Research on the Roche

by Bryn Blackwell
01 May 2012 20:32 (updated 01 May 2012 20:33) | 0 comment(s)

Less than twenty minutes in the city, and already it would appear that I am being brought into a case. Kevin Curtis, the ex-detective was nice enough to brief me on the situation and saw to it that I had copies of all of their files and write-ups on all of the victims.

There are a few common threads between them. All female. All homeless or prostitutes — people no one would care or notice if they were missing. All similar in build, with similar hair colours, and all appear to be between the ages of twenty and twenty-five.

When coupling this with the fact that any witnesses that may have been in the area were hit with what Miss Roche described as a 'mesmerizing glamour', it is quite obvious to me that no matter the reasoning behind the attacks, we are dealing with someone of the Melambra bloodline.

I go over the files once more, having not yet bothered to sleep, and it is early enough in the morning that should I call Callum he will have been awake for several hours already. My mobile has not yet had the sim card changed for the United States, so it is that phone I use to make contact.

"How was the flight?"

"Cal, I need a favour."

A loud tch comes over the line and I can almost see Callum rolling his eyes at me. "Across the pond for less than twenty four hours, and you're already doing away with the niceties of civil conversation," he teases.

"Of course not. The flight was…" Annoyingly loud to the point of frustration. "… fine. Though next time, do remind me to book first class." Coach is not something I want to bother with again. I really should just hire a plane so I can come and go as I please and not wrack up so many frequent flyer miles. "Also, I need a favour."

Callum chuckles, and I can hear the wheels of his chair sliding across the floor. The click-clack of the keyboard as he starts to pull up our systems. "What can I do for you, boss? Need background checks? To look into something? Want me to fly over there?"

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I exhale quietly and then say, "Yes to the background check. I would like every piece of information you can find on a vampire by the name of Serafine Roche. She is, apparently, the Priory's liaison here."

"Woah! They definitely do things differently there, don't they?" Callum pauses, tapping the keys a few more times. "Give me two hours, and I'll email you what I find."

"I wish to know when she was turned, by whom, who their Maker was. Anything and everything. Things the Priory does not currently know. I want to know what type of vampire I happen to be dealing with, and precisely how close she is to the Master's court."

Callum pauses and then laughs. "You've really stepped in it, Blackwell, you know that, right?"

"I am well aware."

"At least tell me you're going to look her up while you're in the city. That podunk place you got sent to as a tot isn't that far from you." I can hear the grin in Callum's voice and I really wish I could reach through the telephone and throttle him.

"I hardly have time for distractions. Not with a case like this." I allow for a beat, giving me time to exhale and rein my brain in from wandering. "Send me everything you can from the Jack the Ripper cases as well. I want the information that the police never brought forward, as well as what they did."

"Y'think you got a Ripper?"

"I am not at all certain what I do have, but it would not hurt to refresh my memory on the case."

"You got it boss. Four hours, tops. You'll have it by nightfall." There's an odd pause, and I know what's coming next. "All work and no play, Blackwell…"

I sigh, moving over to the refrigerator in the penthouse suite and pull out a few ice cubes. Dropping them into a glass with a quiet clink-clink-clink, I pour two thumbs of scotch over them and frown. "Once I have the information, I will perhaps make contact."

"Perhaps is better than not at all, boss. With the way you used to go on about her…"

"The information, Callum. Email it as soon as possible." I hang up before he can delve into my past any further. When the call is ended, I pick up the files again, and mentally add Serafine Roche to the list. It is going to be a rather long day, and it will be beneficial to get some time in at the park and see which directions the attacks appear to be coming from.

Slipping the phone open again, I place a call for a taxi and head downstairs to wait.


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