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Second Journal

14 Jun 2012 14:02  |  by Quintin Bruning
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This writing in a journal thing is frustrating, and keeping things bottled up inside is much easier. This morning I tried to sit down and write things out and ended up tearing up the entire journal. Anger issues, I know.

And yet, she wonders why I keep saying its best for me to be distant. Hello? I don't think that I would ever, in my life, snap at her. At either of them. It's still a concern. But what if she sees me unleash on someone? Hell, I'm getting ahead of things. What if she finds out?

I tried being honest without outright saying 'You daft woman, I'm a werewolf!' via text message.

No matter what, this is going to end badly.

I hope she wasn't offended by me trying to turn down making any moves. No, I hope she doesn't mention that at all to anyone.

UNGH. Women.

I need food.

Entry the first...

13 Jun 2012 15:59  |  by Quintin Bruning
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I shouldn't have actually been so rough on the guy. But he stole a purse from a little old lady. I'm not okay with that. He's lucky I left it where it was. Maybe I need a good bar fight or something. If that's the case, Jenna might be on to something about this whole 'bouncer' gig. Now to actually find a job.

Speaking of headaches, I'm forming two of them: Jenna and Shiv. The girls themselves are not headaches. In fact, I actually think they're genuinely nice girls who are focused on the right things and just want to have wholesome fun. Being around college girls I'm not used to that. I'm used to scantily clad fake breasted hungover women doing the walk of shame. And the word 'awk'. Man I hate that word.

I just don't know what's going on with these two. They both seem like they'd be good friends to have around, and it's difficult to keep distant from them. That's the headache. I can't let them get close, and I can't let them figure out what I am. It's better that way. Though I think I'm starting to figure out one of them.

Some crazy professor at NYU said it's possible that Shiv could be a witch of some sort. But he listed like seventeen old texts I should read to try and figure out more. I'm not in this to do research. I just figured that if I have something supernatural about me, why couldn't she be serious about mumbling about spells and whatnot. I don't really care if she's a witch or not, it'll just change tactics if I ever need to be called on the Drunk Frat Boy Removal hotline. I bet she can take care of herself but I'd really rather not have to find out the hard way that she can't. Besides, I really do need a good bar fight.

There's something about Jenna. It's like, at some times she has this way of calming me down, almost soothing me. It's the same thing that my shrink does somehow, which is likely why I still see her. Although I found out that Jenna's her daughter, so now that makes things awkward. I just can't figure out what it is, or what it means. I /like/ my anger. Crazy professor guy seems to think it means I have a crush. Possibly had a crush on her mom this whole time? I find that hard to be true, but she was the first person I really even remotely opened up to after everything. Jenna I can't really speak for though. I don't know, maybe he's right? I wouldn't know, and I really don't know if I want to find out.

They're both extremely attractive. Jenna and Shiv, not Jenna and her mom. That would just be weird. I honestly can't tell if they're both hitting on me/like me, or if they're just both that kind of friendly. Sometimes I feel like it's best not to respond to half of what they say, just in case.

I really need to find more things to do to occupy my time this summer. I should go do that.

Stupid Stupid and, oh yeah, Stupid

13 Jun 2012 15:16  |  by Quintin Bruning
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Jenna's mom… err… Misses Donovan… has insisted I keep a journal. Why now?

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