Phonecallus Interruptus

by Bryn Blackwell
10 May 2012 00:17 (updated 10 May 2012 00:17) | 0 comment(s)

I have been busy since entering the city just over a week ago. Plenty to do with the Priory, learning the way Ashcroft took care of things, trying to keep that in mind as I decide what I need to do with it to make it my own. Changing too much at once would be problematic for the rest of those that work there, and I do not want to make things difficult for everyone when Ashcroft leaves.

There is also the fact that the Central Park Serial Killer (or so I have taken to calling him when discussing him — or possibly her? within the walls of the Priory) is still running loose. There have been no new deaths, and no additional leads. Disregarding the evening I took Miss Roche coffee, I have been in the park each evening for a little while. Setting perimeter spells that would be set off if a supernatural death occurred. I do not think there is an inch of the park that has not been covered by the spells, though that does not necessarily mean that the murderer will take their next victim there either.

I have been thinking that if s/he was there watching us the night I arrived, then they know that we are on to something and may choose a different location. In a city this large, it really would not be difficult to do so.

Picking up the phone in the sitting room of the penthouse, I dial a familiar number. "Callum. I know it is late there, and you should be at home by now."

"Still working, boss."

"You do realize I dislike it when you call me that, Cal." I give my head a shake and sigh. "Dig up as much information on Alexandros Costas."

"Sure thing, bossman."

"I dislike that even more," I point out.

"What're we looking for specifically?"

I explain my concerns, with the fact that someone could be out to get Costas, or make his Court look bad. "Anything you find would really be of great help. I need one of you over here. Have you ever looked into cloning?"

Callum bursts out in a laugh, and I can't help but grin. I know that I've got Kayla for these types of things, but as far as I'm concerned, Ashcroft is still in charge until he leaves for his promotion. I don't want to be asking her for things that go above and beyond her current duties, and I really don't want to overstep my boundaries.

"The way cloning works at the moment, bossman, you'd have to wait another thirty years before the clone would be of any use." He pauses. "So how old is this Costas bloke?"

I give him the age, and I can almost feel him balking at the amount of data he needs to gather.

"That's gonna cost you, bossman. It's going to be hard to dig all that up."

"I do not care, Callum. I know it is a rather difficult situation, but if you can find me anyone that has issue with Alexandros Costas, I would be very appreciative."

Hearing the other line ring, I frown. I'm not expecting a call, and when I look down at the display, I blink. "Look, Callum, I need to call you back." Beat. "Tomorrow. Get some sleep." Disengaging the room phone, I slide the accept button on my mobile, and take a deep breath.



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