)
  • Born into a family of necromancers, Amy's ability was identified in early childhood and she was given the skills and support to handle the near constant presence of ghosts in her presence.
  • Amy is stronger than any generation since her great-great grandfather, according to family legend. This was discovered when, at the age of nine, she accidentally "raised" her great-aunt at the woman's wake. Fortunately, only a few members of family were present and her grandmother acted quickly to 'free' her sister's spirit; it took weeks to soothe Amy who initially received a nose bleed, threw up and passed out from the toll it took on her young body.
  • For a short time, during her early teen years, Amy tried to pretend she wasn't "a freak," as she called herself. Eventually though she came to accept her ability as a part of who and what she is.
  • As a teen, Amy's gift sometimes got her into trouble. Meeting a restless spirit would lead to long, late night conversations, sometimes sneaking out to visit grave sides and sites of death.
  • Crime scenes became another place of visitation when Amy was an older teen, as well the morgue. Fortunately, when she was caught she was delivered to her father to deal with. She knows he bore it well given the whispers that the Captain's daughter was a bit morbid.
  • Amy toned down her visits, meaning she was more careful to not get caught, but continued to dabble in finding information and ways to help those who hadn't passed over. Eventually she began to offer her father or his detectives tips in the form of hunches. (This after she outright told her father whom the murderer was in one case and he had to explain that the word of a ghost isn't legal grounds for arrest.)
  • As she grew older, particularly after she went away to college, when a case got complicated, one of the detectives sometimes called Amy to come down to the precinct and give them a hunch; over time it earned her a reputation as a talented and gifted victim and murder profiler.
  • Her first successful 'crossing over' of a ghost made Amy that much more determined to help wandering spirits.
  • In college, she discovered that she could use the communication with ghosts to help others through their grief and suffering. She majored in psychology, and went on to pursue a Masters as well.
  • She currently works as a grief counselor, guiding people to accept the death of their loved ones. Her methods are sometimes called new-agey as she will offer spiritual guidance and comfort for those who are open to the possibility of there being more beyond death.
  • Amy also serves as a consultant to the local precinct of the police department in matters of homicide. Her work is well enough known that, if asked, she will help out at any precinct.
  • Amy is single; she's had two potentially serious relationships but both backed off when they learned that their girlfriend talked to dead people.
  • Currently lives with her best friend, Zach

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