12 Sep 2012 20:14  |  by Staff
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Remember that pesky thing when you try to use +meetme <name> to invite someone to RP, and sometimes it comes up with 'You cannot invite someone unless you both are IC.'?

This should now be fixed. We have added some code that allows you to set your own status.


+status IC - Sets your status to be IC.
+status OOC - Sets your status to be OOC.

Server Update

17 Jul 2012 00:38  |  by Staff
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The server has received a new upgrade (mainly OS, so it shouldn't cause too many issues.) However, if you are experiencing difficulties with connecting, that is because rather than an IPV4 address, it now has an IPV6 address, and it may take several days for your ISP to resolve a change to the DNS.

If you are having difficulties connecting, please connect using the following information:

Port: 4228

Thank you!


09 May 2012 14:07  |  by Staff
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A new channel +RP has been added for aiding in setting up scenes or asking for RP. Please don't get disheartened if you don't receive a response right away. Not everyone may be on the channel, or people may already be involved in a scene that needs to be finished (for one reason or another) before they begin a new one.

The syntax for joining the new +RP channel is:

@chan/join rp


01 May 2012 03:17  |  by Staff
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Welcome to all the new players, and all the potential players that are winding their way through character generation, and wikifying their characters!

Are you excited?

Because we are!

We've finally opened, we're finally operational, and though there may still be a few little kinks to work out, we're happy to note that RP is going on. We can't wait to see what comes out of it, and we're looking forward to seeing the different character concepts that are coming in.

If anyone has any questions and either Broadway or Times Square can't be found on the game, they can always shoot a line to us at ten.hsumcyn|ffats#ten.hsumcyn|ffats.

Welcome to Alpha Stages!

15 Apr 2012 20:51  |  by Staff
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We are finally in Alpha stage! The majority of the website is finished (with a few small exceptions such as Factions and Places), and the grid is about 99% ready to go (with the exception of the unfinished Undercity at the moment.)

Backgrounds for some characters are being written, and RP is nearly ready to be had! If you know anyone who's interested in the game, please feel free to point them in the direction of the grid and we can get things started!


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