Dreams and Nightmares

by Rene
20 Jun 2012 13:53 (updated 20 Jun 2012 13:56) | 0 comment(s)

The store that Brooke helped me open has extremely limited hours. I rarely do a lot of work there, preferring instead the comforts of my own home. After a night of pretty much no sleep however I've found myself choosing the shop versus the empty two bedroom. I really should invest in pets.

On the way to the shop I did stop to purchase a new phone. The screen damage didn't keep me from using it but it isn't exactly the way I'd prefer to leave my phone. Even with insurance it isn't cheap to replace these things. Mental note: don't drop this new phone.

The shop is still very much closed, especially as indicated by the sign in the front window. So as not to confuse anyone I've holed myself up in the back room. I'm thankful that my two apprentices that I've taken on have the week off for vacation type things. I don't know if I'm up to company at the moment.

This new phone has been ringing off the hook. I've let most calls go to voicemail because they seem to be customers either looking for new orders or updates. I'll work on all of that via the internet. It makes communication easier when I just want to be away for a while.

I'll stop by with lunch today. Help you at the shop until I get a call. The message comes in from Brooke via Twitter. I've not responded yet because I don't really know what to say.

Since I'm on my laptop I'm about to send a response but my phone rings again, causing me to jump. The ID says that it's mother so I know that I have to pick it up.

"Rene here," I answer, almost as if I don't know who is calling. As I wait for her response I type a message to my sister so I can confirm what she's said.

"Oh, don't start that. Your name is Bridget." Mom says this every time. Sometimes it's fun to get her going this way. I'll keep up that I'm doing that this time even though I honestly don't wish to talk.

"Yes, ma'am." My voice is about as cheery and upbeat as it can be. "What's new, Mom?"

As far as I can tell she has no clue that anything is suspicious. "Well, I know that you were away for the weekend. I didn't call you then but I wanted to know if you heard about Victoria Howe."

It's all I can do to not groan. "Yes." It's sharp and to the point, which makes me feel bad. "I mean, I found out about it last night after dinner with Brooke."

"Isn't it just awful? To think that something like that could happen? I tell you, the world…"

At this point I sort of drone out the conversation. I love my mother so very much but right now really isn't the best time for this. I type a few more bits to Brooke as I pretend to listen.

".. what was his name again? Bridget?"

"Huh?" I snap out of my daze and replay what I think she said. "Gabe."


"Gabriel, Mom. Her son's name was Gabriel."

"Oh! Well, I wonder if he'll be coming back. He really shouldn't."

It's at this point I swear that she just knows everything that's going on in my life. For the most part I'm stress and drama free but she always knows just when to make things worse. "Mom, is it really important? His mother was killed."

"That doesn't change anything!" There's barely a pause before she starts into her next spell. "You know, come to think of it, if I remember who he is… he was rather good looking, wasn't he? It's a shame he went down the wrong path. Think of the kids that you…"

"Mother!" I don't know why but I actually stand as I cut her off. "Now that's just inappropriate. This is a grieving family." I also don't miss a beat about putting in my two cents. "And you know full well that if you want grandchildren, you're going to have to ask a different sibling. I don't date, remember?"

The rest of the conversation goes on similar to this as she asks me twenty questions about my non-existent dating life. Eventually I get her off the phone and slink back into my chair.

I need a vacation.

Now I get to sit and ponder what exactly I'm going to tell Brooke.


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