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Visit to the Mall

02 Aug 2013 02:04  |  by Julian
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It would appears, yet again, that I ended up at the mall. Granted I shouldn't be complaining, it's not like shopping is terrible for me. I did need those new pants and shirts. Serves me right for going off to that independent firm and not keeping up with fashion.

I'm glad I went when I did too. I bumped into a pair of men that I could only hope will become a more frequent encounter indeed. Though I think Preston Van de Mark doesn't find me so appealing. Granted not a lot of the UES people find me exactly appealing since I've come back. It's not like I hold much social sway as their family so clearly has been given.

I should be honored though that I got a chance to talk with Cooper once more. It's not like I didn't occasionally think of the gentleman whilst on my job out of town. He was quite charming the one evening I got to drink with him ever so distantly.

Anyways, enough about social life. I have a bigger problem coming back to me. My father has instructed me that I need to decide if I want to stay in the city rather than keep coming and going like I have been. He says it leaves a bad impression with the rest of our social society. Not to mention he believes my employment should be better used to gain more pivotal rank inside the magical society.

Little does he know that I have greater plans… ones that could potentially strong arm some of my peers into realizing I'm not just a lowly caster these days. I've been studying up and think I might be ready to learn a few more useful spells left untouched recently.

Cooper Fever

14 Nov 2012 12:50  |  by Julian
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November 13th 2012

Today I met the sweetest man! Alright, maybe not sweetest, but certainly the most charming!

We met at Time Square as we were approaching evening. I was of course holding my four shopping bags from the outlets I had just frequented. Damned me and my shopping fever!

Anyways, we began talking and I shook his hand. Surprise to find, I felt that shock between us. He's certainly empowered. Though to what degree hasn't been made apparent to me. I didn't have a long enough hold on him to even attempt probing his energies.

He certainly didn't seem like a risk in revealing myself by touch. Though I will be closely monitoring our interactions to ensure I don't expose myself to being charmed into submission.

While we were talking we did encounter the most strange young woman. I'm expecting this girl is empowered too, but she gives off a very weird and mixed vibe. I'm pretty sure she's a witch (ew, gross!) though she also has this strange vibe mixed in as though I could sense my brethren blood within her too.

I'm not sure how a feel about this hybrid of a woman. Maybe she will prove to be an ally, though seeing as she has at least a drop of witch blood I suspect I should move very slowly in trusting her with anything beyond the already obvious detection we both would have found.


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