by Brooke Bishop
21 Jun 2012 01:34 (updated 21 Jun 2012 01:34) | 0 comment(s)

Four dates.

Numerous telephone calls and texts.


A dress.

And already I've begun to fall for Kieran quite hard. It snuck up on me; though really it was there almost immediately upon meeting him. Like one of those moments in my favorite novel where the heroine just happens to look into the eyes of the hero and knows that they're destined for something greater.

It sounds stupid. I sound like a lovesick teenager. I'm well aware of this.

I'm aware that I'm slipping in my profession as well. I became painfully aware of this when I spotted myself in a rather intimate conversation with Kieran in an online tabloid this morning. While the article was actually quite endearing, I doubt there was a 'close source' on either side of us that would gush that much.

Complete trash, but the picture does look like we're 'definitely hot for each other'.

The only thing that would complete my morning is having Mum notice it, and call asking to meet him when she comes up for the Fourth.


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